How to Become a Virtual Assistant (Even Without Experience)

How to Become a Virtual Assistant (Even Without Experience)
How to Become a Virtual Assistant (Even Without Experience)

While the industry is growing by leaps and bounds, there are still many people who don't know what virtual assistants are and how they can play a vital role in growing their business - both online and in traditional brick and mortar.

Many people think of them as administrative assistants, but the real situation is more complex than that! It is true that in some cases they may perform some administrative related tasks. But beyond that, the services that virtual assistants can provide are so diverse that we created the following definition.

A virtual assistant is someone who provides services remotely to other business owners in exchange for agreed compensation.

Pretty simple, right? As you continue reading this article, it will become clear why we have adopted such a broad definition.

What services does the virtual assistant offer?

One of the most common questions: what type of services a virtual assistant can provide. The truth of the matter is: it may be more complicated than you think, and instead of a straightforward list of activities, we've written a more detailed article covering more than 50 options for you to consider that are almost guaranteed to attract potential clients based on your specific skills and interests. Here are some examples.

  1. Customer Support
  2. Process online orders and refunds
  3. Website Design
  4. WordPress site maintenance
  5. Graphic design and layout
  6. Calendar management and travel arrangements
  7. Blogging and ghostwriting content
  8. Editing and proofreading
  9. Transcription
  10. Content Research
  11. Keyword Research
  12. Mail Management
  13. Bookkeeping
  14. Data entry
  15. Create marketing pages
  16. Manage product launches
  17. Performance Optimization
  18. Formation Transformation
  19. Video Editing
  20. Social Media Management
  21. Project Management
  22. Forum Management and Maintenance
  23. It doesn't stop there, this list could be longer! For many busy entrepreneurs, the more tasks you can handle, the better. The service itself is one thing, but, you may be wondering what skills are needed to become a virtual assistant?
  24. Obviously, if you plan to work online, then understanding the Internet of Everything is a good starting point, and having some specific skills and experience will make getting started easier and will help you find your first customers faster. Your experience may encompass a variety of business activities both online and offline, while it is important to note that a lack of skills is never an excuse to hold people back, in addition to a high level of motivation, good communication skills, and a strong desire to learn are equally important.

How to become a virtual assistant

The first Virtual Assistant client I signed up was a successful entrepreneur who I sensed was having some trouble handling the large volume of emails through correspondence.

We had a great conversation, I felt I could help him and was happy to work with him, and that I might get more out of it (e.g. the inner workings of the business) than just a paycheck.

Basically, I boldly told him: Can you hire me?

He said yes, and we ended up working together for over two years, during which time I learned a lot, and it paid well on a regular basis!

Next, we break it down into some simple steps to illustrate how to become a virtual assistant.

  1. Select business structure

There is essentially no such thing as a one-size-fits-all recommendation when it comes to choosing a business structure, and the answer will depend on a variety of different criteria, including

  1. Where is your company located?
  2. What types of clients will you be working with?
  3. What kind of virtual assistant work will you be doing?
  4. What are your personal circumstances (e.g., spouse, family, children, debts)?
  5. What is your risk tolerance?
  6. What are the different business structures in your area?
  7. This is definitely an area worth your time to explore with an accountant or attorney who can provide you with valuable feedback specific to your situation, which for you could mean a private business, a joint stock company, or a limited partnership. In some cases, you may also be able to determine the location of your office based on your specific skills.
  8. You'll see that some of these factors can have a significant impact on overall finances and life plans, so it's vital to have a good business structure in place at the start of your set-up, although this can cost a lot of time and money if it can be changed in the future!
  9. determine the services to be provided to the customer

Making decisions about the type of service is key for many new virtual assistants, but here's the good news: it's not. There isn't a rulebook in the world that tells you to stick with a specific type of service right off the bat.

Whenever the common virtual assistant services are mentioned, people usually think of checking emails, answering phone calls, managing clients' schedules, etc. In many cases, you can also offer a variety of other services and have complete freedom to grow and adjust your business, which means changing, adding or removing services based on client needs, profitability, time commitments, market changes, personal interests, etc.

When conducting business, you will find that freedom of choice can be a double-edged sword, and this is our advice.

  1. look at the list of services we mentioned at the beginning of the article.
  2. Read our article on the virtual assistant services that can be offered to clients.
  3. Choose 2~3 ideas and then eliminate them one by one, or try them one by one...
  4. Without exception, this is one of the most important steps you can take, and after taking the first step, you will build up your energy and each subsequent step will become easier.
  5. Determine the pricing structure

Everyone wants to know: How much can a virtual assistant earn per hour? What is the right rate and how much is enough without looking greedy?

Since the characters themselves vary greatly, as do their skills and experience, the final answer can vary dramatically. When setting prices, figure out what is worth your time. If you charge by the hour (at least initially), you are trading time for money, so it is important to consider the following factors.

  1. You are not an employee, but a subcontractor and are required to pay taxes to both the employee and the employer.
  2. You are not eligible for any benefits, no sick leave, paid vacation, health insurance, pension, etc.
  3. You will also need to cover other overheads such as web hosting, office costs, software subscriptions, etc.
  4. Because of the need to cover these costs, you can't really compare your day job to your new virtual assistant role. We recommend that you take what you think is a reasonable salary out of your on-hand income and increase it by at least 25%. Most business owners will understand, and you can list it out in detail to them if needed!
  5. Remember, too, that from a business owner's perspective, hiring freelance virtual assistants (rather than part-time or full-time employees) is definitely a good thing; they don't have to spend any expense (and time) training new employees or worry about the additional responsibilities and costs that come with hiring them.
  6. Launch the website and create an online status

We strongly believe that if you want to work online and provide virtual assistant services from the desired location, it only makes sense if you already have an established online presence.

For the most part, both a website and social media are included, and no matter how you split them, the combination of the two programs makes it much easier to market your business. Gone are the days of direct mail, flyers, phone calls, and marketing ads, and we see time and time again that even a simple website with some description of yourself and your services can play a key role in growing your business.

We usually recommend using WordPress when setting up your website, don't worry, we've created a guide, and a series of in-depth tutorials to help you get started, the most basic steps include.

  1. Why choose WordPress and the right theme.
  2. Identification of general branding elements, including colors and fonts.
  3. Create a simple but effective logo for your business.
  4. Identify and communicate your value proposition.
  5. Commitment to a step-by-step and continuous improvement process.
  6. When it comes to social media, we recommend making things as simple as possible rather than trying multiple social media platforms. In most cases, this means using Facebook or LinkedIn, but to go a little deeper, you also want to be in the same groups and communities as your potential clients. Never jump into a new team and market yourself impatiently, but rather look for opportunities that really work and let the relationship develop naturally.
  7. Attract new customers through placement and networking

Of course, the last and most important step is to find the first few clients. Going from 0 to 3 takes a lot of time, while going from 3 to 6 is relatively short, and this difference is the result of time, experience and confidence. The steps we encourage any Virtual Assistant to follow when building a business are very simple and involve proactive and persistent efforts:.

  1. Know your target market: find out what types of businesses and markets you are interested in and where to find them.
  2. Find the ideal prospect in your target market: What attributes does your ideal customer contain? Possibly profitable businesses, businesses that need help, or even companies that prefer to hire virtual assistants.
  3. Building relationships with potential clients: building relationships takes time, and while advertising and marketing can attract new clients quickly, the best long-term relationships need to be backed by unbreakable relationships.
  4. Pitch new clients every day: You need to rely on pitching all the time until your business grows to a stable level. In other words, if you want to work, you have to actively seek it out, because right now almost no one knows you exist. For new virtual assistants, we encourage daily outreach.
  5. Offer a trial period: Until trust is established, the client really doesn't know what to expect, and you do too. A short trial period is testing the waters, helps get you on the right track with your efforts, and also eliminates the risk and fear associated with making a long-term commitment early in the relationship.
  6. Make yourself irreplaceable: If you want to maintain customer relationships over the long term, the best way to do so is to provide as much value as possible and make yourself an invaluable part of their business. This should be true not only for virtual assistants, but for any industry.
  7. Many entrepreneurs work multiple jobs, and they work long hours, sacrificing personal time, time with their families, and even their own health. Please try to find a way to accomplish specific tasks, alleviate work bottlenecks, and spend more time with those around you. That way, you will provide more value than those who trade time for money.


As a virtual assistant, your goal is usually to help others grow their business, which can be a rewarding process, and you always want to provide as much value as possible.

But at the same time, don't forget that you are also building your own business. You need to set boundaries and run your business in an appropriate manner because if you don't take care of yourself and your business, then business growth and family conflicts will gradually become the biggest headaches as time builds up.

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The only question is, which side are you going to pick?

Let me know in the comments.