20+ Best Review WordPress Themes (Compared)

20+ Best Review WordPress Themes (Compared)
20+ Best Review WordPress Themes (Compared)

More and more people are using the Internet to shop for a variety of products and services, but it can be difficult for them to know where the best resources and sellers are. To help consumers find reputable websites, review sites have started popping up in recent years and have become popular at an exponential rate.

For your review site, consider using WordPress, which features many themes explicitly designed for review sites. 

We've compiled this list of the best themes for review sites, and you're likely to find an option below that meets your needs.

How to create an assessment website using WordPress


The popular Valenti is a clean and clear magazine/review theme with a stunning retina-ready look. Combined with unlimited scrolling options, exhaustive mobile-optimized features, and a new navigation menu system, Valenti is an option not to be overlooked for consideration.

The theme package comes with a dedicated drag-and-drop page editor for user customization - creating and modifying unique websites has never been easier.


Gauge is a powerful review theme that blends sophisticated design with rich functionality, and the color scheme even includes some 3D elements. Instead of using traditional stars to display product ratings, this theme uses unfilled pie charts.

The advanced editor Visual Composer, mega menu, and sidebar are already included. One of the unique features is the aggregation page for displaying all content information of related categories (e.g., specific video games).


When choosing a measurement theme, an image-centric page layout is critical, and the layout should be updated regularly without compromising readability. 

Magplus makes it easy to achieve this goal. 40+ preset templates allow you to start creating content immediately, and over 500 Google fonts, numerous header options, and virtually unlimited color schemes will enable you to create a unique website look.

Overall, MagPlus is a full-featured and flexible WordPress review theme that is well worth considering, especially if you highly value creative freedom.


If you're wondering how important the concept of a guide line is to a review site, the answer is a lot -- and that's an understatement. the developers at Zeen understood this and created this minimalist and insightful theme designed to guide readers, not bombard them with all kinds of information.

Whichever presentation layout you choose, Zeen looks beautiful. You can also use the built-in Tipi Builder drag-and-drop plugin to create custom layouts. Some elements help you attract large numbers of readers and direct them to more content, mostly achieved through sliding and floating controls. 

In addition to this, a visual theme options panel helps you see the latest design look in real-time while editing your site.


15Zine is a novel and modern magazine theme that can also be easily used for evaluation purposes, not only to present website content professionally but also to help you tell stories that will meet your visitors' needs.

This theme includes various design options that allow you to design your website the way you want: use a drag-and-drop editor in the layout, choose image styles for your posts, or display engaging content through a mega menu. There are also dozens of demo pages, and with perfect compatibility with WooCommerce, WPML, bbPress, and other plugins, there is no shortage of versatility in 15Zine.

As a review subject, the 15Zine has a cleaner design appearance than most of its competitors, making it a very attractive choice.


When spending time looking for a measurement theme that interests you, if it's not easy to understand quickly, you're likely to use other alternatives. If you're worried about your visitors doing the same thing, check out Ratency, a theme dedicated to archiving and displaying content in a well-organized way, with a default homepage that lists all of the site's articles, and a pagination that makes long lists easier to navigate.

On the other hand, if you want to create layouts based on specific needs, the bundled Elementor page editor is available, and Ratency even offers an add-on dedicated to Elementor, all of which are designed to enhance your site's performance.


Reviews can be a simple niche, especially when it comes to website design, and Gillion offers a clean way to create review sites while still having plenty of appealing features. 

Even though the theme's inherent features may be simple, the layout options are not, with close to 20 demo templates to choose from and more being added on an ongoing basis. 

Creating new layouts is also easy, and you can do it using the built-in WPBakery Page Builder plugin.

The measurement pages get rid of unnecessary complexity and allow readers to absorb your content faster. 

On top of that, you can add custom article types and an easy-to-understand summary box for each review.


To help you design a popular news site, JMagz offers a lot of useful features. It's an award-winning magazine theme that easily doubles as a review theme. With the built-in Visual Composer plugin, plus support for Google font selection, preset color schemes, various content blocks, media libraries, one-click demo installation, and other features, you can design your website exactly as you wish.

Also, JMagz is fully responsive and retina-ready and is compatible with several popular plugins -- standard features today, but still impressive. What makes JMagz a great theme are many other options, such as position-optimized ad units, integrated referral links, Ajax live search, SEO (search engine optimization) support, and built-in DisqusFacebook, and WordPress measurement systems.


Entrance is a content-focused theme designed for magazines, reviews, and other publications that further embellish long-form articles with photos or videos. Since the first place readers come to when visiting your site is the home page, it is critical to make a positive first impression. 

The entrance offers seven layout options for formatting the home page so that visitors can easily find specific content without using the search bar.

The page layout itself can work even if it is somewhat limited. 

You can get a clean publishing experience. 

But beyond that, this theme contains a lot of useful shortcodes to make the process of writing your posts more efficient and elegant. 

Block references, multi-column layouts, first word sinking, highlighting, and various other effects are combined to enhance your website's written content and provide an exact reading experience.


Multipurpose themes are a common choice for those looking to create websites in a variety of areas. jNews covers many necessary frameworks while still working well for measurement purposes. 

JNews also integrates several related segments, such as magazines and landing pages

Each generic element in the demo template is full of content, and rich visuals, some of which may seem a bit fancy at first glance, but fully functional is a common way to handle current websites.

As with many other premium themes, you'll use the bundled WPBakery Page Builder editor to create your site. 

Plus, JNews supports the latest block editor for WordPress so that you can work in a familiar environment. You may be able to use a specific niche, but that doesn't mean that the theme choice will be limited. 

No matter what your area of focus is, JNews has plenty of help to offer.


Puzzles is a high-resolution professional review theme with a unique look that will be a step above the competition's design with 8 display options, 9 color schemes, a ton of customization settings, and flexible posts, pages, and categories to set.

The features hidden under the glossy exterior are also abundant: unique authoring options, 3 different rating systems, integrated performance optimization, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly code to take your website to the next level.


As a versatile and beautiful looking multipurpose theme, Newsmag enables you to publish article lists, online photo albums, long-form news pieces and various other content. The theme package features 6 different demo sites to allow you to easily create review sites, not to mention that you can also customize it to your liking.

If the publication relies heavily on high-resolution photography, you can choose to use a full-width image as the homepage background, making Newsmag the right choice. 

You can also create a waterfall grid consisting of a list of articles and use a functional sidebar to display additional text-only content. If you want to say content on the home page without overthinking about it, there are 14 different block layouts to choose from.

Finally, the included advanced page editor creates custom layouts per snap, and you can embed sliding galleries, news videos, ratings-based reviews, and clickable ads anywhere on the site.


REHub is a clean and modern multifunctional theme that can be used as a blog, store, or magazine solution, in addition to a review site. 

The theme is compatible with 3 shopping plugins (WooCommerceEasy Digital Downloads, and Ecwid). 

It even has demo content for each plugin, including several designs such as comparison pages, post formats, top posts, and more than a dozen content blocks on the homepage and plenty of header customization options.

Other aspects of REHub that we think you'll like include the various branding and advertising options, as well as the ability to add directories to your website. 

In addition to this, you may also like the compatibility with bbPress and WPML plugins for easy content sharing and community building.


One of the biggest challenges you will face when starting to write a review article is creating a compelling look and feel. 

This is a time-consuming and expensive process, but choosing a theme with almost all the features you need to succeed (such as Extra) is a good starting point.

This theme offers instantly elegant designs, but it is also fully integrated with the bundled. 

Divi Builder plugin provides an intuitive drag-and-drop layout building process that allows you to add pre-built modules with just a few clicks quickly and adjust parameters such as font, size, color, spacing, and more. 

Also, unlike some themes, Extra doesn't limit you to a single static design but instead offers a variety of pre-built layouts and lets you customize them exactly to your needs.


When creating a standout review site, it's critical to choose a theme that encourages user interaction. You need to provide dynamic, dedicated, and exciting pages, or visitors will likely not stop by. Fortunately, Huber makes it extremely easy to build engaging review sites.

Using Huber's streamlined interface, you can display an overall score based on various categories. For example, console games can get an overall score based on sub-scores such as gameplay, sound quality, graphics, etc. Readers can also leave reviews, and since themes provide a way to track the site, your readers can keep up with what they're interested in. 

To allow you to measure which posts are trending in real-time, Huber is bundled with the WordPress Popular Posts plugin, coupled with the popular Visual Composer page editor.

 You can achieve easy drag-and-drop layout creation and gain complete design freedom.


Just as you would expect, Goliath is a fully functional magazine and review theme that wins customers over with its stylish looks and great features.

Goliath offers 4 different presentation templates for your brand, each with a different focus and layout. 

For example, the sports theme offers a homepage that displays an image slider with multiple categories at the bottom.

 Plus the latest news, various sports, and a keyword cloud for enhanced search at the bottom of the page; the fashion theme features dark skin, perfect for displaying full-width images on the homepage, plus an image gallery and a five-star product review section.


Newspaper is a well-designed news theme that includes a powerful measurement system. The background image on the demo homepage immediately draws attention, as do the articles at the top and the clean header that catches the visitor's eye. Fully responsive and retina-ready, Newspaper allows you to customize it easily. A drag-and-drop page editor, numerous sidebar and color options, hundreds of Google fonts, and ten different category and blog post layouts are all available out of the box.

The included Social Counter plugin is another reason you should like Newspaper, helping you count the number of followers from various social networks. 

Integrating with social media is a huge advantage when measuring content, as it helps you reach more people faster.


This is an excellent review and magazine theme with a powerful and easy-to-use page editor, perfect for experienced and novice webmasters alike. 

nanoMag is designed for multimedia content, with a built-in publishing engine that allows you to create articles containing YouTube/Vimeo videos, extensive quotes, photo galleries, SoundCloud audio streaming, quality written text articles.

The site's homepage features 6 different layouts, all of which are optimized to showcase media-rich articles thanks to its gorgeous visual features such as sliders, hover effects, Ajax loading, and more. 

The easy-to-use menu feature allows you to create 4 different navigation systems and include article images, measurement scores, and more. 

On top of that, NanoMag includes a forum creator and user registration/login portal, so if your publication relies on a dedicated readership, everything is in place.


Highly rated for its focus on news, magazines, reviews and other websites, this theme can be used in a wide variety of areas and has a lot more underneath the gorgeous exterior. 

You can choose between a light or dark color mode and use customization options, including header and footer editors and full integration with the Elementor editor. 

Also, Vinkmag comes with a unique block layout for category pages and colored layer styles for smooth transitions between content, which can help you create functional and clean websites and easily implement highly interactive web layouts.


PowerMag is a novel magazine theme that can also spice up your review site. With an easy-to-customize rating system and engaging typography style, your site will look sleek and stylish. Optional floating navigation, a member link system, a fully widgetized homepage, color-coded categories, an advanced slider component, and many other feature options put PowerMag a step ahead of the competition.


Fully responsive design and retina-ready, Sahifa is a theme for magazines, news, reviews, and more. With a colorful look that allows users to experience many different themes and categories in one fully functional website, plus 9 different page templates, category-based mega menus, custom social widgets, more than 650 Google fonts, an intuitive admin panel, a powerful homepage editor, and more, Sahifa can clearly deliver the most bang for your buck.

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