Best Menu Plugins for WordPress

Best Menu Plugins for WordPress
Best Menu Plugins for WordPress

From large navigation lists to beautiful animations and tabs, there are many ways to format menus in WordPress. You may find that sometimes it is necessary to put thousands of product categories in the menu, or maybe you just want to make it look more ornate.

WordPress already comes with a menu, why do you need an additional plugin

  1. You can't make a richer, larger navigation menu with the default WordPress menu
  2. Many WordPress themes and default menus do not have media support such as product images
  3. Sometimes, WordPress menus are not responsive or don't look as good on mobile devices
  4. The standard WordPress menu actually has only one layout, while some plugins offer multiple templates
  5. WordPress menu can not provide too much technical support, but the premium paid menu plugin is very sweet in this regard
  6. By default, the WordPress menu provides transitions and animations
  7. Building menus in WordPress is somewhat tedious, and often the best way to design them is to use a drag-and-drop or visual editor

What features should you look for when looking for a WordPress menu plugin

When looking at the advantages, it's clear that having a plugin opens up more possibilities for your site's menu, especially when running an e-commerce site. But beyond that, what's even more exciting is that many WordPress menu plugins are very inexpensive (or even free). So, what features should you focus on once you've completed your research?

  1. Responsive design always looks good on smartphones and tablets
  2. There are several built-in templates to help you start building your menu right away
  3. Options for building richer, more extensive mega menus
  4. Media and icon support to make menus look more intuitive
  5. Drag-and-drop or visual editor so you don't have to view the final style of the menu in the WordPress backend alone
  6. Seamless integration with all WordPress themes and WooCommerce plugins
  7. Tools for customizing individual elements of the menu, including fonts, colors and sizes, with nice floating menu options
  8. Unique menu styles, such as vertical or tabbed

Max Mega Menu

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If you want some premium features for free, Max Mega Menu will be a satisfying mega menu plugin. To get some of the cooler tools, you'll have to buy the premium version, but the free version shouldn't be much of a problem for regular websites.

This plugin includes some great starter features, such as configuring multiple menu positions, and a nice drag-and-drop editor. It actually works with the default WordPress menu editor and adds a few other elements to make it easier to handle large, rich menus.

As mentioned earlier, the free version is available for immediate download, however, you may also consider upgrading to a Pro or Commercial license, which will provide additional features such as floating menus, custom styles, menu logos, etc.

  1. The plugin is free to use and provides a list of useful tools
  2. Using the regular WordPress menu area, anyone can more easily build
  3. You can put WordPress widgets inside the menu to display images, links and such
  4. A variety of display styles, such as pop-up menus, sub-menus, tabbed menus, vertical formatting, etc.
  5. The free version allows adding icons
  6. Provide some animations for displaying fade-in and fade-out, sliding transitions and other effects
  7. Premium Edition comes with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads support
  8. Premium version of the plugin has excellent visual effects, such as floating menus, custom menu item styles and icons
  9. We like Max Mega Menu for those who don't want to pay money for a high-end plugin solution. The standard features are suitable for most small to medium sized businesses, but paid upgrades are great if you need a product such as a tabbed mega menu.

Responsive Menu

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Many plugins have simple names used only to describe their functionality, Responsive Menu is capable of turning a website menu into a nice, mobile-friendly control. If you happen to buy a WordPress theme and the mobile menu doesn't look good enough, a plugin like this will be useful.

On the other hand, you might even be using an older theme that never offers responsive menus. responsive Menu plugin can eliminate any problems you might encounter in your design without having to write code or hire a developer.

  1. With over 150 customizable options, it's a wonderful starting point for responsive menus
  2. You can customize many menu items, including text, borders and backgrounds
  3. Upload an image to use as a background photo
  4. You can create custom menu triggers
  5. Additional visuals can be uploaded, such as logos and icons
  6. Advanced version allows to set animation for each menu item
  7. Customizable color transparency
  8. Include a header bar for announcements or promotions
  9. If you're not happy with the mobile view of your current menu, consider using Responsive Menu. many developers claim their themes are responsive, but the menu looks terrible when used on smartphones or tablets. This plugin is an affordable option for a complete overhaul of your site.

WP Responsive Menu

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Similar to Responsive Menu introduced earlier, WP Responsive Menu is also a good responsive menu plugin, both are worth testing if you want to replace your current menu and make sure it looks good on mobile devices.

Overall, WP Responsive Menu offers a popular free version with features like beautiful responsive templates and allows you to add logos. Upgrade to the Pro version to enjoy more advanced features such as WooCommerce integration, social media icons, Google Fonts support, and more.

  1. Convert the current menu into a beautiful slideshow menu without much work, and all menus are responsive in just a few minutes
  2. Has some free visual options, such as adding some icons or logos
  3. When entering responsive mode, you can hide unwanted elements in the menu
  4. Open and close menus with a single swipe, without having to click on smaller buttons
  5. You can upgrade to get support for social media buttons
  6. A search bar is provided on the menu
  7. Link the menu to WooCommerce to display your products and categories
  8. For those who want great mobile responsiveness without having to spend too much time designing, the WP Responsive Menu plugin is an ideal solution, offering some free visual features such as logos and icons.

WP Mobile Menu

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With WP Mobile Menu, we have another option to transform the regular WordPress menu into a better looking mobile interface solution. In particular, this plugin has some interesting advanced features such as sliding menus, copyright sections and header banners, and even the ability to import/export data for use elsewhere.

The free version is not bad, but we think the premium version is where the real value is, however, it is a recurring monthly cost, but for some businesses that need to use other menus on individual pages, it may be worth it. Also, you can choose the WooCommerce plan for some great e-commerce features.

  1. The plugin can be upgraded to include various WooCommere tools such as sliding account links in the shopping cart, mobile product filters, shopping cart icons, and more
  2. Allow setting background images for menus
  3. Option to hide certain items in the menu when displayed on the mobile interface
  4. Some advanced tools that allow you to add footer menus, header banners, 2000+ icons
  5. Tools for importing/exporting menus to other sites
  6. If you want a new responsive menu and want some unique features for e-commerce and visuals, then consider using the WP Mobile Menu plugin.


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QuadMenu plugin helps you create a large web menu and easily integrate it into your current WordPress theme. There are several types of menus available, including rotating, mega menus, tabbed menus, and more.

Visual customization is the key feature of this plugin, allowing you to adjust settings such as colors, fonts, and menu items while seeing the changes. Compared to regular menu plugins (or even the other plugins in this list), this visual editor is more advanced.

The free version has a nice feature list with multiple menu locations, support for child themes, and icon and shopping cart options. To add some additional menu styles (such as tabs, login boxes, and social media), upgrade to the Pro version for a small one-time fee. If you need to use the plugin on multiple sites, a number of higher-priced packages are available.

  1. Menu integration can be done manually or automatically via plugins
  2. Placement of menus in several different areas of the site
  3. This plugin not only supports mega menu, but also includes icons, search, shopping cart, tabs, login box, social media and registration form
  4. Create an unlimited number of menu themes for your website
  5. Provide a variety of alternative styles, such as floating menus or large web menus
  6. You can add some fun to the menu with Google Fonts or drop-down animations
  7. All of the most common menu layouts have been developed so they can be quickly integrated with your current WordPress theme
  8. Drag-and-drop editor is easier to use than the regular WordPress admin backend
  9. All menus look great on mobile devices
  10. If you want a variety of menu options, the QuadMenu plugin makes the most sense. It's not just for large menus, but if you plan to make other menus (such as rotating or social), it should be considered the best solution.


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Some menu plugins are only available for purchase as premium products, the downside being that you can't test them with the free version and some people may not need all the premium features; however, this also usually means a low one-time cost to get the plugin and access to better customer support.

UberMenu is a highly acclaimed solution that provides stunning mega menus for all types of devices to display large images, online products, category listings and other elements. With flexible layouts that can be used to create any tab, the beauty of UberMenu is that it includes advanced content and features that can be applied to websites without much effort.

  1. Extract from a selection of images, or upload from your computer, to quickly add images to the menu
  2. Easily design beautiful and modern large menus with the grid-based visual editor
  3. The plugin supports some advanced content such as maps, search fields and contact forms, and you can even write custom code to display any content you need
  4. Visual editor with more than 50 styles to choose from, including headers and spacing
  5. By pulling in content such as articles and pages, the Dynamic Menu Builder creates the entire menu for you
  6. AJAX Auto Save ensures you never lose your work
  7. You can easily organize a large number of menu items in tabs
  8. For those who like to make unique WordPress menus, UberMenu is very useful. Custom HTML, shortcodes, widgets all help to add various controls like maps, contact forms, and you can put any content in the menu without any worries.

Superfly Responsive Menu

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What makes Superfly different? It is specifically designed to create vertical menus that are beautiful and sophisticated and can make your website navigation unique.

Certain sidebar menus have a more unique tilted design that helps you stand out from the crowd of competitors. You can add items such as social media buttons, Featured Images, and also enable full-screen mode. In addition, the triggers are powerful, allowing you to set up various actions such as content push, page scrolling, and more.

  1. You can switch any boring menu in the theme directly into a rich, interesting and creative vertical menu
  2. Add image backgrounds to menus while still allowing menu buttons to be displayed
  3. Build an icon bar to make it more like a compact application menu
  4. Enable users to access full-screen menus so that their attention is not lost
  5. Add some visual elements to the menu using the built-in icon library
  6. Provide multiple menu modes: slide in menu, static menu, compact menu, tilt menu
  7. Content areas can be adjusted with the help of custom codes or shortcodes
  8. For those single-page sites that always need to be viewed, this plugin provides smooth scrolling
  9. The accompanying animations are powered by CSS3, and they look really good compared to some of the other animations we've tested
  10. The Superfly plugin is for individuals and business owners who dig vertical menus, and if you like the style, this is one of the easiest ways to achieve this.

Mega Main Menu

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This is one of the cheapest paid options on our list and one of our favorite menu plugins, allowing you to add multiple types of visual effects from the dropdown menu, as well as unlimited color options.

Developers provide a demo dashboard for you to test and see if you like the current interface. Change the position of the icons, test different colors, and then upload your own brand image. You can make a unique menu from this demo and then see if it fits your site.

  1. Click the button to create a floating menu
  2. Generate a series of beautiful drop-down menus without spending a lot of time
  3. You can add images, logos and icons
  4. Choose from a variety of different drop-down formats, such as links, widgets or shortcodes
  5. Unlimited collection of colors and Google fonts for ultimate customization
  6. Access to over 1600 vector icons
  7. Mega Main Menu is a good choice for those who want a premium plugin but want to save money, and it will also be very effective if you plan to place images, icons, and other visual effects on the menu.

Hero Menu

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Hero Menu features a beautiful drag-and-drop builder, fully responsive menu templates, and simple tools for building large menus. The exciting part is that you don't have to spend any time to complete any of them.

WooCommerce can also be integrated with Hero Menu, making it quite versatile for promoting products. The intuitive interface is set up as a visual editor with drag-and-drop operations to help you add new menus or menu items.

  1. Direct link to WooCommerce, showing some essential elements of the online store (e.g., shopping cart)
  2. Include various items on the menu, such as social media buttons and product images
  3. You can choose from 60 preset colors and a variety of fonts to make the menu look perfect
  4. The menu editor runs on a drag-and-drop interface with a large number of settings for you to test
  5. Place menus anywhere in the site and support vertical menus
  6. Plugin is responsive and provides floating options when needed
  7. Includes a large library of icons
  8. If you like drag-and-drop editors, Hero Menu would be the best choice in this list. This plugin is also useful for WooCommerce users, as it can include items like shopping cart in the menu.

WP Mega Menu Pro

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This is another well-received menu plugin solution and is attractively priced. The interface and menu building process is very clean, but not as intuitive as other competitors.

WP Mega Menu Pro's beauty is that it comes with a set of widgets to add modules for contact information, product listings, and other content.

The plugin also works with the default menu dashboard, so you get the advantages of a visual editor and the way you're already used to operating it. WP Mega Menu Pro also offers 10 templates to launch a complete mega menu with just a little work.

  1. 10 pre-defined templates allow you to build all kinds of content, such as news listings, product images, online stores, portfolios, etc.
  2. Provides horizontal and vertical menus. Even vertical menus support some mega menu functions.
  3. Customize colors, icons, and fonts to ensure all content matches your site design
  4. Add tabs to the menu to tuck in more information and pages
  5. Over 100 customization options
  6. The mega menu will always stay floating when the user scrolls down the page
  7. Add some unique features to the menu, such as a sign-up button or search bar, and even include options for WooCommerce and custom logos
  8. WP Mega Menu Pro plugin has the most features and customization tools and the most beautiful templates on the market, enabling you to have icons, templates, fonts, skins, backgrounds and other controls at an affordable price if you want them all.

Which WordPress menu plugin is best for you

Some plugins may not solve the problem for your site, however, we have covered a wide range of options so everyone has the opportunity to make their menus look good on all devices. Here are some final recommendations.

  1. Max Mega Menu: If you want a reliable free menu plugin, consider this
  2. Responsive Menu: If you don't like the current mobile menu, please use this plugin
  3. WP Responsive Menu: This also applies to mobile menu design, but offers a faster build process
  4. WP Mobile Menu: This is also a mobile menu plugin, but most suitable for e-commerce
  5. QuadMenu: If you want multiple menu designs, not just a mega menu, consider using
  6. UberMenu: We like this plugin to make automatic menus, just like your current blog post
  7. Superfly Responsive Menu: If you like vertical menus, choose this plugin
  8. Mega Main Menu: very useful for the cheaper premium version of the mega menu
  9. Hero Menu: If you want the best drag-and-drop editor, choose this one
  10. WP Mega Menu Pro: If you want to include all features in one product, consider using

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