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We've made every effort to verify the web hosting provider.

We sign up and test with web hosting services so that you can get final accurate results and choose the best solution.

  • Speed and simplicity
  • Payment options
  • Hidden fees
  • Hosting setup
  • We Evaluate the Control Panel
  • Create a Test Site and Monitor It
  • Customer Service and Knowledge Base

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Get Most of the ThatMY.COM.

I am thrilled to welcome you to The ThatMY.COM!

Congratulations on taking a huge step toward Creating and boosting your website that driving results in your business.

ThatMY.Com is one of the most effective online Resource that help web oweners to both create and grow entire websites for sustainable Success. It's include

  • Selecting best web hosting according to your buget and Need.
  • How you can uses tools such as Wordpress for your website platform.
  • MailChimp to collect email addresses.
  • Clickfunnels to create funnels and landing pages that are completely automated.
  • Stripe to process payments.

These are just a few things, I use but there are many more options for each part of your business. you will learn Automations tools to save from out of time.

We helps you to implement the strategies that will boost your business.

I can’t wait to hear what you’ll achieve because of what you learn in this course.

As we start, I want to offer a couple of tips to help you maximize our time together.

1. Stop thinking and start Implimentations.

When you start website, you might worried about Design, Automation, and other stuffs. But it really deficult to maintaining all things at the begginining begging and It will mostly distracts you from doing the things that truly contribute to building and growing your website.

So you need to shift your FOCUS. Your primary goal should of doing the right things at first Hand.

2. Keep a Daily To-Do List

In order to achieve and track our progress, you need to accomplish a number of smaller goals that feed into that main objective.

For this reason, the majority of productive people create daily to-do lists – 81% percent of them, in fact, compared to 19% of unproductive. Most research found that more than 70% of productive people complete 70% or more of their to-do lists every day.


This GUIDE TO CREATE SUCCESFULL WEBSITE is designed to help you internalize and implement what you learn.

To make the most of it, take action in the sequence they provided, and finish the each Action Plan.

Make the commitment to stay engaged. Your Success depends on it.

Follow these suggestions, and I’m confident you’ll achieve your greatest growth ever.

The idea and people behind ThatMy.Com

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Welcome to ThatMy.com your number one source for getting trusted reviews and study of top web hosting providers.

When choosing a web host, it's important to find one that suits your specific needs. Not all big-name hosts are good for everyone - in fact, sometimes we can be so dazzled by their success that we don't even consider whether their hosting solutions are right for us.

At ThatMy.com, we're here to help you select a trusted web host that will work for you. We'll provide reviews and guidance so that you can make an informed decision about which hosting provider is right for you. With our help, you can avoid being blindsided by a host that doesn't suit your needs.

So trust us - we know what we're doing!

we are here to helps you select trusted web hosting because

Not all big-name Web hosts are good for you

yes, this is truth

we sometimes get blindsided by hosting company successes so much. we don’t pay attention to whether their hosting solutions would suit our business needs or not.

Things about web hosting plan

  • Unlimited hosting is impossible; everything is limited in our world. many companies claim that they provide Unlimited band width But there is definatly a limit that is very uncertain

  • Now, you think how is possible for them to give you unlimitted bandwith or cap free band width ? the answer is simple Overselling is key by which they afford to offer such plans at attractive prices.

  • Unlimited is just a marketing term used by hosting companies to win customers.

  • to help out these problem we move forward and start analysis and testing each hosting provider.

    We're dedicated to giving Guide to select best of hosting plan for your business needs, with a focus on [three characteristics, ie: Hosting-price, Customer Service and Speed.]

    To find the best, We reviewed dozens of Hosting providers, testing them on the performance of the package, from their ease of use and customer support to their pricing.

    Then we narrowed them all down to their specific category for the best website hosting, like cheap, best, fast, and type.

    “We update our pricing guideline for every Months & reviews four times a year.”

    When we first started out, we passion for rating web hosting provider, ie: helping people to select there hosting plan from very complicated hosting industry.

    We hope you enjoy our Reviews as much as we enjoy giving them to you.

    If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.

    Sincerely, Thatmy.Com

Get Most of the ThatMY.COM.

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With ThatMy.com, our focus will always be delivering quality content to our readers. We believe that it’s more important for everyone that we run in a way that builds trust with our readership and ensures its sustainability. This may mean that we leave some money on the table, but we believe it’s worth it in the long run.

We want to help you grow quickly. We pass along our expertise and insights so you can reach your business goals. Our name encapsulates our mission – we want to help you succeed quickly. We know that when it comes to business, time is of the essence.