Best "Easy" Ways to Make Money Online Blogging with WordPress

Best "Easy" Ways to Make Money Online Blogging with WordPress
Best "Easy" Ways to Make Money Online Blogging with WordPress

WordPress is the largest publishing platform on the planet, powering over 30% of the websites on the internet. With WordPress and blogging, you can make money online by doing what you love and stay at home working with no limit to the amount of money you can make.

In this article, we will share the top ways to make money with WordPress. But first, please note: these are not get rich quick schemes, and if you are looking for a way to get rich quick by making money online, then you have come to the wrong place.

Don't be fooled by expensive cars, mansions, and pictures of ocean views, these are all marketing scams that will try to get you to waste a lot of time and money on a bunch of courses or training that have no nutrition. Unlike other money making articles, this is a comprehensive guide on how to make money legitimately from home using blogging and WordPress. Many of these methods require some investment of time and/or money to get started, but can certainly pay off if you are willing to put in the effort.

Before you can try these methods, you need to have your own WordPress blog. We've written a series of guides on how to start a personal blog for beginners, so whether you're 20 or 60, you can easily follow the whole process and follow this guide once you've set up your blog.

Profiting from blog content

When you want to make money from your blog, advertising is often the primary way to consider. Yes, you can make money by placing ads on WordPress, but there are other ways to achieve the same goal.

1. make money through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the practice of using special tracking links to recommend products or services to your readers, and then after they click on the link, you will receive a referral commission each time someone makes a purchase. One of the truest examples of this is when you refer a friend for a credit card at a specific bank and they give you a reward in the form of a gift card or points.

Similar to many online products and services, you can join affiliate programs that are specific to each industry (market segment). If interested in starting affiliate marketing, consider which products your readers might be interested in using and then, you can check if the shopping site has an affiliate marketing program.

There are many places where you can find a large number of products to use for promotion, such as

  1. Amazon
  2. Commission Junction
  3. Jingdong Alliance

Once you choose the products you want to promote, you can use WordPress plugins (e.g. PrettyLinks) to manage your affiliate links. Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money because you can promote multiple products and almost all popular stores (Amazon, Jingdong, Taobao, etc.) have affiliate programs.

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing

2. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an easy way to make money through blogging, all you need to do is to add a Google script to your website and after a few hours, the ads will be displayed automatically. Whenever a user clicks on an ad, you get paid for it, which is called CPC advertising.

The cost per click is set by the advertiser, and Google AdSense is a great way to make money online when you are just starting out, you can check out the Google AdSense Real World Dictionary for more tips.

Or, are you looking for an alternative to Google AdSense? Try platforms like, Outbrain, Taboola, etc. They have a large number of advertisers and pay good commissions.

  1. How to add Google AdSense in WordPress

3. Sell ads on the website

Google AdSense is easy to set up, but the amount of money you can make is limited and ad revenue varies per click. It may be more profitable to sell banner ad space directly on your website. You don't have to rely on an agency to make money and can negotiate terms and prices with advertisers on your own.

That said, selling ads directly can be a lot more involved than with Google AdSense. Not only do you need to add code to your website, but you also have to negotiate terms, agreements and prices, and perform administrative tasks such as invoicing. To make this process easier, we recommend using ad management plugins (such as AdSanity), which allow you to manage both Google AdSense and your own ads.

  1. How to sell ads in WordPress blogs

4. Sell sponsored articles

Some bloggers are not interested in displaying ads. With ad networks, you will have no control over what is displayed on your site, which can affect your readers' browsing experience, and more and more people are using ad blockers, which can have a negative impact on your revenue.

Another way to profit from blogging is through sponsored posts, which work the same way as sports games, TV shows, and other industries. Basically, some companies pay you to talk about their products and promote them to your readers.

When publishing a sponsored post, it is critical to understand the relevant local laws and regulations. For example, in the United States, bloggers who publish sponsored posts must comply with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) endorsement guidelines, which include disclosing sponsored information, which you can do at the top or bottom of the post.

5. writing paid reviews

As mentioned above, this is a slightly different way to make money than a blog post with a membership link; instead, you can try products related to your niche for free and even get paid for writing reviews.

The process of doing so may be similar to a sponsored post, where you can contact the company yourself and ask if a paid review will be conducted. There are also sites similar to pay-per-article that help put you in touch with companies of interest.

  1. How to create an assessment website using WordPress

6. Build the website

If you know how to build a WordPress website, then you will be ahead of most people. Sometimes entrepreneurs like to buy websites that are already built so that they can be used immediately for their business.

Another way is to launch a WordPress site and then find ways to attract people to visit it, then sell it and make money for your efforts. This requires understanding the type of demand for the site and how to price and sell it. Platforms like Flippa can act as an auction marketplace or as a broker to sell the site.

  1. How to evaluate and buy websites on Flippa

7. release public speeches

If you market yourself as well as promote your blog, then over time you will become an influencer in your particular field. You can then use this recognition to get some public speaking opportunities, and many bloggers make a lot of money by virtue of speaking at events.

Appearing at business events, whether you get paid for it or not, can help you promote your blog and personal brand. If you happen to be good at networking and speaking, you will be able to find many opportunities in the process. In order to make money as a paid speaker, keep these tips in mind.

  1. Become an expert in a specific field: if you do not currently have sufficient knowledge/skills, start learning now.
  2. Persistence: you need to continually upgrade your expertise on specific topics through personal blogs and social media.
  3. Letting people know you are available: you can post on social media or contact event organizers privately.
  4. Don't pass up any opportunity: Many successful speakers start their public speaking careers at free, amateur, smaller community events and corporate gatherings.

Create a paid membership site

If you're not interested in selling ads or sponsored posts, there are several other ways to make money online, and one popular method is to have readers pay to access certain specific content or areas of the site.

8. Create member-only content

The most loyal readers are also the most avid fans, and they may be willing to pay to read more of your work. You can create a members-only area for them to share more and more in-depth articles, downloads, videos, audio, and more.

A membership site can be a huge investment as you have to constantly create quality content for paying members, however, the business is very profitable and can continue to provide you with recurring (subscription) income. With the help of membership management plugins you can easily create a WordPress membership site, we recommend using MemberPress, which is the easiest to use and most full-featured option.

9. Create a private forum

Another way to create a paid membership site: a private forum that must be paid to access, offering readers one-on-one professional advice and where other members of the community can interact and help each other.

While maintaining a forum can take a lot of work, paid consulting is a great way to get recurring revenue from your WordPress site. To do this, you first need to set up a forum, and we recommend using plugins such as bbPress, BuddyPress, ForumEngine, etc.

10. Create Q&A communities

Q&A platforms such as Stack Exchange, Quora, and Zhihu are huge and can help you build an active community that is driven, motivated, and engaged. As with forums, you will have to spend a lot of time to build a large community. Only after that can you use online advertising, paid membership, and other methods to profit from the user-generated content on your site.

A popular Q&A site is able to secure direct sponsorship and advertising deals from advertisers, which helps enable you to negotiate higher commissions and subsidies.

Create a directory site

Another way to make money online with WordPress is to create a business directory (or listing) site, and then you can charge visitors to add their information to the site.

11. Create a paid business directory

Web directories may remind you of the early days of the Internet, when web crawlers automatically indexed all content, but even now they are not completely obsolete. Generic directories are no longer necessary, but local directories or niche directories can be very useful.

Directories may collect reviews of local businesses, share the best podcasts on specific topics, and list the best products in specific market segments. There are a large number of directory plugins for WordPress to choose from, many of which allow you to accept payments for submissions.

12. Create a recruitment website

Another option is to create a job board where companies that want to advertise open positions to your audience can submit listings for a fee. It is much easier to create successful job boards if you narrow it down to a specific field so that you can become the go-to site for job seekers in a particular industry with minimal competition.

This is useful for established bloggers in niche areas, for example, ProBlogger is now known for its job platform for professional bloggers. With WordPress, creating a paid job platform is easy and you can use WooCommerce's Paid Listings add-on to charge for job postings.

13. Create an event calendar

Instead of a job board, you can create an event calendar where you charge people to promote their events. This will work very well if you already have a certain audience, as businesses will be willing to pay to attract a precise audience.

For local or industry-specific websites, paid event calendars are a great way to make a profit. You can choose to advertise in your local city, at an industry-specific conference, webinars, live streaming, and other events. To set this up on your website, you can use the free The Events Calendar plugin.

Sell Digital Products

If you are looking for a lower maintenance approach, then selling digital products may be a good option. While it does take a lot of time up front to create the product, after that, your maintenance efforts will be minimal.

14. Sale of e-books

E-books are an obvious choice, they are relatively easy to write and publish. If you have been blogging for a while, then you can collect some older online articles and convert them into chapters in an eBook. After writing your eBook, you can use image manipulation tools to design the cover and create a PDF version of your eBook.

With the help of premium plugins, you will easily sell digital products on WordPress, first of all, you can check this eCommerce plugin guide. But for digital downloads, we recommend Easy Digital Downloads, a plugin that is easy to get started with and includes all the features you need to run an online store.

15. Sell online courses

Online courses usually sell for much more than e-books, and you can make money from your expertise.

When creating an online course with WordPress, you need to include all support materials, such as downloads, slides, checklists, templates, etc. In addition, you have to determine if personalized support is offered, for example, some sites offer two levels of courses: basic with no human support, and premium with email support.

Once the course is ready, you can deliver it to your own learners using the Learning Management System (LMS) plugin. We recommend using LearnDash in conjunction with MemberPress to create a distinctive online course site.

16. Conduct paid webinars

Webinars are a great way to build an audience, share specific experiences, and grow your online business, but what you may not know is that it's also an effective way to make money online. Similar to online courses, but with the difference that webinars are live and usually include a Q&A session.

Whether you are hosting a webinar through your website or promoting your conference and attracting participants, WordPress hosting is critical to the success of your webinar. For this business, we recommend using StealthSeminar software.

Sell Personal Services

This is probably the fastest way to make money without having to manufacture a product or invest in inventory. Instead, you can just create a hiring page on your WordPress site and start looking for your first customer.

17. Provision of freelance services

As a blogger, you are already an expert in a specific niche, so you can start earning money with your freelance skills and expertise.

Freelancing is a popular way to make money online without any upfront investment of time or money, and you can immediately offer your services to an existing audience. Once you start freelancing, you will need a way to invoice and collect money from your clients and we recommend using FreshBooks.

  1. How to become a freelancer

18. Start consulting business

Unlike direct service delivery, consulting simply provides advice and strategies to clients to make their work more efficient.

As with freelancing, this business does not require a start-up investment and you can offer consulting services immediately on your existing blog. All you have to do is create a page with a form that can be used to collect more useful information from potential clients. To easily create responsive professional forms, we recommend using the WPForms plugin.

19. Become a coach

If consulting isn't for you, you might also consider becoming a coach.

Life coaching offers advice and guidance for goal setting and life improvement, plus other types of coaching, such as blog coaching, writing coaching, and more. No matter what your area of expertise is, you can provide one-on-one help to your clients through coaching sessions.

To save time and provide maximum convenience for your clients, you can set up an appointment form so that readers can schedule coaching sessions directly from the WordPress blog.

Selling physical products

Selling digital products/services is an easy way to make money online, but tangible physical products may be more suitable for most people.

20. E-commerce business through WooCommerce

Confident in your product? Why not launch an online store? With the free WooCommerce plugin, you can easily launch an online store or even add a store module directly to your existing blog.

Starting an e-commerce site involves a lot of work, as you need to create or buy products and then ship them yourself. However, selling physical products is a very rewarding life experience, and sometimes the physical products are exactly what your audience wants.

  1. How to create a WooCommerce online store

21. Create an online T-shirt store

Almost everyone wears t-shirts these days, so opening this type of store is a great way to profit from any kind of blog. Designing t-shirts allows you to be creative and offer unique products to your readers. You can easily start a t-shirt store using WP-Spreadplugin, a plugin that offers some useful services that allow you to upload your own designs, print/shipping them for you and you will get a share of the profits.

But if you want a faster solution, Shopify would be a better choice, and they already have partnerships with dozens of T-shirt printing companies.

  1. How to create a Shopify online store

22. Create a transit distribution store

With Forwarding Delivery, you can create e-commerce websites using WordPress without having to handle inventory or manage shipments, just maintain the website and customer service. The forwarding delivery service provider receives your orders and sends the goods to the customer, they are an invisible third party unknown to your customers.

You can use the WooCommerce plugin to create a forwarding delivery store, and there is also a Dropshipping plugin that allows you to automate this process.

  1. The best supplier platform recommendation

23. Create an Amazon affiliate store

One of the disadvantages of forwarding distribution is that you have to find reputable suppliers, which can be a challenge, and sometimes you have to place large orders well in advance, which can make getting started very difficult if you don't invest enough money.

There is also an easier way to set up an e-commerce site without having to handle the logistics yourself, and that is the Amazon Affiliate store. As with some of the other most profitable programs, the best results are expected when you focus on niche products. If selling all products, it's unlikely you'll be able to compete with the big stores like Amazon, Tmall, and Jingdong, but in niche markets you'll be able to really stand out.

  1. How to create an Amazon affiliate store using WordPress

Delivering Platform as a Service

WordPress comes with some powerful plugins that are, in fact, full-fledged platforms in their own right. You can add them to your blog or e-commerce site and offer them as a paid service in order to profit from each transaction, which allows you to earn passive income from user activity on your site.

24. Create an online marketplace website

Online marketplaces are like e-commerce sites where users can not only buy but sell products. But typically, WooCommerce assumes you're running a single vendor site, and you'll need plugins like WC Vendors to turn WooCommerce into a platform that supports multi-vendor functionality, and then individual vendors register on your site and start selling.

You can make money by charging a commission on each order, or you can sell membership packages to give suppliers more exposure.

25. Creating an auction website

Auction sites allow users to place bids on products they want to buy, which allows sellers to maximize their profits and buyers to find unique products. eBay is the best example of an online auction marketplace.

You can run auctions in your WordPress site and even allow third party vendors to list their products. Similar to online marketplaces, you can earn money by trading commissions and displaying ads. To set up an auction marketplace using WordPress, you will need the following add-ons.

  1. WooCommerce for shopping cart and payment functions
  2. YITH WooCommerce Auctions, Auction Features
  3. WC Vendors, Multi-Vendor Add-ons

26. Create a job market website

Unlike regular job boards, job marketplaces allow you to profit from every job listing, and Fiverr and Upwork are the best examples of online job marketplace sites.

You can promote job marketplaces as micro job platforms for users in specific areas, and to make them more competitive, you can (and should) choose a very specific segment that will help you easily find advertisers and professionals who can't use large platforms due to high competition.

Become a WordPress designer or developer

If you are more technically inclined, then you can choose to become a WordPress designer or developer in order to make money online. This will require more technical skills, but it is not particularly difficult to get started.

27. Development of WordPress plugins

The large number of plugins that make WordPress so flexible and powerful works like an application, allowing you to extend and modify any feature on your website. If you understand how WordPress works and have some simple knowledge of PHP, it is possible to create unique plugins.

Anyone can submit free plugins to the plugin directory, which is a great way to gain experience and build a reputation for plugin developers. Once you're ready to sell premium plugins, you can choose to sell them on platforms like ThemeForest, MOJO Marketplace, or you can use Easy Digital Downloads to sell them on your own website.

28. Sell WordPress themes

If you like web development and design, then you can create your own WordPress theme and sell it. This requires both design and coding skills, and you must know how to create beautiful designs, and how to code for WordPress.

Using a theme framework like Genesis allows you to get a head start, and then, you need to design and write a nice child theme.

29. Selling graphics

If you prefer design to coding, another option is to design and sell graphics on your WordPress website. You can create images or logos and then sell them on your website using the eCommerce plugin.


The last point is to make money by asking for it, but this is difficult.

30. Receiving donations

You can accept donations in several different ways, such as adding a PayPal donation button or a Stripe donation button. Or, for a more professional look and advanced features like email marketing integration, you can use WPForms to create donation forms on your WordPress site.

Because of the limited results, donations come last and you must rely on the generosity of your readers to make a modest profit.

Affiliate Marketing FAQ

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