Best Landing Page Design Examples

Mangesh Supe

by Mangesh Supe· Updated March 11 2023

Best Landing Page Design Examples

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How do you convince visitors to act on your wishes?

A top-notch landing page requires many elements, which are often designed in different ways depending on the ultimate purpose of the page.

Although almost all business websites have a wide variety of landing pages, most of them are not modern enough and do not look impressive. So, we decided to compile a list to showcase our favorite landing pages.

Note: We do not have access to statistics on these pages, nor can we provide the results they obtained in terms of converting customers, but these examples (even though some are no longer active) have the best combination of design elements we have ever seen.

Obviously, you can try any of these tactics on your own website, but the only way to be sure they are working is to test them yourself.

1. Shopify

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Like the vast majority of landing pages, Shopify's trial page is very simple, with a few words in the user-facing headline and the entire page relying on simple bullets rather than textual content to convey the details of the trial version. You only have to fill in a few fields before you start, all to make it easier to achieve the marketing objective: opening an online store using their tools.

2. Muzzle

Landing pages can help users determine if your product is worth their valuable time and effort, and what better way to communicate your functional features than simply listing all the problems you can solve?

Muzzle, a Mac app that blocks all notifications, sends out a series of embarrassingly quick notifications in the top left corner of the landing page, with animations that not only look funny but also convey the usefulness of the app without a long description.

3. TransferWise

TransferWise allows you to send and receive funds in different currencies, and the landing page distinguishes each action so you can focus on the right option.

If you want to send money, the transfer form is on the right; to receive money, simply click on the tab in the middle; the tab on the right is used to obtain a debit card. Depending on the tab selected, the call-to-action phrases on the page are slightly different in order to highlight your next steps after selecting a different starting point.

4. Airbnb

To convert visitors into hosts, Airbnb offers some tempting personalization: an estimate of average income based on your location. You can enter relevant additional information in the form to get a more accurate rental estimate.

5. Teambit

When you think of HR software, you don't usually associate it with whimsy, but that's the way Teambit is designed. A simple office filled with a variety of delightful animal characters and everyone is happy with Teambit. An animal card appears in each information section on the page, allowing the reader to scroll down for more information.

Teambit's landing page proves one thing perfectly: you don't need to use a traditionally interesting product or service to create a cool destination page.

6. Wistia

To maximize conversions, Wistia allows you to sign up directly with a Google account, but if you wish to sign up for a dedicated Wistia account, the process is also simple, with only a few required fields to fill out. The elegant blue background contrasts with the bright white fields, and the form is placed in the most prominent position, eliminating almost all resistance to creating an account.

7. Webflow

Webflow is a design tool for web developers that packs a lot of information into a GIF in the center of the screen. The registration form is placed at the bottom of the page and not only helps to highlight the animated demo, but also tells visitors that all these features are free to get started.

8. Nauto

Nauto is a data platform about self-driving cars that can help automotive companies achieve safer autonomous driving. The landing page provides a short contact form and some preview statistics, and packages the various information into a simple eBook available for download.

Below the eBook are three discordant statistics on car accidents to entice users to learn more, and further down the page is an explanatory video of Nauto's working mode.

9. Industrial Strength Marketing

This landing page has a compelling headline: Don't Make Me Zoom, which directly points out a common experience that most people encounter when browsing the web on a cell phone or tablet, and the copy looks very snazzy.

But that wasn't the only thing that kept us interested; the placement of the red elements was strategic: at the top and bottom of the form, which helped maximize conversions. In addition, the page looks great on mobile devices.

10. Inbound Emotion

Even if you can't read Spanish, you'll love Inbound Emotion's conversion features. The form is fixed in a prominent place as you scroll through the pages, and the hands used to remind you to fill out forms and share them socially look great too.

11. Velaro

Sometimes the smallest details make the biggest difference, and Velaro is a great example of this.

The arrow in front of the subtitle helps direct visitors' attention to important text, and the form has an auto-check checkbox for newsletter subscription, which is a great way to increase subscribers. All of these seemingly insignificant details make up the necessary elements of a high converting page.


IMPACT's landing pages have long been a source of design inspiration, and we love the minimalist layout on the pages, from the large headlines and featured images, to the simple outlines around the tables and the beautiful colors and fonts. Although they offer an ebook, the blue button on the page doesn't emphasize the download itself, but rather invites you to generate more conversions - focusing on the benefits of reading the guide afterwards.

13. Conversion Lab

We don't usually like to have forms on our home page, but Conversion Lab is special in that the entire site has only one page. When you click on the CTA button, the site pops up a window in an elegant way, and you don't have to go to a new page to fill out the form.


People often think of a landing page as a static page, but with the right tools, you can make it interactive. offers a variety of established options, and you can simply choose the right answer for each question, a tool that greatly simplifies the steps for users compared to lengthy forms.

15. webprofits

How effective are some of the longer landing pages? With just a few tricks, even the longest pages will feel short.

In addition to the CTA in the center of the screen for entering URLs, there is a prominent phone number at the top of the page (click to call directly) that contrasts with the background color. Scroll down to see a graphical presentation of Google's search trends, the new SEO (search engine optimization) strategy, the benefits SEO brings, and Webprofits' own functional benefits and success stories. If you navigate to the bottom of the page, that indicates a possible interest in this tool, where they have carefully designed another CTA button.