Flywheel Review: Managed WordPress Hosting for Designers and Agencies

Mangesh Supe

by Mangesh Supe· Updated July 01 2022

Flywheel Review: Managed WordPress Hosting for Designers and Agencies

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Flywheel provides fast processing speed, stable performance experience, and good customer support to ensure your WordPress website runs smoothly. In addition, you can easily build a beautiful website with the free demo site and one-click segmentation function.

Like Kinsta, Flywheel uses the Google Cloud platform as the underlying infrastructure and is specifically optimized for speed, scale and security.

What is Flywheel

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Flywheel was founded in 2012 by Dusty Davidson, Tony Noecker and Rick Knudtson and is based in Omaha, Nebraska. Their mission is simple: to improve the lives of millions of web designers and web developers around the world by allowing them to build their websites on a better WordPress platform.

Although not as well known as its main competitors such as WP Engine and Kinsta, Flywheel has quickly become a reputable WordPress dedicated hosting provider that is loved by many businesses and users, the following are the details of this company.

  1. 1405 Harney St #201, Omaha, NE, 68102, United States
  2. 888 928 8882
  3. Official Website
  4. Facebook
  5. Twitter
  6. Founded by Dusty Davidson, Tony Noecker and Rick Knudtson in 2012

Functions of Flywheel

One of the main reasons for Flywheel's success is the availability of a broad feature set that helps perform all tasks related to a website, including building and launching the site, and subsequent management and redesign. Some of the top features include.

  1. Backup every night
  2. Provide white label service
  3. Fast loading speed
  4. Free Malware Cleaning
  5. Collaboration Tools
  6. Segmented management, equivalent to a test environment
  7. Includes many popular themes and plugins
  8. Allows you to close the current site
  9. Designed for WordPress
  10. With a robust Google Cloud infrastructure, Flywheel can maintain and run high-quality software on a regular basis, so they provide a service that is both consistent and reliable.
  11. Free demo site

While most hosting companies offer a free trial and money-back guarantee, Flywheel goes one step further by offering a free demo site service, which helps you know in advance if dedicated WordPress hosting is right for you. With this service, you can create multiple test sites and try out the various features Flywheel offers.

The demo site feature is also useful for web developers and designers, which allows them to work on a variety of imaginative designs. The demo site does not incur any costs until it is actually live.

  1. Custom configuration

In addition to three hosting plans that include different storage, traffic and access volumes, Flywheel offers CDN, SSL and multi-site support, plus other custom configurations that allow you to adjust various parameters to meet your actual needs.

From site caching, to specific CDN or SSL certificates, you can either customize them or purchase them directly from Flywheel, which provides you with great flexibility.

  1. Hosted Hosting

If you want to get a perfect managed hosting but are not tech-savvy, then Flywheel will be the right choice. With the perfect service they offer, you won't have to deal with the tedious WordPress updates and don't have to worry about security and network issues because Flywheel can do all these work for you.

They have a team of WordPress experts working behind the scenes to carefully look after all of their clients' websites to ensure that they are always running consistently.

  1. Built-in cache

One of the main reasons to seek dedicated WordPress hosting is their ability to significantly improve the loading speed of your website, and Flywheel has a built-in caching system designed specifically for this purpose.

A caching system can improve server performance and reduce loading times, which means your web pages can be presented to the user in a very short time. In addition, you don't need to look for additional caching services or plugins.

  1. Control Panel

You can manage all your WordPress sites from one account. The control panel is very simple and easy to use and allows you to perform the following actions.

  1. Manage other accounts to collaborate with others
  2. Uploading files to a web space
  3. Make minor adjustments to one or more of the sites you control
  4. When designing this control panel, Flywheel specifically considered web designers and developers so that everyone can easily collaborate, manage the site together, and handle minor details.
  5. Multi-player collaboration

Unless you are an expert in website building, you will surely love Flywheel's collaboration feature, which allows you to share your website with others easily.

No need to provide a password or create another account, just add a teammate and you can give him administrative access to the site, and after you've done your job, you can revoke access and restore the site for your own management only.

  1. website performance

While not promising any kind of uptime like other hosting companies, Flywheel has the best server performance in the industry.

Tested by reliable tools such as Pingdom and Load Impact, Flywheel's uptime is between 99.99% and 100%, and the site performance remains unaffected even under heavy load.

The test results of Flywheel and Kinsta are very close because they both use Google Cloud platform as their infrastructure architecture.

  1. Disk space

Different plans offer different capacities of disk space. For an ordinary WordPress blog, 1GB is basically perfectly sufficient. However, if you use a lot of HD images, audio clips or video files, then you need to choose a larger disk space.

  1. Security and backup

All hosting plans provide SSL certificate for free, so your website will not only be protected in all aspects, but also get better ranking in search results. In addition, Flywheel will help you backup your data automatically every day, so if your website unfortunately encounters unfixable problems, then it is easy to restore from the backup.

  1. Help and support

Flywheel has a team of knowledgeable experts who provide customer support via phone, email and Tickets, and you can even Tweet for help.

Their website offers a wide range of learning resources in order to get you up to speed on the basics of running a website and building a successful and profitable online business. Simply sign up for an account and get free access to all of these eBooks in various areas including WordPress hosting, online sales, social media, security and more.

Price of Flywheel

Flywheel offers 5 different hosting plans, the following are the annual payment prices.



  1. 1 site
  2. 5000 visits per month
  3. 5GB storage space
  4. 250GB of traffic
  5. Free SSL Certificate
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  7. Personal
  8. $28/month
  9. 1 site
  10. 25,000 visits per month
  11. 10GB storage space
  12. 500GB of traffic
  13. Free SSL Certificate
  14. Free segment management
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  16. Professional
  17. $69/month
  18. 1 site
  19. 100,000 visits per month
  20. 20GB of storage space
  21. 1TB traffic
  22. Free SSL Certificate
  23. Free segment management
  24. Free CDN
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  26. Freelance
  27. $92/month
  28. 10 sites
  29. 150,000 visits per month
  30. 40GB of storage space
  31. 4TB traffic
  32. Free SSL Certificate
  33. Free segment management
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  35. Agency
  36. $229/month
  37. 30 sites
  38. 600,000 visits per month
  39. 120GB of storage space
  40. 8TB traffic
  41. Free SSL Certificate
  42. Free segment management
  43. Telephone Support
  44. Dedicated Account Administrator
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Flywheel and WP Engine

WP Engine is one of the leaders in WordPress professional hosting and they target people who have huge websites.

For small businesses and individuals who don't need as many features, Flywheel is a more affordable option and you will get almost everything related to WordPress professional hosting.


Built on Google Cloud platform, Flywheel provides all the support you need in order to make your website run fast and stable. In addition, you can easily create a website with the free demo site and one-click segmentation feature. They even introduce a customer billing transfer feature that allows you to create a site for someone else in your account and then transfer it to another user at someone else's expense once the site design is complete.

So whether you are a web designer, developer, or just a novice who wants to create a personal website, Flywheel is a trustworthy choice.


  1. No matter how many sites you have, you can manage them all through a control panel
  2. Unlike most WordPress dedicated hosting, Flywheel comes with an email account
  3. Automatically backup all files every night and store them in a safe location
  4. As your website grows, you can easily expand
  5. All sites have their own dedicated IP address
  6. Handle the entire process of migrating your website for free
  7. Easy to use white label service
  8. One-click segmentation function
  9. Disadvantages
  10. For security reasons, some plugins are not allowed to be used
  11. Not one of the most affordable managed hosting
  12. Designed for WordPress, if you do not use WordPress, then this is not a very good choice
  13. Established: 2012
  14. Lowest price: $14.00/month
  15. Uptime: 99.99%
  16. Page load time: 345 milliseconds
  17. Hosted Plans: WordPress Hosting
  18. Customer support: live chat, email, knowledge base
  19. Data centers: New York, Atlanta, Dallas, San Francisco, Toronto, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Singapore, Tokyo
  20. Control backend: proprietary control backend
  21. Payment method.
  22. Money back guarantee: 30 days