How to Find and Buy Themes on Themeforest

How to Find and Buy Themes on Themeforest
How to Find and Buy Themes on Themeforest

Want to find the perfect WordPress theme?

You've come to the right place! In this post, we'll go into detail about ThemeForest - which is the most popular WordPress theme store. In addition, we'll share some basic tips to make sure you don't get stuck in a rut.

Choosing a theme is one of the most important steps in the process of building a successful website, after all, it is not only mainly responsible for the style and design of the site, but usually carries many of its features as well. In other words, buying a theme is not a decision that can be made easily, instead, you need to weigh all the factors and pros and cons, and, when it comes to buying options, ThemeForest is usually one of the best options.

  1. How to pick the perfect WordPress theme

What is ThemeForest?

Founded in 2008 to connect WordPress developers with buyers around the world, it has grown to become the most popular theme marketplace, with more and more new products hitting the shelves every day. themeForest is part of the Envato Market series (unified in 2014) with 7 brands, a series that also includes CodeCanyon, the now very famous WordPress plugin marketplace.

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ThemeForest is so popular that it has become one of the best ways for WordPress developers to make money - simply develop a premium theme, upload it to the online marketplace, and then validate it with quality control to sell it to a large number of buyers. Depending on whether sales are made through ThemeForest only and the total number of sales, theme developers earn about 45% to 87.5% of sales.

Although Envato's financial details have not been made public, the statistics that can be found so far are absolutely mind-boggling. It was revealed that Envato paid an average of $1 billion per quarter to sellers in 2014, with 48 of them generating more than $1 million in sales; in 2017, Envato's net profit was a whopping $29.4 million.

From the perspective of a theme buyer, you will have a lot of choices. As of today, ThemeForest lists over 12,000 WordPress premium themes.

1. Find a topic

There are so many themes available on the market that narrowing them down can be a difficult task, and from our personal experience, it's really too easy to spend hours (or even days) browsing through hundreds of different themes. However, ThemeForest has many features that will help you find the ideal theme quickly.

First is the useful search feature that allows you to find topics based on keywords, and all topics are divided into 14 top categories (blogs/magazines, creatives, e-commerce, nonprofits, etc.), which should help get you to the right content. Simply open this page and select one of the categories.

After completing the initial search (or category selection), ThemeForest will return a long list of related topics, and to further narrow them down, you can sort them according to the five criteria listed at the top of the search results.

  1. Best sellers (best sellers)
  2. Newest (latest)
  3. Best rated (rating)
  4. Trending
  5. Price

In addition to this, ThemeForest offers an easy-to-use filtering system on the left side of the page, which allows you to filter based on the following criteria.

  1. Category
  2. Tags (tags)
  3. Price
  4. Sales (Sales)
  5. Rating
  6. Date Added
  7. Software Version (Software Version), more useful for non-WordPress themes
  8. Compatible With (compatibility), e.g. with Elementor compatible themes

After sorting and filtering the list, the themes you see should be more in line with your expectations. Of course, if you really don't have time to do all this, then feel free to open ThemeForest's bestseller list page, find the best-selling themes, and then click on the developer's name displayed in the right sidebar to select the most outstanding entries.

ThemeForest WordPress themes best sellers list

2. Pre-purchase preparation: selecting the theme

Having narrowed down the criteria for the candidate range, it is time for a more detailed investigation, and next, we discuss some considerations to take into account.

1. Explore the demo site

Every theme on ThemeForest offers a live preview, a useful tool that allows you to see the theme in action on the demo site. The live preview also gives you the opportunity to test custom settings for a particular theme, such as changing the color scheme, trying out different layouts, etc.

Please note: Don't be influenced by images when evaluating themes, most theme previews come with very clear and high quality images. However, in many cases, these are premium stock footage and you are not entitled to use them (unless purchased separately).

Usually, the theme developer will specify in the description document whether you have the right to use the demo images or not.

When viewing the demo site, you should also test it on a mobile device or use Chrome Developer Tools to browse the mobile version of the site. These days, about half of all Internet traffic happens on mobile devices, so you definitely want the chosen theme to look good on these devices. Although almost every modern WordPress theme has a responsive design, you still need to explore the mobile demo just in case.

2. Consider the details in the sidebar

The sidebar on each theme detail page provides some very valuable information to help you make your decision.

  1. Sales (sales): if sales exceed 1000, this is likely to be an excellent theme and the developers will have the resources to continue updating and improving it.
  2. Comments (user reviews): this is a great place to find real buyer thoughts, and also gives you insight into how responsive developers are and how they typically handle post-sale issues.
  3. Item Rating: better topics will receive a higher rating and vice versa, but you also have to pay attention to the number of ratings.
  4. Last Update: Themes that have not been updated in a while are more prone to security vulnerabilities and compatibility issues, which would not be a good sign if it has been more than six months since the last update.

3. After-sales support

You already know how to use WordPress, it doesn't feel difficult and you don't need any help, so what's the use of after-sales support anyway? Unfortunately, things don't always go smoothly, or you may not be able to set up the theme the way you want, in which case the developer is the most qualified source of help.

Most themes include 6 months of premium support (included in the purchase price), you can also choose to extend it to 12 months for an additional fee. The extra cost depends on the pricing of the theme, usually around 30% of the theme price.

Avada -- the best-selling WordPress theme

During the validity of the after-sales support, the developers work on answering all aspects of the theme, but it is worth pointing out that they do not offer installation and customization services. Some theme developers provide support directly through Envato's comments section, others use their own websites, forums, Ticket system, and some use both.

4. Purchase theme

After selecting the theme of your choice, click the Add To Cart button on the theme details page.

Total -- one of the most popular WordPress themes

Click on the Go to Checkout button in the pop-up window. If you do not have a ThemeForest account, you will need to create one in this step, and then go to the checkout page at

ThemeForest supports a total of three payment methods.

  1. Visa/MasterCard credit card: this is a dual currency credit card that can be used to pay in US dollars (with RMB repayment) and is available from all major banks nationwide.
  2. PayPal: an international electronic wallet that can be bound to a UnionPay card (debit card) for external payments in U.S. dollars, with RMB deducted from the card, suitable for most Chinese people.
  3. Skrill: is also an international e-wallet, mainly used in Europe.

I still have some balance in my Skrill account, so I use Skrill for payment here, but for most Chinese users who don't have a dual currency credit card, PayPal is a more suitable option.

As you can see from the picture above, the cost of the theme is $59 and the tax is $2, adding up to $61. Click on the Checkout with Skrill (or Checkout with PayPal if you pay with PayPal) button at the bottom of the screen and your browser will jump to Skrill's payment page to complete the payment (usually requires SMS) verification).

After successful payment and return to the ThemeForest website, you will see the order confirmation message for a successful purchase.

You will also receive an email with serial number information, and a link to download the theme at

Go to the personal dashboard of ThemeForest, switch to the Downloads tab and you will see the theme you just purchased. Click the Download button next to it, and select item 2 Installable WordPress file only in the pop-up list to download the corresponding WordPress theme installation file:.

ThemeForest's personal dashboard

Now, you can upload the theme files to your own WordPress website dashboard and then activate it to complete the switch. If you are in doubt about the steps to install the theme, please refer to this tutorial from us.

Please note that the Total theme we purchased comes with 6 months premium support, but update upgrades are available for life, as are other themes - 6 or 12 months aftermarket support is provided, but free upgrades are available for life.


If you're looking for a brand new WordPress premium theme, ThemeForest is probably the best destination. You may see some negative comments about quality issues, but you can't go wrong if you stick to highly rated, well-coded themes -- after all, there's a reason why these themes sell so well.

Of course, the main selling point of ThemeForest is the variety of categories, and since its platform hosts over 12,000 premium themes, and each theme offers multiple layouts, there's an option for everyone!

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The only question is, which side are you going to pick?

Let me know in the comments.