20+ Best WordPress Travel Blog Themes (Compared)

20+ Best WordPress Travel Blog Themes (Compared)
20+ Best WordPress Travel Blog Themes (Compared)

Out of the box, with tons of great blogging features, WordPress is easily the best platform for building websites. Moreover, by installing one of the best themes below, you will have a unique travel blog site with a high-quality design ready to be used for the latest content.

Some themes are created specifically for travel blogging, others are versatile and suitable for a range of projects. However, all of these themes include at least one pre-built demo site related to travel blogging. In addition to all the pre-defined content, layouts and templates, you get a wealth of customization options through a control panel that allows you to personalize every aspect of the site with just a few clicks of a button. For those who want to have better control over the look of their site, the built-in advanced page editor will come in handy.

No matter what type of travel blog you want to create, you will find the right choice here.

1. Trawell

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Considering the 5-minute setup process, Trawell should appeal to a group that is focused on creating website content (rather than spending time picking out beautiful themes), so anyone looking to start a blog will appreciate this quick start method.

That's not to say Trawell lacks any key features, on the contrary, they offer some attractive homepage designs, blog layouts, and page templates to choose from, allowing you to easily add essential content to your website. If you want to publish content in multiple languages, this theme offers good support for leading WordPress multilingual plugins, and RTL language integration can also come in handy.

Other reasons to choose this theme are Google Maps - to share your historical footprint in an interactive map format, and to ensure the implementation of monetization options for blog ads and other offers. Since Trawell integrates seamlessly with the popular WooCommerce e-commerce plugin, you can sell digital content (e.g. travel guides) and physical products (including items featured in the countries/regions you visit) through your blog.

2. Publisher

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Among the many content-centric demo sites, you can find options such as travel guides and travel blogs, import your own site with just a few clicks of a button, then replace the demo content with custom text and images, then explore the theme options and site settings.

Theme customization options cover all aspects of layout, colors, fonts, and more, allowing you to personalize your travel blog as you wish. In addition, you can use the integrated page editor to create custom page designs or edit the pre-defined templates that make up the Publisher demo site.

Publisher contains many options when it comes to pre-built templates and page layouts, and one type preferred by travel bloggers should be a list of articles. Therefore, if you plan to post popular attractions or travel tips on your site, these templates should be carefully studied. Other presets include email newsletter forms, image and video gallery layouts, and important pages (such as Contact and About Us). Whenever you publish a new post on your blog, you can choose from a range of relevant modern designs.

3. Insight

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When setting up the site, you can quickly import preset demos and use the default layout. The look and feel is sleek and modern, and the home page contains multiple areas: starting with a large full-width slider for beautiful photos and links to the best content, the rest of the site includes a selection of images from the blog summary, sidebar widgets, customizable footers, social media content, and links to related materials on other sites and page links.

However, since Insight includes a dynamic homepage editor, you can easily adjust the elements and layout on the homepage. In addition, you can set what content is displayed in the widgets and even switch to a more traditional blog homepage - a list of only the latest posts. With the theme customizer, you can easily adjust the default colors, fonts and layout options to find the most appropriate look for your travel blog.

4. Backpack Traveler

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The look and style of the blog templates in the theme pack will appeal to those posting their adventures online, and the pre-built layouts have many useful features, including an interactive map editor for sharing information about your journey, social media integration for displaying photos from sites like Instagram, and a range of travel-focused icons and content elements.

The various blog layouts offer plenty of options for presenting post content, so creating lists like the top 10 places to visit in Asia will be very easy. Options such as header and navigation bar layouts are also plentiful, allowing you to set fixed and floating headers, as well as display the main menu in the sidebar area. If you want to add electronic or physical products, this theme has been built to fully support the leading WooCommerce eCommerce plugin.

Despite the high design standards of the preset templates and layouts, you can easily make adjustments to all of them. Simply open the theme customization panel to change colors, edit fonts, or perform other personalization tasks. You can also insert a range of elements into the layout to enhance the page, including target sliders, tabbed areas, video players, and more, and these are all compatible with the integrated drag-and-drop editor.

5. Soledad

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Over 2000 homepage templates for your website with endless possibilities. If you view the travel blog demo, you will notice that the page layout includes a curated slider that puts the best content of the site in the center of the screen. After that, visitors can scroll down to see popular categories and click on premium articles in the collection. The rest of the page includes article summaries, a series of widgets, social media feeds, and more. But beyond that, Soledad has many other site demos that may also be suitable for travel bloggers.

To help you choose the right home page, Soledad includes easily customizable widgetized page designs. Widgets can be used to display your profile, links to your social media accounts, email subscription forms, latest posts, and more. If you want the navigation area to be more interactive and interesting, the mega menu will come in handy.

Other key features include slideshows that can be used to display photos or point to selected articles, and a library of templates for publishing multimedia content such as video, audio, galleries, and more. Soledad also offers full e-commerce support if you wish to sell physical/digital products, or offer paid services to your audience base.

6. TheGem

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After several recent updates, TheGem now has over 400 pre-built templates, many of which are suitable for creating travel blogs - key features include large full-width layouts, header areas that can accommodate images and videos, and many different templates for blog posts.

In addition to using pre-defined templates, you can also create custom layouts with the integrated page editor. For example, you can publish a special blog post (e.g. a travel guide for a certain country/region), design a unique layout for it and then place it in a prominent place in your website. Since the page editor allows you to perform an incredible range of operations, your creativity will not be limited in any way if you choose TheGem for your travel blog.

Other additional features include email newsletter integration, e-commerce support and a fully responsive design that ensures your site is easy to read on smartphones and smaller screens. The feature list of this theme is long and can provide you with everything you need for your travel website.

7. MagPlus

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Offering a range of templates suitable for websites such as news, magazines, blogs and more, travel blogging-related designs are aesthetically pleasing and will leave a lasting impression on your visitors. Whether you choose a travel blog-specific demo or another generic design, your website will be mobile-responsive to ensure easy access for smartphone users.

To help you create unique websites while leveraging existing themes, MagPlus includes a drag-and-drop page editor that allows you to open any demo content for editing via the popular Visual Composer plug-in, then adjust pre-built page layouts or create your own designs from scratch.

Other features include 12 header layouts, 20 preset sliders and 20 dedicated widgets. By mixing and matching these components, you can create all the visual effects you need for your travel blog without having to edit any code. In addition, there are 10 footer layout combinations and 80 add-on components to further enhance your creative options. Each time you publish a new post on your website, you can choose from a library of content blocks and modules, which helps to set the right layout for your blog.

8. CheerUp

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This multipurpose theme has designs for all types, including a beautiful travel blog option, and the 11 preset demos are all flexible, but you can easily choose another design and then tweak it through the theme customization panel.

In addition to targeted looks (e.g., mom and pop, beauty, lifestyle), CheerUp gives you a variety of universal design options, including different slider styles, multi-column configurations, header layouts, plus a library of templates for blog posts that allow you to present new content in a fun way when you publish it. Also, like the other travel blogging themes in this post, CheerUp includes a drag-and-drop page editor that allows you to easily edit templates or create one-of-a-kind designs.

With the help of this theme, you can also add galleries to your travel blog to quickly share photos. Based on support for MailChimp and a series of subscription forms, you can also develop email newsletter lists.

9. Travelog

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The map marker tool is fun to add a map with custom markers whenever you write a new article so that readers can see your immediate location. Different design options offer a variety of content presentation options, including slider layouts, a range of content layout, and Google Maps integration - the ability to display all of your custom markers in one location. Whichever presentation you use, you can choose the header layout, the widgets to display in the sidebar, and the blog color scheme.

Travelog also has a great system to help you organize your content. Using the category feature, you can display summaries of relevant articles on the home page and in the menu, thus making it easier for visitors to find content that interests them. If you wish to make money from advertising, this theme fully supports Google AdSense and other similar services for advertising. With built-in flexible ad space, you can simply upload the ad code and let the theme do the rest.

10. JNews

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The 120 landing page templates and homepage layouts offer a variety of options for your travel blog, and while some designs are more focused on specific site types, with a small amount of customization work you can adapt them to meet travel blogging needs. If you wish to get started immediately, import the relevant demo content in just a few clicks.

To help you tweak the preset presentation, JNews offers a number of useful tools, such as the header editor -- you can use one of the header templates as a starting point to quickly modify the appearance of the navigation area. In addition, you can edit any inner page template using the included advanced Visual Composer plugin, and support for WordPress customizers allows you to modify every element of your travel blog through an intuitive interface.

Not everyone wants to customize their website and theme, and for those who are looking for an off-the-shelf solution, JNews works just as well. 10 header layouts are available for publishing different types of content, such as news articles, travel guides and reviews of attractions. Social media integration is another useful add-on that can display content from the feed and allow users to log in to your site through their social media accounts.

11. Travel Blog

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While a single demo makes things easy, Travel Blog goes out of its way to offer 4 options, including list, grid, full width, and other options to allow you to quickly set the right look for your travel blog. Once you choose the home page layout, you can customize the widgets: a popular posts slider, a Featured Content area, a summary of recent updates, and more. If you choose the sidebar layout, you can also display About Us, content links, and other widgets next to the home page elements.

In addition to the home page option, this theme offers nice layouts and templates for other areas. By sharing photos, travel tips, and other content designs, you can avoid the lack of presentations. With Travel Blog, you can use specific templates for each post on the site to make the blog content look its best.

12. Vlog

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While vlogs work fine for most projects, you can make the most of them for travel blogging purposes that impart experience. With a wealth of design and customization options, you can quickly adjust the default settings to ensure that the site looks appealing to a wider audience. The theme package also includes a large number of pre-built page templates that give you a variety of layout options when setting up your blog's homepage and each time you post a new video clip.

Professional layouts allow you to display content in an easy and reliable way, thus ensuring that visitors view more pages. As your site grows, categorization and organization features can help you manage videos and other resources. Video-related features include playlist creation, automatic thumbnail generation, watch later, cinema mode, and more, all of which can help you create a successful travel blog site.

13. Bjorn

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If you want to quickly convert your regular WordPress installation into a stylish, professional blog site, then Bjorn can help you do just that. 7 different layouts give you a wealth of options when setting up your blog, each with multiple ways to display selected posts on the front page. Plus, with flexible theme options and settings, creating custom layouts isn't difficult either.

Dozens of selected sliders are able to show readers the best content in an interesting format, and the theme package includes the powerful Slider Revolution plugin in case you want to create custom slide shows for your travel blog. Considering all the setting options of Bjorn, it's no exaggeration to say that this is one of the best themes regarding personalization opportunities. To help you make the most of the various features, the development team also includes a complete video tutorial that will guide you through the entire process of installing, configuring and managing your new website.

14. Journey

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In the latest version, Journey comes with even more great features to recommend, including blog post and homepage layout design, as well as various customization tools. If you think 11 blog layouts are not enough, you can use the Visual Composer tool to adjust preset templates or create custom layouts, and to enhance your editing experience, the theme package comes with some popular add-ons at no extra cost.

Whenever you publish a new post, Journey offers several different header options, including parallax, video, and regular image background modes. In addition, you can choose from a range of content and sidebar layouts, and it's easy to enable floating sidebars to always keep the most important widgets on display.

15. WPVoyager

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To help you share your historical footprint, WPPOyager includes good Google Maps integration and allows you to showcase the best photos from your travels using the gallery feature, various grid layouts to ensure they are presented in the most beautiful style, and KML (Markup Language) support to enable photos to be combined with Google Maps to provide visitors with more information.

Regarding the design of the travel blog, you get 4 different options, and for each post, various layouts, templates, content and sidebar configurations. In addition, the post series feature makes it easy to organize your content in order to tell travel stories or specific topics. The theme is very easy to get started, the setup wizard ensures that you understand and configure all the main options before you launch your blog, and you can install a preset demo and then add custom site content in the process.

16. Vlogger

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Vlogger is great for posting a variety of different types of videos, but with a fully functional presentation template, it's also a great option for people who use the vlog format to document their travel experiences. You get tools like video rotation, slide shows, playlists and more to easily organize and present video content on your website. All content is fully responsive, so your site will look great on any device.

If you already have a YouTube channel or want an easy way to display content from YouTube on your travel blog, this theme will help. Earning revenue from video content is not a problem either, as you can choose from a variety of ad spots, including pop-up areas and content display. Creating playlists for visitors is another useful feature, allowing you to display details, travel details and related content in separate tabs.

17. Desert

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Whether you choose the full-width slider layout, the three-column grid option, or one of the other pre-built designs that make up the Desert theme, your travel blog will look sleek and modern. Some of the most impressive features include multiple layouts for popular posts and a mega menu -- you can display the most popular content in a variety of ways in the widget, and the mega menu feature allows you to quickly enhance the drop-down menu to encourage visitors to browse more posts of interest.

To make sure you set up your travel blog the right way, this theme is built on the popular Redux framework, meaning you have access to over 100 options and settings to customize almost everything on the site, some of which include page width, background display, ad placement, and more. In addition, Desert offers a range of controls like shortcode, first word drop, multi-column and accordion to help you improve the display.

18. Travelmatic

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Google Maps markers highlight your footprint across posts and pages, and then visitors click on the markers of their interest on the map by scrolling, zooming, panning, etc. to learn more.

You can use a different layout format every time you publish new content. The slider tool makes the post content more interesting and also adds slideshows to the page. Everything about this travel blogging theme uses responsive design, so your site will look great on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

19. Gillion

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In the list of Gillion features you will find the Visual Composer page editor and its collection of content modules. With the help of this powerful tool, you can create original content designs for travel blogs with many useful elements: sliders, tables, buttons, forms, etc.

The 13 pre-built demos are designed for content-rich sites, so your travel blog can include a range of useful features to help visitors navigate and interact. For beginners, the mega menu feature enables you to add drop down menus to the navigation area, while the bookmarking system allows readers to save content for later review. When setting up your site with Gillion, you can also enable visitor comments, and post views and reading times are another handy feature that will help make your travel blog more memorable.

20. Nova

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It takes just a few clicks to import 18 homepage demos into your website, but beyond that, Nova offers virtually unlimited configuration options. With multiple header layouts, sidebar configurations, and multi-column layout, you can achieve unique effects with the available features without having to enter a lot of content. For example, the theme customization panel contains over 500 different options, but since the pre-built demo templates are great, you don't need to adjust these settings either.

Some other useful features include a real-time search tool that makes it easy for visitors to find the content they want on the site. 7 curated slider areas give you flexible display options, and a built-in European Cookie Law pop-up panel ensures your site is up-to-date with the latest regulations.

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