Best WordPress SEO Plugins to Improve Your Website Ranking

Best WordPress SEO Plugins to Improve Your Website Ranking
Best WordPress SEO Plugins to Improve Your Website Ranking

Finding great web hosting for your WordPress site will certainly speed things up and improve SEO (search engine optimization) rankings, but there are many other things to keep in mind: keywords for product pages and blog posts, image file size, and how easy the content is to understand -- that is the reason you need quality SEO plugins, otherwise you will have to compete with other sites of unequal strength.

Fortunately, the market boasts a wide range of SEO plugins to choose from, many of which are completely free. In addition, you can find a number of third-party SEO tools to display detailed statistics, keyword rankings, backlinks and more.

SEO can be confusing, even for experienced website owners. Finding high-potential articles and pages, fixing broken links, reorganizing your site's structure, and conducting a complete SEO audit are not easy. But if you are equipped with the right plugins and can use them with ease, search engines will bring you a steady stream of visitors.

1. Yoast SEO

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Yoast SEO has long been the most popular SEO plugin and continues to captivate the WordPress world with impressive updates, a beautifully designed interface, and user-friendly options that make blog posts and product pages stand out.

What's more, Yoast SEO has its own website with premium support options, a thriving community, a content-rich blog, and online SEO training for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users. You can purchase the premium version of the plugin for better features such as keyword optimization tips, previews of page appearance on Twitter and Facebook, internal link suggestions, etc. Keep in mind that this is only a small part of all the premium features.

The premium version is an ideal deal for anyone, but if you're really shy, the free version is also far superior to most other SEO plugins. Here are some of the features that make Yoast SEO an excellent choice.

    1. When you enter keywords, the plugin analyzes how well pages and posts are optimized for those keywords
    2. Accurate knowledge of Google search engine results for web pages to allow you to adjust metadata and titles to make them more appealing
    3. Complete readability checks on all pages, so you can see if you need to split paragraphs, add numbered lists, headings, and other elements
    4. Detect duplicate content on a page or in an article
    5. The best online resources and technical support
    6. Bi-weekly plugin updates
    7. Premium version offers redirect manager, free support, content suggestions, ad-free interface

2. All in One SEO Pack

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All in One SEO Pack is the closest competitor to Yoast SEO for website owners who want a full suite of SEO tools. In addition, they will provide premium features and technical support for a longer period of time, so you will find that paying for this plugin will bring more rewards.

Plugins are available for free forever, and one of the main reasons you need to pay is probably the premium support for WooCommerce in order to get access to various other great tools, such as video SEO modules, and SEO for categories, tags, custom taxonomies. however, most startups, bloggers, and developers will at least start with the free version, which is usually set by default is ready to provide useful common features such as sitemaps, Google Analytics, advanced canonical URLs, etc.

    1. Premium version provides satisfactory customer support including knowledge center, online forum, video screenshots
    2. If you run an online store, advanced WooCommerce support will be worth exploring
    3. All site maps are automatically sent to Google, Bing and other search engines
    4. All meta tags are generated automatically, but you can also edit them manually
    5. The plugin has been translated into 57 languages and is available in a large number of countries
    6. The functions are almost the same as Yoast SEO, only the interface is slightly different
    7. If you only have one site, Yoast looks more affordable, but for agencies and multi-site organizations, the All in One SEO Pack makes more sense
    8. Suitable for beginners and advanced users

3. The SEO Framework

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The SEO Framework is fast, lightweight, has no ads or upsells, eliminates some of the extra setup you may not need, and focuses on helping those who are more concerned about site speed and want to spend less time on SEO. It is often considered the best alternative to Yoast or All in One SEO, but to a large extent, SEO ratings are influenced by visual features.

The SEO settings for blog posts are controlled by several tabs, one of which uses a colored scale to show exactly how favored by search engines, with which you can immediately see what needs to be improved.The SEO Framework is perfect for beginners and the open API is also available for advanced users. Initially, the plugin was just a project within the WPMUDEV community, but was eventually released to the general public for free and offers more advanced features with the help of various extensions.

    1. The SEO Framework doesn't sell you anything and includes most of the necessary features that Yoast and All in One have
    2. Visual color gauges/rubrics provide a more user-friendly way to check if an article looks good on Google
    3. Local extensions for companies that need to set up and display important information
    4. Spam comment extension eliminates the need for additional plugins
    5. Most of the configurations are already set up for you, so you can use them immediately after installing the plugin
    6. Focus on focused topics to encourage people to write in a more natural way

4. SEOPress

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SEOPress is a free all-in-one SEO plugin that is simple, fast, and powerful enough to manage all titles and meta descriptions for posts, pages, and categories, and without ads - even for the free version.

Content analysis, creating XML and HTML sitemaps, tracking visitors using Google Analytics, optimizing hashtags (Open Graph and Twitter Card) to share posts on social networks, and developers can set up plugins with close to 100 Hooks as needed. The premium version offers more functions and features, such as.

    1. Breadcrumb navigation optimized for SEO and accessibility
    2. Optimized for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads
    3. Site map with videos and Google News
    4. Google Structured data types: products, articles, events, recipes, reviews, courses, videos, local business, FAQs
    5. Integration with Majestic (3rd party API) to query backlinks
    6. PageSpeed Insights integration to quickly check page quality
    7. Redirects and 404 monitoring
    8. Google Analytics statistics
    9. Quick and easy Twitter and Facebook metatags

5. Rank Math

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Rank Math is the equivalent of a Swiss Army knife, containing everything you need to take full control of your website's SEO and consolidate everything into one easy-to-manage, lightweight plugin. With Rank Math, you can manage SEO for posts, pages, products, categories, etc. You can also control all the standard noindex/nofollow/noarchive meta tags, especially for individual posts and pages.

The plugin is tightly integrated with Google Search Console to provide important information inside the WordPress dashboard, such as keyword rankings, how much search traffic the site gets, errors Google finds on the site, and more. In addition, Range Math comes with built-in 404 monitoring, redirects, page summaries, local SEO, XML sitemaps, inbound link suggestions, and more.

    1. A one-stop store for all SEO needs
    2. Each article/page/product is run through an SEO analysis tool based on 40 factors
    3. The user interface is very clean and the options are easy to understand
    4. Automatically add alt and title attributes to images
    5. With 404 monitor to show the site's error links
    6. The redirect module can point 404 errors to useful content on the site
    7. Once you make changes to your posts, the plugin will automatically notify search engines
    8. Rich web page summary, choose from 6 different templates
    9. Includes breadcrumb navigation so you don't have to rely on other plugins
    10. Optimized hashtags (Open Graph and Twitter Card)

6. SEO Squirrly

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SEO Squirrly is a complete SEO suite without any complicated elements, with a different way of generating SEO suggestions compared to the previously described plugins. First enter the article topic and the desired keywords, then as you write the article it activates a series of green lights in real time, as if you were writing with an expert on hand to guide you in real time.

    1. Keyword optimization is a little easier than Yoast
    2. If you plan to use Squirrly to replace an older SEO plugin, it will still retain all the previous settings
    3. There is a tool to analyze the competition in order to see how to outperform the competition
    4. Provide SEO reports for articles that you can send to others on your team. For example, writers may need to learn more about SEO, so you can send them the report after the article is completed
    5. Receive weekly progress monitoring and a reliable tool for displaying the latest tweets on relevant topics to provide you with writing inspiration

7. All in One Schema Rich Snippets

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Rich Snippets are visual search elements -- stars, images, and other important details -- that use content different from regular search results to grab users' attention, often used for e-commerce product pages and blog post reviews.Google has rich data types that are less invasive but still able to display valuable information to users.

With All in One Schema Rich Snippets, your search engine results will be narrowed down to the most important elements, plus users will see everything from photos, star ratings, author avatars, and more.

    1. Provide a more intuitive data structure that Google likes and users like
    2. Supports a wide variety of content, including events, reviews, people, products, recipes, videos, and more
    3. Your search results are easier to share on Facebook because they have compiled the right information

8. WordLift

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WordLift uses AI to bring advanced SEO to content editors and marketers, and can help you organize content while automating structured data. Most importantly, it can also help you improve the readability of your content by adding internal links, recommended widgets, and semantically rich metadata, in addition to converting articles and pages into machine-friendly content to increase natural traffic to your website.

  1. Automated execution of structured linked data tagging using natural language processing and knowledge graphs
  2. Use WooRank to track content effectiveness and provide recommendations related to website optimization
  3. Integration with Google Analytics
  4. Some big brands are using WordLift: Airbnb, Amazon Audible, Greenpeace, Merck Group, The Next Web

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The only question is, which side are you going to pick?

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