Best Shopify Themes 2021 (Compared)

Best Shopify Themes 2021 (Compared)
Best Shopify Themes 2021 (Compared)

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, and the following theme will provide you with an easy way to apply stylish designs to your store.

Whether you want to create a store to promote a single product, start with a small amount of stock, or have a large inventory to sell, the wide selection of Shopify themes is sure to contain the right item for you.

Many Shopify themes offer multiple designs and vary significantly from design to design. 

Hence, it's worth exploring each of the preset demos in the theme pack to make sure you don't inadvertently overlook the perfect design solution.

When viewing theme demos, it's a good idea to use the view switcher to see how they look on smart devices. 

Therefore it allows you to experience the store like a mobile user to understand better whether it's right for you.

The broad majority of these themes, we're about to introduce some customization options. 

Such as choosing from pre-built color schemes, creating unique custom color palettes, and drag-and-drop editors - making it easier to redesign the store.


Wokiee is a flexible and versatile Shopify theme designed to create almost any type of eCommerce website. 

Regardless of the kind of web design experience you have, you have full control over your online store's design.

 The demo site offers various page layouts, and since this is a recently released Shopify theme, all the looks and designs are fully in line with beautiful modern standards.

 You get 30 eye-catching homepage layouts, so it's likely to find options that match your brand.

The theme pack offers an online store demo where you will find various templates suitable for setting up a featured store, including selling gadgets, sports equipment, furniture, books, and more.

 There are also some generic templates for almost all types of products.

 In addition to the homepage design, Wokiee also has inner page templates covering product category pages, individual product displays, and everything else you need for a great e-commerce site.

When setting up your website, you can add your own personalization choices, and thanks to selecting a predefined header layout, you can give this important section a unique look with a choice of colors and logos.

 With this rich Shopify theme, you can also easily adjust other store's visual attributes and get access to useful eCommerce features, including mega menus, AJAX search, color palettes, social media integration, and more.


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You can see all the available demos on the Avone website, including fashion, footwear, furniture, and dozens more.

 The overall design is minimalistic, providing a clean and modern look for your own Shopify standalone site, no matter what type of products you want to sell.

But beyond that, Avone not only includes pre-built store content but also offers a high level of design flexibility.

There are more than 1000 theme options available. to customize your Shopify store

They are covering almost all the site settings.

 Defining logo placement, adjusting sidebar content, setting up mega menus are just some of the ways to personalize your store. 

If you can't find the right store demo, you can also create unique custom solutions.

The theme can be applied to the Shopify store with just a few clicks of a button, and after importing the demo content, you can immediately upload products and configure how the site works.

 There's no need to worry about whether mobile users will be happy shopping, as Avone features a fully responsive design that can accommodate screens of all sizes.


This is a multifunctional Shopify theme with 3 main style variants, and whether you choose Bright Earth, Dark Mars, or Dark Blue Jupiter mode, your eCommerce website will be sure to look stylish.

 No matter what type of online store you create or what products you want to sell, the Universe theme is the right choice.

On the Universe demo site, you can see exactly what the theme offers.

 The Shopify store can be equipped with a large full-width slider in the middle of the screen for starters.

 You can greet visitors with quality product images that tell your brand story, and it's straightforward to edit the demo slider and add specific content.

The rest of the homepage (if you choose the demo template) may contain a panel for displaying featured products, another area for promoting recommended products, and space for listing items for sale.

 You can display the brands involved, the latest offers, your own benefits below, or if you wish to use content marketing to increase sales, you can also display the latest blog posts on the home page.

Other reasons to consider the Universe theme include support for video backgrounds, interactive product rotation, and Google Maps and YouTube integration.

 There are also many e-commerce related features, including product image zoom, display of related products, slide-out shopping cart, social media integration, and more.


Roxxe has over 50 eCommerce website demos covering a wide range of products and store types.

 If you are looking for a universal Shopify theme for launching multiple online stores, or you are just looking for new high-quality store templates, then Roxxe is worth exploring further.

The online store demo is divided into several categories, including toys, tools, jewelry, clothing, pharmaceuticals, and more, making it easier for you to find the most suitable items.

 While there is a corresponding store demo for each category, you don't have to deploy it as expected - the theme is flexible enough to tweak the demo to fit your needs better easily.

 For example, if you like the toy demo store but are selling books, you can readjust the preset templates' use.

The theme offers much more than a huge library of templates and to ensure that your online store is not only beautiful and appealing to your customers.

 Roxxe comes with many useful features such as an email collection bar (for building a list of potential customers), a quick bulletin board (to post promotions and offers), a built-in timer, and other tools for daily transactions.


Porto is a popular eCommerce theme that allows you to create a wide variety of online stores through Shopify.

 The latest version has been released with improved features, including the installation process, look and feel, and final touches.

 There are also many header combinations to choose from, including fixed and floating options. 

If you wish to use a vertical sidebar menu, Porto is also available. 

The mega menu feature can be enabled to add multimedia content such as videos, images, rich text, etc.

Besides the customization options, another reason to choose this theme is the impressive pre-built store demos, with over 20 in total, you can quickly import one of them and start uploading products.

 With Porto, you can mix generic designs with specific products (including furniture, toys, sports equipment, etc.

) very well.

Some of the other features include RTL support for creating stores using right-to-left language, as well as a testimonial slider for sharing customer feedback, tooltips for creating interactive products, AJAX loading, Google font integration, and more.


As the name suggests, Turbo was built with fast loading in mind and is optimized for large stores with huge product catalogs.

 So if you currently (or in the future) need to sell a lot of products, choosing this theme will ensure the site renders extremely fast.

 Plus, several other features reduce page load times, including delayed image loading, fast product previews, streamlined HTML, and more.

  1. In addition to its focus on speed, Turbo has many great e-commerce features, such as a built-in real-time search tool (making it easy for customers to find what they want).
  2. limited-time promotions (creating banner ads and other elements to promote relevant products)
  3. mega-menus (inserting images, videos, rich text, and other elements in drop-down menus).

 Using the Email newsletter sign-up form to link to the email marketing service, you add new customers.

The pre-designed demo sites are also rich in homepage templates with high design standards. 

They include all the features you'd expect to find in a premium eCommerce site.

Plus templates for telling your brand story, introducing your team to customers, sharing the latest news with your audience, and more.


If you work for an online fashion store and want a fully functional Shopify theme, Shella is an excellent choice.

 The pre-built content library includes dozens of different homepage designs, each with a unique style, some demos with large, full-width slider layouts, video players for showcasing products, and content layout the most of sliders to drive sales.

Not only the homepage layout, but Shella also offers you different ways to display your products.

 With many eCommerce templates covering product category pages and detail pages, you can choose from a wide variety of designs, and there will always be a template that highlights your brand values.

 However, your choices are not limited to pre-built templates, and while they all look great, you can also use the page editor to make adjustments or create your designs from scratch.

If you're looking for ready-to-use eCommerce themes that also offer a certain level of creative freedom, Shella will be hard to beat.

 With these customization options, you can build curated sliders, adjust color schemes, and generate unique banners for stores to promote the latest offers through an intuitive customization interface.


With over 200 homepages to choose from, Lezada is a genuinely versatile theme for creating online stores of jewelry, bikes, cosmetics, electronics, sporting goods, and other types.

 The pre-built eCommerce content has a clean and modern design look to make your online store look more professional and trustworthy.

 The theme package comes with a range of blog layouts to help you add content marketing sections, plus an advanced slideshow builder to provide more options for creating content and product displays.

Lezada has good Instagram support, so you can promote products on this popular social network.

The product comparison tool helps visitors find the right products in the store, and the wish list encourages customers to select the products that interest them.

 Besides, this theme can create affiliate or direct sales stores to promote third-party products and earn commissions.

The developers of this theme provide the build service for free, so if you think you need help (especially with additional features such as same-day order widgets, appearance style display, quick product preview, etc.

), you can contact the after-sales service directly and ask for technical support.


Yanka is a fashion-centric theme with over 18 pre-built store demos, each containing a clean and modern homepage layout that is guaranteed to brighten up your online store.

 Every homepage design element is useful: sliders, grids, stock information, and other ways to display products.

In addition to an impressive library of home page layouts, you get a range of inner page templates so you can choose from multiple layout options every time you launch a new product or create a new category.

 9 list styles, 9 product page styles, a set of blog templates help you share the latest news in your store and increase leads through content marketing.

 It's also easy to add portfolios to your website, which gives you the opportunity to showcase projects in progress.

E-commerce features are also plentiful, as you can add quick-look functionality to help visitors find items, 

  1. provide size reference tables to minimize returns,
  2. enable real-time search tools to recommend relevant products to potential customers
  3. Instagram integration to help you leverage social media platforms to sell more products.


The highly acclaimed Belle has a stunning style and looks that will help you attract many customers with ease.

 The 11 templates in the theme pack vary in design and include many different full-width layouts, modern product grids, and a host of e-commerce related features.

 Multiple variants can be created for each product, covering colors, sizes, styles, and other attributes and showing customers details of sales in real-time.

They know that a particular customer has just placed an order or the number of products sold in 24 hours.

Many successful eCommerce sites use these sales notifications, and Belle allows you to easily customize this feature to ensure that only the information that appeals to your customers is displayed.

 This theme also includes other useful eCommerce features such as quick product previews, search bar autocomplete, and a countdown timer for products with limited inventory, to name a few.

As mentioned before, Belle offers 11 store designs, but it's also a highly flexible Shopify theme, each of which can be tweaked and modified very easily.

 With the personalized visual interface, you can otherwise change colors, fonts, typography, and other appearance designs without knowing anything about coding.


With over 14 ready-made homepage layouts, over 50 inner page templates, Goodwin can appeal to a wide range of Shopify self-build site owners.

 Since the design look covers a wide range of online items, this theme is worth checking out whether you sell T-shirts, electronics, gadgets, or home goods and 3C accessories.

Even if your product is not included in the pre-built demo site, Goodwin is the right choice, and with over 70 built-in widgets, you can apply these modules to your store design to make sure it looks expected.

 There are also 12 different header and footer designs to choose from to give your store even more creativity. As you can see, even if the pre-built homepage and other templates in the Goodwin theme pack look good, you're not limited to using them only in your store.

E-commerce features include an advanced add-to-cart button that helps boost customer conversions, and it's an easy way to post reviews on the site.

 You can also use the banner editor to promote the best products and offers, or you can use the integrated slider tool to create custom product displays.

 Plus, because Goodwin is fully mobile responsive, smartphone and tablet users can easily place orders from your store.


Since this is a minimal and versatile Shopify theme, it can work well with any business brand or product line.

 If you are looking for a colorful and beautiful looking layout, Outstock may not be for you, but if you like classic and stylish designs, then this is one of the best options.

Despite the minimalist design, Outstock's feature list contains many elements and options that allow you to add a nice look to your site using various popular e-commerce features.

Some examples include accordions (to highlight certain key items), animated effects to add to the shopping cart, and color changes to products.

Another compelling feature is the recently added wearable photo album, which you can see in action in a preset demo and will provide potential customers with a fun way to browse items if they decide to add them to the store.

 One way to use a photo book is to show the product being used, such as the outfit being worn or the furniture in the room, and then have visitors click through to see the item in the photo.


With four pre-built website designs, Mobilia enables you to quickly create an online store selling products related to tea, apparel, wine, and fashion accessories.

 Whichever model you choose, you can display a full-width video or full-width slider on the home page of your website, providing an excellent opportunity to welcome new visitors and tell your brand's story.

You can set up the rest of the home page to display best-selling products, brand information, and other items that may be of interest to your customers.

 Once visitors click through to a product category page, they can scroll through the individual items, and quick buy buttons allow them to preview items and learn more about them without leaving the current page.

 Of course, if consumers do want more information, they can view individual product detail pages.

Other useful features include social media integration with Instagram widgets, customizable sidebars, and blog comments powered by Disqus.

 The theme layout is designed to a high standard, and as the name suggests, your Shopify store will be fully compatible with mobile browsing.


Basel contains 20 eCommerce demo sites, ideal for many Shopify online stores.

 From fashion to furniture, to cars, to electronics, the selection of demo templates is diverse.

 With the different designs, you'll find it easy to create professional online stores and gain access to display features such as a full-width home page slider, Featured Product Rotation, store location map, customer/partner logos, and more.

In addition to all the advanced store templates, Basel offers a drag-and-drop page editor that allows you to redesign any of the pre-built content that makes up the Shopify theme.

 On top of that, whichever pre-built store demo you choose, you can create custom header layouts to add the right navigation system to your Shopify site.

 AJAX is another optional feature that allows you to enable a seamless product and search result display.

To give your store a professional look, Basel also offers product quick previews, support for bundled sales, 360 product views, the ability to add to the cart without visiting the product page, and a fully responsive design.


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While the default Banita demo is already configured as a fashion eCommerce site, you can easily use it for various Shopify stores.

 With a library of different headers, footers, and widgets, you can quickly select the right page elements and then drag and drop them into place to start building a custom store.

 Also, you can use color settings to apply custom color schemes to your website.

Another useful tool is the banner editor to help you set up your store in the desired way.

 With this feature's help, you can design sophisticated custom banners to promote offers and products in your store.

 There is a video tutorial on the Banita website that takes you through all the banner editor features and explains how to get the most out of it.

If you're not ready to launch a store, running the Shopify site in catalog mode may be of interest to you.

 This allows you to disable the shopping cart and login features while visitors can still browse the products.

 Using social media to promote the store will be very easy through integration with Instagram and YouTube.


With the theme's full-width layout, you can merge many photos and other visual content into the store's design.

 The default homepage configuration allows you to display large photos as background images or add multi-image sliders to the page.

 The slideshow tool in the theme package also lets you display multiple products in any position.

Other features include super drop-down menus for displaying more than just text-based links to audience segments, encouraging consumers to browse more pages on the site.

 If you're using social media to build your brand, displaying photos of the store's latest products in your Instagram account should come in handy.

When displaying products, Icon includes a quick preview feature that allows visitors to view items without leaving the current page.

 They can also zoom in on product photos and use the vertical image slider to scroll through multiple items, and it's easy to switch between multiple products with the help of the next and previous buttons.


It's hard to determine whether the most impressive aspect is the store demo or the feature list. Still, it's a good choice for stores selling sports equipment, computers, fashion, groceries, health, and other related services.

 In addition to its focus on Shopify store design, Fastor has a universal page layout, making it a more versatile theme.

 Whether you're shelving multiple products or selling just one gadget, this theme can be redesigned as needed.

With clean and optimized code, you can ensure your site loads quickly.

 The built-in popup tool allows you to take advantage of the Shopify store's notification feature, which helps position visitors' eyes on new products and encourages them to share them on social media.

Searching for products in the store is also easy, and the real-time search has an autocomplete feature that helps visitors enter the right queries to find well-stocked products.

 You can also customize the filter settings to allow shoppers to focus on a specific type of product.


With full-width banner ads, you can use the default homepage to showcase the best and most eye-catching products. 

The rest of the Shopify store homepage to enable a range of different features based on specific needs, such as a grid display of the latest products, collection information introducing new product sets, the latest trends, and a photostream from Instagram.

In addition to the pre-built store layouts, you get a powerful mega menu editor to add more content to the drop-down menus, such as promotional posters, product images, and contact addresses.

 You can also use the photo album feature to create custom product sets that include full-width banner images and introductory text.

 A large number of article templates and layouts make it easy to add blog content, plus there is a useful FAQ template for posting answers to questions consumers may encounter.

Suppose you choose this premium theme for your Shopify store. 

  1. In that case, there are several other features you can take advantage of, including a drop-down shopping cart menu item (allowing customers to view products to be purchased easily)
  2. integration with popular email marketing services such as MailChimp, and a full set of customization options for controlling site colors.


Whether you sell your products in an online store or use a direct sales model, Kalles is an option worth considering.

 A library of over 25 demo templates gives it a broad appeal, from fashion and furniture to bags and accessories. This theme is better than other competitors in specific product ranges.

 Thanks to its relatively neutral design, it is not challenging to repurpose other templates, even if there is no demo specifically for the item you are selling.

All demos come with eCommerce-related features such as a clean and stylish homepage layout, a range of product category and product detail layouts.

the checkout and account management that great eCommerce sites have are useful for showcasing future product releases and the design of your products.

Like the best Shopify themes available today, Kales has unparalleled mobile responsiveness to ensure that everyone can shop easily on your store, no matter which device is used.

 The site loads quickly, custom adjustments are comfortable, and the theme package comes with extensive documentation. 

It's fast and straightforward to launch a premium online store, no matter your experience in building websites.


Different areas of the default homepage demo can be set up with separate background images to tell your brand story or showcase hot products in more detail.

 Since this theme uses a parallax scrolling effect, the images' presentation is sure to catch your visitors' attention as they scroll through the page.

The theme package offers a large number of pre-built templates. 

In addition to the larger full-width image slider, you can add a summary of your latest posts to the homepage, showcase Featured Products, and add custom text and image layouts to share brand stories.

 Full-width video players are also supported to share product movies or promotional content with your audience.

 Another available option is to enable promotional banners to display links to the latest products, promotional discount codes, or to share other important information in hard-to-miss locations.

By choosing Parallax, you will get all the best modern e-commerce features and technologies. Easy and flexible product filters and a slide-out shopping cart are available to add products to your customer's cart as seamlessly as possible.

 You can also enable a floating navigation bar 

so visitors don't have to worry about finding links to other pages.


This theme is named about its split-screen design and has a different layout type than the other themes in our article, so Split can serve as a strong backbone if you are creating an eCommerce site with a unique design.

 The theme itself uses popular web design trends such as parallax scrolling effects, full-width layouts, and hover-activated animations and images.

With Split, you have great control over the store homepage, and some of the available options include customer testimonials, product grids, blog post summaries, and other useful items.

 No matter what elements are added to the homepage layout, your Shopify store will be fully responsive to mobile devices to ensure that smartphone and tablet users can purchase your products without any problems.

Depending on the specific settings, you can display a popup form to encourage visitors to join the email subscription list.

 After that, you can send them relevant information when you open a promotion, and you can also use social media features to increase followers and try to get them to share your content.


To promote the Shopify theme, you can preview 4 Retina designs on the demo site. 

These demo stores sell fashion, furniture, and home furnishings, but since the page design is very flexible, you can easily modify it to fit your business.

While each of the 4 demos has a different style and look, they all share some of the same design elements, such as full-width image layouts, video players, content slide shows, and more.

 By choosing Retina, you also get customer recommendation publishing tools, multi-level system menus, product filters, image scaling, and Instagram integration for displaying source photos in the store.

The theme package comes with a built-in popup display tool that can be used to promote the latest products and encourage visitors to join the email list.

 You can choose to enable the header bar, which is useful for promoting products, sharing store discounts, welcoming new visitors, and more.

 What's more, everything is designed to be fully responsive to mobile devices to ensure that your Shopify site works for both desktop and mobile users.


The 3 pre-built stores that make up the District theme have different layouts and designs, but they all focus on allowing you to publish the best product collections.

 The optional full-width homepage slider helps highlight your selections, and the various collection templates are ideal for grouping similar products together.

 Whether you're promoting products in a collection or want visitors to find all products in the same category easily, District is an excellent solution.

Adding popups with custom content (including product showcases and email subscription forms) is comfortable with this Shopify theme, and so is adding a fixed header banner to the store.

 The social media integration feature should come in handy, promoting marketing content, engaging followers, and adding some social proof.

 Blog templates are also useful, allowing you to easily start content marketing to expand your audience and show up in search engines like Google.


If you want to find a Shopify theme that makes it easy to change your store's look with just a few clicks of a button, then the Venue is the right choice.

 Whether it's an existing store waiting to be renovated or a relaunch of a brand new eCommerce site, Venue offers you 3 designs and makes it a flexible theme for a range of products. None of the 3 options focus on any one product in particular.

The pre-designed demo features a full-width page layout that gives you plenty of space to connect with your customers.

 The Weekend demo with color and font options is particularly striking, but the other two designs are also worth checking out.

 With pre-built demo templates, you can easily add videos, popups, subscription forms, and other controls to your site.

 Google Maps integration should be useful if your store has a physical location or want to share service areas.


All three Flow presentations feature an ultra-modern, minimalist design that can help you appeal to a specific consumer type.

 If you want to sell high-end products or wish to rebrand your brand, this theme may be the right choice.

 The sleek, modern look and feel look impressive on smartphones and desktop devices, and the theme package comes with a range of different layouts and templates.

You can view each of the different layouts through the demo site, and they provide you with many options on how to display products and other content on your Shopify site.

 Grid lists can be easily customized to ensure that the page layout fits your vision, flexible widgets can display Instagram summaries on the site, and video players provide another opportunity to share content with your audience.

The optional fixed header bar allows you to advertise promotions easily and the popup feature helps with marketing, which are effective ways to grow your email subscription list and share details about new products.


Each of the 3 demos is different and worth exploring in-depth on your template site to see all the things Pipeline can do.

 Each demo makes full use of the full-width layout to showcase products interestingly. 

There are also homepage templates consisting of several different areas to ensure that your store is engaging and of as much interest to visitors as possible.

All demo sites are built as online stores for handling many products, but Pipeline can easily handle them even your inventory is small.

 For individual product detail pages, you can easily upload multiple images and display additional recommended products below the main description.

 You can also use a multi-column menu to display links to the content of most interest to your visitors.

Another useful feature is the optimization specifically for displaying large images, which may be large photos of products or other images related to the brand. Still, they fit seamlessly into the page no matter what type of image you post.

 There is also a video player for adding short promotional videos to your website's homepage and internal pages.


With Atlantic, you can easily add full-width welcome images, promotional videos, a selection of sliders, and other controls to the store homepage.

 With page layouts all optimized for displaying large images, this theme is perfect for showcasing commercial brands and providing a memorable user experience.

 You can use the slider tool to load the best product images, and each slide contains links to related items.

You can add a grid of curated products to the store homepage and summarize the latest blog posts if you need to use the blog feature.

 The latest content from your Instagram account can also be displayed on the page so that you can share some other content with your visitors.

The mega menu is another popular feature that helps allow consumers to view more products and content.

 You can also enable Quick Shop to simplify adding products to the cart and help customers get more done in less time.


Selling related fashion products by modifying online demos, Testament can be a good option for some stores.

 The gallery feature will be handy if you have many high-quality photos, and if you also have video content, then Testament might be a better choice.

 With various layouts dedicated to article layout, store managers who like to write will also enjoy this theme.

Testament aims to provide consumers with a seamless, intuitive, and fast shopping experience, which involves enabling quick previews of products, instant add to cart, and simplified checkout functionality.

 Everything associated with this theme is mobile-friendly, which can help you appeal to mobile shoppers' growing army.

Likewise, no other great e-commerce features are left out, with a custom sidebar.

the custom sidebar displays the latest product range, a color swatch feature that allows visitors to preview different versions of products quickly. A mega menu displays product images in the main navigation drop-down area.


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When setting up your Shopify store with the Blockshop theme, you can choose from 4 different design looks. For example, Deli is suitable for selling products like fashion, clothing, food, etc.

, while Adorn's layout and style is particularly suitable for niche fashion brands and accessories.

 If you have some eye-catching product photos to showcase, then you will definitely like this theme design.

But it doesn't matter which design you choose because you have access to all the best eCommerce features you need for your online store.

  1.  Among these tools, you will find 
  2. a currency converter
  3. multi-column drop-down menus
  4. a full set of blog templates
  5. hover-activated product image sliders
  6. social sharing buttons for each product page allow customers to promote your items with fans on the most popular networks.


To some extent, while most Shopify themes are suitable for mobile access, Handy's mobile-first design takes it a step further.

 Sure, the theme pairs perfectly on larger desktops and laptops, but consumers using smartphones will have a more positive shopping experience than some other sites.

 Furthermore, while this theme is designed for smaller screen devices and m-commerce, it lacks any outstanding features.

By choosing Handy, you can add a full-width product slider to your website. 

The slider also has an autoplay feature where the animation runs immediately after the page is activated.

 Social media support allows you to display the latest Instagram pictures and Twitter tweets on the site. 

The promotion block highlights current hot products, and promoting email subscription lists is easy with forms and sign-up widgets.


 View Details

In addition to the 3 different designs that make up the Empire theme, you also have access to a predefined color palette, as well as a number of controls for creating specific color schemes.

 The modular homepage design can be reorganized in order to allow you to hide or enable certain sections according to your preferences.

 This is a very flexible theme that can be applied to almost any type of industry and product.

Sharing tweets on the site is also easy with Empire, which helps add an interactive element to the site and ensures that the latest content is automatically displayed to visitors.

 Simply enter your account details and a few other settings, and the latest social media content will be displayed on the site.

 Some other reasons to choose this theme include the live search feature, advanced product filters, quick add to cart, and integration with the Shopify product review plugin.

Palo Alto

Palo Alto offers 3 different designs, and whichever demo you choose, you can add a video background to the homepage that can be used to introduce ways to use the product in the wild, ensuring your site stands out.

 The homepage templates feature a minimalist design that gives your content enough space on the page to grab the consumer's attention.

 You can add background images to any area to add some attractive visual elements to your website.

In general, Palo Alto is suitable for stores with a very small product range or that sell only a single product.

 Based on the site's design structure, you can use a single product as the main promotional item while offering many different variants.

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The only question is, which side are you going to pick?

Let me know in the comments.