What Is a Landing Page? Bigginer

Mangesh Supe

by Mangesh Supe· Updated July 01 2022

What Is a Landing Page? Bigginer

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In online digital marketing, a landing page (also known as a landing page) is a separate web page, usually created specifically for online marketing or advertising campaign, where visitors arrive when they click on Google Ads or other advertisements.

Landing pages are designed with one focused goal in mind: the call to action phrase and this simplicity makes them the best choice for increasing conversion rates for Google Ads campaigns.

To fully understand the difference between a landing page and other pages on your site, such as the home page, be sure to consider the difference between natural search traffic and paid search traffic.

Natural Search Traffic vs. Paid Search Traffic

In answering the question, what are landing pages? For this question, you first need to understand that they are designed for paid traffic such as Google Ads.

This image shows a typical Google search result page (SERP); we used the test search term: best Bluetooth earbuds.

It contains four main areas.

  1. Paid search results: Google Shopping Ads
  2. Paid search results: Google Ads
  3. Google Featured snippets
  4. Natural search results
  5. The natural search results at the bottom are links to websites that Google displays in response to user queries, so obviously you have to have a website that is presented to potential customers through natural search.
  6. #3 is a selected snippet, which is a type of natural search result, often referred to as ranking in the 0th position. It is only possible to rank here if the page content is good enough, and the click-through rate for the Featured snippet is very high.
  7. Paid search results are different. For paid ads, you can either choose the placement used to attract visitors or you can choose to send them to a specific page on your website, which is a landing page created specifically for this ad campaign.

Difference between landing page and website homepage

Take the following picture as an example, which shows the landing page and the homepage. The red areas on the image represent the links on the page, as you can see, there are many links on the home page (left side) and only 1 on the landing page (right side).

Having fewer links on a landing page has been proven to increase the conversion rate of paid ads because there is less disruption to the user. It is also for this reason that professional marketers consistently use dedicated targeted pages as targets for their ad traffic.

Types of landing pages

There are two main basic types of structure for landing pages.

  1. Lead capture pages: Using web forms as call-to-action phrases to collect data on prospects such as names and emails, this is the primary type of landing page used for B2B marketing.
  2. Click on the target page: usually used in e-commerce with a simple button as a call-to-action phrase.
  3. The following figure illustrates the difference between a lead capture page and a click-through to a target page.