Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress
Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

You want to use social sharing buttons on your WordPress site... But you're struggling to sift through the thousands of sharing plugins available on the Internet. Sometimes it's more difficult to choose too many than to choose too few.

In this post, we're going to cover the 10 best WordPress social sharing plugins, and yes, for some people, 10 is still a big number! The reason we keep it at a high level is that we want to give you the most suitable choice.

1. Social Snap

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Social Snap is a relatively new face in the WordPress social media plugin space, but it has a well-designed interface, nice sharing buttons and a rich feature list, so it can serve many purposes. You can get the free version of Social Snap on, but the features are very limited and many of the features we mention below are only available in the paid version.

The most basic sharing feature allows you to add more than 30 social network buttons in multiple locations, and in addition to the classic visual look of inline buttons and floating sidebars, you get unique options such as share centers and sticky positioning. Buttons can be adjusted to a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, and Social Snap also supports aggregate and individual share counts, and you can set a minimum share count, or restore an old share count (when you switch domains or migrate to HTTPS).

This plugin allows you to edit social media metadata to control the appearance of content displayed when shared, plus it supports vertical Pinterest images - a great way to get more shares. So if you're looking for an alternative to Social Warfare, Social Snap would be the right choice, and there's even a built-in migration tool.

These are the basic sharing features, but if you wish, you can pay to unlock the following advanced features.

  1. Click to Tweet: add Twitter text boxes to post content quickly to attract more shares and traffic.
  2. Automatic social media posting: automatically share new (or old) posts to your social media profiles.
  3. Optimizing old posts: re-share your old content to Twitter and LinkedIn to bring it to life.
  4. Social login: allow visitors to log in to your site via social networks, which will be useful when you run a membership site.
  5. Device targeting: You can select certain networks to be displayed only on desktops/laptops and other networks to be displayed only on mobile devices.

2. Monarch

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This is a social sharing plugin from Elegant Themes, whose team members also make the popular Divi page editor and many other themes and plugins, just sign up as an Elegant Themes member and you'll have access to all the products they've developed.

Monarch can help you display 35 different social network sharing buttons in 5 different locations:.

  1. Article content above/below
  2. Floating Sidebar
  3. Automatic pop-up window
  4. Automatic animation window
  5. Image/Video on

For pop-ups and animated windows, you can choose how you want to trigger the share button. Our favorite is to display after a user has commented, which helps increase conversions because posting a comment indicates that the visitor is interested in your article or website.

In addition, you can customize button styles, add social sharing counts, and add sharing buttons using shortcodes or widgets. As mentioned earlier, in order to use Monarch you need to purchase an Elegant Themes membership, but in addition to the social sharing features, you get access to a number of valuable enhancement tools.

3. Social Warfare

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This is a popular WordPress social media plugin that offers both free and pro versions. The free version is suitable for lightweight sharing purposes, but there is no doubt that most of the advanced features are in the Pro version, and it is they that make Social Warfare unique.

If you have a limited budget, you can choose to use the free version, which includes the following basic features.

  1. Social sharing buttons look good
  2. Support for all large social networks (more features in the Pro version)
  3. Multiple display placement options, including floating sidebars
  4. Counting the number of shares

These are very helpful, but the Premium version also has the following outstanding features.

  1. Pinterest-specific images: unlike most social networks, higher resolution images usually perform better on Pinterest, and to take advantage of this, Social Warfare allows you to add a special image that will only be displayed when the post is shared on Pinterest.
  2. Minimum social proof: share count information is nice because it amounts to a kind of social proof, but only if you actually get shares! To avoid the awkward situation where the article is barely shared, you can specify a minimum number of shares that must be met before the share count is displayed.
  3. Customization: you can easily customize the tweets to be shared, add Open Graph data, and control the display appearance of the shared content.
  4. Share count recovery: If you change your domain name, or move your site to HTTPS, you usually lose the old share count of all your content... but Social Warfare can help you get them back.
  5. Statistical analysis and link shortening: This plugin automatically generates short links using your Bitly account, and also sets up Google Analytics and event tracking in order to give you an idea of the effectiveness of your social sharing buttons.

4. Easy Social Share Buttons

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Easy Social Share Buttons has the longest list of features we've ever seen, which may be a plus or a minus depending on your specific needs, but everyone can find the options they want in there! The fact that it holds a 4.67 rating out of over 28,000 sales shows that many people love its depth of features.

Starting with the basic functionality, Easy Social Share Buttons supports.

  1. Over 50 social networks
  2. Over 50 preset templates
  3. 30 different display positions
  4. More than 25 kinds of animation effects

Then there are a bunch of more advanced features, such as

  1. Customization: custom tweets, Open Graph data, etc..
  2. Minimum number of shares: embarrassing social proofs can be avoided by specifying a minimum number to show the number of shares.
  3. Post-share actions: after a user shares content, you can display a custom message, such as a Like button or an email subscription form.
  4. A/B testing and statistical analysis: you can view detailed statistics about button performance and even run A/B tests to try to increase the number of shares.
  5. Popular articles (by number of shares): a list of the most popular articles displayed by number of social shares.
  6. Share Count Recovery: Easy Social Share Buttons can recover lost share counts if you change your domain name or migrate to HTTPS.

The plugin goes even beyond the strict scope of social sharing: the

  1. Email subscription forms: a built-in subscription form module helps capture leads.
  2. Live Chat: You can display the live chat button for Messenger or Skype.

5. MashShare

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MashShare allows you to add specific types of sharing buttons to your WordPress site, and as the name suggests, this is the style used by Mashable (one of the most visited news blogs). So if you like Mashable's design style, that's already reason enough to choose this plugin.

In addition to that, it helps you to display real and virtual share counts to increase social proof. mashShare also uses smart caching for these share counts to make sure it doesn't slow down your site. If you only want to use the basic buttons for the most popular social networks, the free version should suffice, but you can also purchase various premium components to

  1. More social networks
  2. More social sharing button placement options
  3. Twitter share text box, select specific text and share it
  4. Google Analytics Event Tracking
  5. Share and then like

6. WP Social Sharing

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WP Social Sharing is lighter and more compact than most social sharing plugins in order to make everything as easy as possible. With the help of this plugin you can quickly add the following social sharing buttons.

  1. Facebook
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Twitter
  4. Reddit
  5. Pinterest
  6. Xing

You can also customize the sharing text and add specified text in front of the sharing buttons. Everything is responsive and WP Social Sharing uses CSS3 (instead of image) buttons.

7. Social Pug

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Social Pug has some nice ready-to-use styles, and in the free version you can create inline and floating share buttons for the following networks.

  1. Facebook
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Twitter
  4. Pinterest

In addition, you can display share counts for social proof. The free version is suitable for basic use, but ambitious webmasters may want to use the Pro version because it adds many useful features, such as

  1. Minimum number of shares to avoid negative social proof
  2. If you change your domain name, the share count will be restored
  3. Mobile sticky share button, the button will be fixed at the bottom of the screen of the mobile device
  4. More desktop placement options (pop-ups and shortcodes)
  5. Customize Open Graph data
  6. Integration with Bitly or Branch URL shortening services
  7. Integration with Google Analytics and automatic addition of UTM parameters
  8. More Social Networks
  9. Twitter share content box
  10. Top Posts widget (based on share count)

8. Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar

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Although there is nothing in terms of uniqueness, the name of this plugin explains its functionality very well. That is, it helps you add a floating sharing bar on the right or left side of your website and also allows you to add specific messages to customize the sharing buttons.

The plugin offers many positioning options, so you can control exactly which pages/post types the share buttons are displayed on, and, while focusing on the (in the plugin name) floating sidebar, you can also add regular social sharing buttons before or after the post content.

One thing to note is that unless you upgrade to the Pro version, the floating sidebar will not apply a responsive design. Therefore, if you are using the free version, make sure the Disable Sidebar For Mobile checkbox is checked.

9. AddToAny Share Buttons

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This is a universal sharing platform, as you can share to a wide range of social networks with a simple click on an icon. In addition, it offers dedicated icons for some of the most popular social networks.

Combine all of these and you'll have access to over 100 sharing options that can be displayed before or after content, in vertical/horizontal sidebars, or manually via shortcodes, widgets, and template tags. All content is lightweight and asynchronous to ensure fast page loading, and other features include

  1. Share Count
  2. Responsive design, even applies to floating sharing buttons
  3. AMP Support
  4. Google Analytics Integration
  5. Integrated URL Shortening Service

10. Sassy Social Share

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Sassy Social Share has a unique button style and customization options that we can't guarantee will please you, but it looks different from other sharing plugins and supports a large number of social networks with over 100 sharing/bookmarking services.

You can add share buttons before/after post content, as well as display floating sidebars, and position share buttons to specific post types or individual content. Everything is responsive and you can also enable/disable vertical/horizontal floating buttons on mobile devices.

This add-on supports share counts and provides customizable caching to ensure that site performance is not affected when getting accurate count information. Finally, you can also purchase add-ons for myCRED integration, data analysis, share count recovery, and other features.

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The only question is, which side are you going to pick?

Let me know in the comments.