How to Create a High Converting Landing Page (Best Practices)

How to Create a High Converting Landing Page (Best Practices)
How to Create a High Converting Landing Page (Best Practices)

If you want to get more targeted leads, then the landing page design must be able to communicate your message well.

But the truth is, most landing pages don't increase conversions. So, no matter what business you're in, the best thing to do is to create a brand new destination page with call-to-action phrases, social media shares and exciting elements designed to attract as many potential customerss as possible.

Landing pages help optimize conversions and still allow for real online business when you are not present.

What is the mindset of your audience when they discover your landing page? What kind of first impression do you want to make? How do you convince them to act on your intentions? How do you increase conversion rates?

There are some simple steps that apply to many top brands and businesses, and I'm sure you can get similar results. Ready to boost your conversion rate? Let's get started.

1. understand the pain points of the audience

How do you settle for strangers you barely know?

The truth is, it's hard to do.

To have an impact on your audience, you have to understand their pain points. Your competitors may not be going down this path, and that's fine; you can take a different approach and do a good job of understanding and communicating.

The first step to success is not to work hard, but to think differently and do things differently.

Imagine this: Your audience is feeling a headache, but you've been giving them medication for a stomachache. Will they listen to you? Will your solution make them stay?

Similarly, when building landing pages to further develop your business, you definitely want to take advantage of potential customers' pain points.

For example, this is a landing page design that focuses on a customer's pain point -- how to market online through Facebook Ads.

Please redouble your efforts to find out what problems your audience is busy and worried about all day long and what solutions they are looking for.

When people have a problem or challenge, they will always try to find a way around it. If these people need you, then provide relevant, well-designed landing pages that provide as positive a user experience as possible. If your landing pages are relevant to web design, call-to-action phrases and content, then you will become the go-to expert in their minds.

As a result, your customers will trust you and share your link with others through social media. Their friends and family will also click on your call-to-action phrases, and before you know it, conversion rate optimization has been successfully accomplished.

Conversely, if they are frustrated, they are likely to be irritated, and the main reason for this problem usually lies in your failure to properly understand their pain points.

Don't worry when you address your customers' needs through your landing page, they will definitely come back again.

2. Focused on a purpose

Your landing page is designed with one purpose in mind: to get people to take action, often using call-to-action buttons or filling out forms.

If there are too many options to choose from on the page, it can become a daunting task for your audience segment.

The paradox of choice suggests that the less the better. Too many choices often prevent people from making them.

Focusing on one purpose helps customers make the right decisions and will ultimately increase your conversion rate. Promoting multiple pieces of content on a single page is an ineffective marketing strategy, and you need to answer the following questions.

    1. Does my audience really understand landing page design?
    2. Is my landing page focused on one thing?
    3. Does my audience really need multiple solutions or a call-to-action button?

Modify anything sketchy and make it more specific. Don't stuff your landing page with all kinds of information that will not only confuse your readers, but also negatively impact your conversion rate.

Part of the reason that experts are respected is that they only deal with specific problems. If you throw a lot of solutions at a single landing page, the audience is likely to think you don't care about them and walk away from you.

3. Choose the right tool

When it comes to conversion rate optimization, the right tool can get you half the work and a bad one can backfire.

But, all landing page design tools are the same, right?

This is not the case, some tools are more effective than others and they can take the pressure off you in all aspects, especially in terms of increasing the number of conversions.

For example, Instapage is the best, most powerful and easiest-to-use landing page design tool in the online marketing world, and it comes with many professional web design templates that are fully optimized and validated to help you convert visitors into leads to the best of your ability.

Instapage is basically a drag-and-drop software, and other tools such as Unbounce and GetResponse work well.

    1. The best landing page design tools recommended

In this crowded digital marketing world, you can't handle everything manually; some tasks need to be automated. For example, autoresponder bots are essential to communicate with your audience instead of you, even when you're on vacation.

So, choose the right landing page design tool and make your work easier and more effective.

4. Give away useful materials

Most marketers prefer to charge for useful content, but the reality is that it's more profitable to give away valuable information because it will encourage clicks on call-to-action buttons, increase conversion rates, and boost your marketing campaigns.

While the rewards (such as a loyal audience or lucrative profits) may not come immediately, your brand image is always strengthening. If you want to build an email list quickly, then make sure your content is free and valuable.

Always give away free and useful materials, they don't have to be costly products, they can be a simple research paper, eBook, blog post, online course, software, plugins, or even your time.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Winston Churchill

Offering free gifts to your audience is an effective marketing strategy and a great way to increase conversion rates, which helps build trust with your customers.

Free gifts always compel people to take action because consumers love free stuff. In addition, when you give away something of value, your landing page will attract more visitors because customers who have already benefited will spread your message through social media.

If you can give away two hours of your time for free, especially if you are an influencer in your field, then the relationships you have already built will also yield good results in terms of conversion rate optimization.

5. make your headlines fun

First impressions are important in the digital world, and it is vital for potential customers to be able to direct their attention to landing pages, and headlines help with this.

One of the main factors that lead to the success of news media sites is unique headlines. What I mean by this is that some editors know how to write headlines that resonate and use them to gain a lot of exposure.

On average, 8 out of 10 visitors will read a headline, and the quality of the headline will also affect whether your post or landing page will be widely shared on social media.

In addition to the headline, your page should be attractive. By ensuring that each element of the landing page meets the best visuals, customers are more likely to act on your expectations, which helps boost conversion rates.

6. use of relevant visual effects

A picture is worth a thousand words.

The best landing pages usually have beautiful visuals, i.e. well-designed images and videos. To inspire your visual marketing efforts, here are some statistics.

    1. Humans respond to visual content faster than you might think.
    2. 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, and the brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text.
    3. 80% of people remember what they saw and did.
    4. If a web page contains elaborate videos, the time spent by visitors browsing it will increase by 100%.

Visuals have taken over social media networks and have had a huge impact on marketing campaigns. Compared to text alone, visual elements make the message clearer and easier to read, and bring your target audience closer to you.

Using visuals on landing pages can improve digital business, and often, using a real-life photo taken works better than a simple generic icon. Because people want to connect emotionally with others, photos make this process easier.

Keep in mind that people respond to different types of visuals in different ways. For example, stock photos may look professional, but your target audience may already know where they came from. If you want to increase conversions, then you should appear authentic to them. So instead of using stock photos, shoot and produce them yourself and implement the marketing campaign or strategy you teach.

It's also nice to use screenshots to showcase your solution, which is exactly what GetResponse does on its landing pages.


If you want the landing page to consistently produce the desired results, then invest your skills, time, money and resources. While we don't recommend changing the content in the page often, you do want to make sure it doesn't become outdated.

The digital marketing space is changing dramatically, and a set of proven development tools is necessary. You should invest enough time to understand how these new tools work and stay abreast of industry trends, which will provide you with solid guidelines when making decisions.

At some point, you may need more landing pages. But until then, stay focused: start with one page.

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