Top 16 Most Popular Premium WordPress Themes (Compared)

Top 16 Most Popular Premium WordPress Themes (Compared)
Top 16 Most Popular Premium WordPress Themes (Compared)

When you are planning to launch an online website, one of the first things to consider is the website's appearance.

The second most crucial factor is to provide quality content. 

In order to achieve your goal, you need a premium theme to open the door to your dream.

WordPress is most likely the best platform you can choose if you don't have expertise in website building.

 Lack of experience is not the only single reason.

You will get an easy-to-use, plugin-rich, secure, and reliable content management system.

It will give you space to focus on things that matter.

Plus, WordPress is the most popular CMS, power over 40% of website share. 

Whether you are a clueless novice or an experienced designer, you can use it to create a beautiful website.

Next, we will present some of the most popular premium WordPress themes to determine the most suitable option for you. 

Each theme has specific features that will be useful for the targeted website you want to run.

Plus, they are all easy to customize for any ideas that may arise in the future.


 Elegant Themes develop a divi WordPress theme.

 Divi is an excellent value for money choice since it comes with additional themes and some pricey premium plugins.

The integrated page editor is one of the best features of this popular product. 

Using the WordPress, easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool, you can easily design any custom layout for a WordPress page (including the homepage).

You can put some basic elements into it, including text, images, buttons, galleries, blocks, slideshows, pricing tables, animation booths, email subscription forms, and more.

An increasing number of pre-defined demo templates are available, which provides a good foundation for your website layout.

 divi also offers full e-commerce support, making it ideal for online stores. 

divi Leads allows you to perform split testing to optimize different elements of your website, thus ensuring the best experience and conversion rates are always delivered.

A few years have passed since its first release, and with additional features added and improved,.

Divi has gotten better and better, and for the vast majority of people, it's the best (and best value) WordPress theme you can buy right now.


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Would you spend your money on a bland, substandard WordPress theme?

All consumers want to get the most out of their money, and only a theme like Soledad can meet everyone's expectations.

Theme layouts are available for high-resolution Retina devices and most web browsers.

You get over 200 options for blog layouts and slider combinations.

Over 250 homepage demos are available as your design templates, or you can install them directly.

Soledad offers 5 posts, 3 sidebars, 6 portfolio layouts.

You can also access a broad range of color palettes and stunning site galleries. 

Soledad offers online documentation resources that will help you for those wishing to learn more about the user settings. 

With Soledad's live customization preview feature, you can preview all your changes and then apply them to the website.


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Uncode includes an impressive collection of tools and features to create highly interactive web pages that easily accomplish complex website building tasks.

Powered by the latest and greatest web development technologies, this theme combines HTML5, users to use customizable CSS3 styles.

 Uncode places a strong focus on article readability, brand recognition, and offers a broad range of drawing options with advanced color schemes.

As for the underlying implementation, this software code efficiently and can load quickly on the server.

Which means it is suitable for slower internet connection situations. 

Uncode has powerful social media features built-in to get your website content viral and exposed. 

Overall, this is a beautiful theme that allows you to quickly build websites that engage your visitors and enjoy sharing them with others.


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As a versatile WordPress theme with deep customization capabilities and visual web page creation.

Jevelin has a top-notch performance that webmasters can instantly learn in minutes with no coding experience. 

It is a perfect theme designed for personal, expert, business, and corporate websites.

 Javelin provides you with the essential features you need for the latest trends, with futuristic layouts, professionally styled demo sites, plus powerful web templates.

In Javelin, bloggers will find a comfortable space to spread their ideas effortlessly.

It provides a wonderful reading experience for every visitor with advanced management tools and page editors. 

They pack the theme with six different layouts, multiple custom styles, and sophisticated features like back to the top, dynamic categories, content rotation, driving sliders, and more.


Kalium is one of the best WordPress themes, perfect for product sales, and personal blog sites. 

With well-designed and simplified pages, potential employers and customers alike will impress with the theme's beauty.

Adding the highly valuable Revolution Slider allows you to display beautiful content in the best possible way to create exciting slideshows.

It proves to visitors you are a partner worth considering.

Plus, you can add custom animations, effects, and transitions.

With several permutations of transitions, you can use different styles to display each content element.

They will provide a novel browsing experience for your readers, leading to more views on your website.

With multiple hover styles to choose from, you have plenty of control over the amount of information presented. 

Kalium even allows users to link their personal website to their portfolio without having to create multiple accounts. 

You don't require any coding knowledge, and you can quickly create beautiful pages, which helps eliminate the cost of hiring a web development company.


TheGem is Developed by a group of professional coders and designers.

TheGem aims to provide a powerful and reliable framework for building a wide variety of feature-rich modern sites best suited for professional portfolios.

Plus, personal or corporate blog sites, with dozens of dedicated layout designs for each template.

You can drag-and-drop pages through the Visual Composer editor to easily customize the design.

This theme offers many concept demo sites for businesses, gyms, spas, creative design agencies, online stores, and is visually styled to match your WordPress site.

Plus, You get integrated WooCommerce eCommerce plugin.

 Moreover, it includes more template pages to ensure you always find the content you need to make your site shine. 

TheGem perfectly supported Bootstrap's design. Suit for mobile access becomes a central point, which also provides reliable cross-device compatibility for all browsers. 

No matter what project you have on hand, TheGem has the information you need!


Oshine is an inventive, robust, and expressive one-stop solution for various website types, whether personal, commercial or businesses of all sizes.

This theme creates unique and powerful functional sites for static resources, corporate portals, and personal blogs. 

They build it intuitively, quickly, and in a powerful way that requires no coding skills.

With an impressive dozen preset demos, you can easily generate gorgeous static layouts that allow visitors to roam from page to page.

You can also create parallax headers, and web content using locally or remotely hosted binocular parallax video backgrounds. 

Using Oshine's drag-and-drop page editor, anyone can create incredible page layouts from scratch.


In many fields and industries, Total has developed many easy and intuitive top WordPress themes.

These themes do not require webmasters to have any coding skills to make it easier for novices to build high-quality professional websites. 

They pack the theme with rich features, multifunctional widgets, various premium plugins, and many more details worthy of your exploration.

With a drag-and-drop page editor based on visual art and various page layouts on the front-end and back-end, you can easily create custom solutions. 

Total is a genuinely flexible framework, mainly for building new websites containing modern features.

 You can use Advanced sliders through Revolution Slider and plugins, Megamenu with rich customization options, and powerful.

 Fast theme customization tools that make most website building minimal effort. 

Besides, Total also provides multiple page templates and live demo sites so you can deploy a high-quality site with just a few mouse clicks.


Since its launch, the Composer has been highly acclaimed, offering over 70 demo sites that can be installed quickly. 

With many business/mall demo templates, Composer gives you an excellent opportunity to help you create a unique and successful top-notch website.

The theme is compatible with many free premium plugins such as Visual Composer and Revolution Slider, meaning you can effortlessly customize all kinds of beautiful slideshows with no coding requirements! 

The integration with WooCommerce allows you to set up shopping centers and with perfect compatibility with WPML.

Your business can even reach audiences from all over the world, with no language barriers!

Composer is ready for Retina displays, with responsive layouts that fit perfectly on any screen size. It also offers unlimited variable elements, from headings to colours to fonts, all of which can be customized.

With hundreds of optional shortcodes, your work will be easy and fast. 

You can also get continuous update upgrades, various new features, detailed documentation, professional technical support, and the Composer is an exciting WordPress theme.

Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic is an incredibly flexible platform for all industries and sectors, designed to help you build attractive websites. 

The theme simplifies designing and building websites with a live page editor and a dynamic visual interface that integrates the deployment, configuration of shortcuts, version layouts, and different site configurations.

Massive Dynamic offers a range of customizable design templates and presentation pages for businesses, individuals, and professionals of all sizes.

When you use the templates provided by Massive Dynamic, they all come with all the configurations, plugins, and shortcuts ready to use.

For some custom features, it also offers a dozen attractive title designs and dynamic captioning techniques that will take your ideas from concept to reality in the blink of an eye.


The Shopkeeper is probably the best choice if you are looking for a trendy online mall or business website theme. It has a smooth and responsive layout.

Layouts can be easily adjusted on different device types and screen sizes.

The Shopkeeper is also the perfect choice for novice and experienced developers alike, with a wealth of advanced features and customization options.

They integrate the Shopkeeper with the Visual Composer plugin to help you add and organize multiple design elements through a drag-and-drop page editor.

This theme also comes with countless custom widgets and powerful shortcuts, making your website full of rich and advanced elements.

Apart from that, it's also an excellent choice for anyone who wants to sell products online, as it offers excellent support for the WooCommerce plugin, allowing you to promote your products online more quickly.


For webmasters, Merchandiser is a perfect and useful tool. Whether you have coding or development experience, you can easily create modern-style business websites.

Merchandiser allows you to focus solely on your online business, generating comprehensive product displays and advanced shopping cart features in minutes.

With just a few mouse clicks, you can access a wide range of advanced graphics and visual styles to build instantly available and genuinely unique websites.

If you don't need to change from scratch, you can simply use the theme's pre-defined pages and layouts - complex plugins stack them.

E-commerce pages, product detail pages, and catalogs all offer various visual pagination, animation, and transitions, plus several other fascinating features, such as sliding navigation for shopping carts and product viewing.

Once you use it, you can realize why Merchandiser has become such a useful tool for modern online salespeople.


KALLYAS solves complex problems and a powerful, easy-to-use website building platform with full flexibility and intelligence to perfectly serve many websites. 

What is even more impressive is their own developed Visual Builder page editor?

Make your website building process a snap with smooth horizontal sliders to further enhance your overall grade?

Every website built by KALLYAS is always unique. Thoroughly out-of-the-box online store templates make KALLYAS one of the most talented marketing elite. Simultaneously, an intricately designed portfolio of plugins and page layouts provides a perfect platform for professionals to play.


Infinite is a multipurpose WordPress theme that works with many premium plugins, and the fascinating thing is its flexibility and customizable panels. 

This theme offers multiple page layouts, adapts to almost all post formats, and has a great responsive design for different purposes. 

Crawl tested by Google, it shows incredible performance and boasts a high SEO score.

With integrated fonts and icons, custom skins and colors, combine all these elements. 

You will get an unlimited number of matching results and even the ability to upload custom fonts.

The theme is fully compatible with WPML and allows you to create thumbnails to fit various blog, portfolio, and gallery elements. 

If you are using WooCommerce to build your website, its store feature will come in handy. Infinite offers beautiful live tools to let you test your ideas.

So you will surely love the special top bar enabled at the top of the site. With the Lightbox plugin and additional CSS files, the site background will get a special click effect.

X - The Theme

Despite its simple name, X - Them has all the features you need. This company has developed a revolutionary idea for the theme's customization process.

They invented the concept of segments (equivalent to a test environment).

Segments are different designs in the same theme, and currently, you can choose one of four versions.

They design X Theme to ensure that no two websites will ever look the same. 

Thanks to the efficiency with which they execute the customization tools, you can quickly assemble a unique design after each installation. 

From essential elements such as logos, fonts, and colors to more complex features such as menus, sidebars, and headers, they can customize all with no coding skills. 

You can preview all these customizations before publishing without having to refresh the site.

Even with the complex customization features offered, X Theme is fully responsive. 

Almost half of all users are now using smartphones and tablets to access websites, regardless of screen size or operating system.

You need a site that loads quickly and displays well on any mobile device.


After a lengthy design and development process, XStore is finally in the public eye, an advanced theme that ensures the success of all online business investments and is easy to use for webmasters of any experience level.

With XStore, you can produce the most attractive and modern online store in minutes, without having to spend time looking at a single line of code.

XStore comes with a powerful set of premium plugins built-in to simplify the website building process to the maximum.

 XStore includes the useful Visual Composer drag-and-drop page editor and Slider Revolution and Contact Form 7 plugins to simplify most design tasks.

Not to mention its outstanding collection of professional templates collection.

You can produce innovative designs and layouts for all kinds of modern stores and public spaces with just a few mouse clicks.


Specular is an interesting theme based on flexibility and adaptability for modern, popular, and professional business website needs in various fields. 

It can customize the featured space to give users the ultimate browsing experience.

The theme's beautiful features can be used to their full magic to bring you professional online websites.

Specular includes 30+ demos, 8 different blog styles, integrated custom Visual Composer, stunning parallax effects, Slider Revolution, layer sliders, beautiful header options, and unique layouts. 

This is the right website building tool for webmasters of any background to create thriving business websites with or without coding experience.


Werkstatt is a flexible platform for quickly presenting rich resources and generating any custom content with just a few mouse clicks.

Design frames and pages, fine-tune components, and elements are included in the advanced theme settings and comfortable Visual Composer adjustments.

First-class customer support is ready to help you with every need, and dozens of templates and layouts allow you to run the site anyway you want.

No matter what kind of web application you intend to design, Werkstatt offers a wealth of options.

Business users, professionals, freelancers, and bloggers find a trustworthy and reliable ally in Werkstatt.

The unique combination of features always allows your site to be presented through an attractive format, seamless transitions, and animations enough to impress your audience.

 Plus over 750 animated icons, hundreds of custom Google fonts, and endless color options, you can get as creative as you want.


Intact is a multipurpose ideal WordPress theme and a fantastic tool that is fully customizable and perfectly compatible with almost all premium plugins.

You get tons of unique one-click installation demos, homepage designs, and preset layouts. Intact uses the famous Visual Composer and Slider Revolution as its basic structure.

You can also integrate features like Lightbox, Contact Form 7, and Google Maps.

This is a theme designed on the Redux framework, with impressive improvements for loading speed and search engines, and it even allows you to add child themes! 

Intact has full browser compatibility with a great responsive design and presents well on all screens and devices.

The page layout can handle a variety of different post types, complete with CSS3 animations integrated with a nice gallery feature, and you'll find over 600 Google fonts.


BeTheme is one of the unique multipurpose themes that can be used in any project, from personal blogs to commercial websites.

With the improved multi-column layout, you can more easily create attractive pages and thus increase return visitors. 

the delayed loading and gray-scale effects can effectively reduce your website's rendering time and improve its performance.

 the Muffin Builder contains a large number of icons that you can easily pick when creating layouts.

Besides, you can also create a similar theme derived from BeTheme.


This WordPress theme is suitable for any website, coming with a variety of useful functional options and a clean and modern design concept.

Thanks to the built-in flexible website builder, Amax can help you achieve your goals no matter which way you work.

You can change your pages' fonts and color palette and choose multiple headers, headers, and site layouts simultaneously.

Even you get complete creative control, which helps ensure that your pages stand out and increase brand awareness.

With the built-in visual designer, you can easily create a myriad of different pages.

If you don't require to bother with creative designs, you can always use the demo pages that come with the theme.


VEDA is a versatile WordPress theme for large businesses, offering over 20 demos and more on the way. The theme has 2 premium sliders, and tons of compatible plugins is fully compatible with WooCommerce.

It allows social activities through BBPress and BuddyPress and even offers Zopim live chat feature.

They build the whole theme on Visual Composer and Buddha Panel frameworks, and you get customizable page layouts, lots of easy-to-use shortcuts, and modern color management and galleries.

This theme offers excellent support for Retina and has over 600 Google Fonts, Fonts Awesome, and custom font uploads.

Other design features include HTML5, CSS3 animations, tons of icons, and improvements in speed and SEO!


Brixton has created a dashing style that is sure to impress your visitors, regardless of your personal or business blog.

Brixton offers all the features and tools and seven different out-of-the-box templates to help you make the most beautiful and professional blog site.

Building a website with this theme will become very easy, and you can get a range of creative page layouts.

Combined with an extensive SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy, Brixton is a trustworthy partner in search rankings.

To take full advantage of the theme's features, you don't need any coding experience.

Its neatness, clarity, smooth animations, HTML5 elements, and Bootstrap framework allow you to have all the design at your fingertips.


This premium theme brings a beautiful and poetic look to your website, with a video background as a prominent feature that makes you different from everyone else.

Even though this is a premium theme, there are only two available blog styles Masonry and Normal. 

Salient has impressive customization features for colour typography and page layout, and its extended HD video documentation will come in handy if you've never customized the theme before.

Salient's entire development process is based on responsive design and Retina display effects, providing you with a site that can be accessed from any device. 

You also get access to over 300 Retina Ready icons including 8-page layouts.

It allows pages to be spread horizontally across the screen with a single mouse click and vice versa, with all elements on the page are automatically adapting.


Fi-Print is a multipurpose WordPress theme, flexible and controllable, fully compatible with any design type in the way.

It comes with 3 different homepages and 6 different demos that can be installed in one click.

It's a modern theme for all kinds of people, no need for you to have coding experience. The Redux-based design admin panel makes it stand out.

Plus, some feature-rich premium plugins (such as Visual Composer visual editing plugin and SiteOrigin drag-and-drop plugin), so you can easily design powerful personalized sites.

The focus of this theme is to be lightweight and fast-running.

You still get unique features like Revolution Slider and MailChimp and the ability to customize page layouts like headers and footers. The theme offers various ideal tools to get you started with your online business smoothly.


The7 is a great theme that has sold more than 15,000 pieces in just one year. Since its launch, this theme's designers have developed and fixed more than 100 features and bugs.

Of course, The7 doesn't end there, with new improvements every month, offering all available updates for free.

Even though this theme is so popular, you can build unique websites with easy to customize layouts and skins.

Visual Composer is a premium plugin that will help you easily design any layout you want - this is just one of the bonus features that come with the theme.

On top of that, you can get the premium versions of Slider Revolution, Go Pricing, and for free, which will save you big bucks.


Brooklyn's developers define it as the last WordPress theme you'll ever need.

All the features and customization options they offer based on versatility are a testament to that fact.

Brooklyn has a minimalist, modern and elegant look built on the Zurb Foundation framework, making it one of the most responsive themes on the market. 

Furthermore, it has cross-browser flexibility, with perfect display and fast loading speed without any plugins.

To contrast the multimedia content with the site's background, Brooklyn also comes with a PS color action setting.

If all of these features we've discussed are new to you, don't worry!

Even if you haven't used WordPress or any other CMS before, you can still customize and manage Brooklyn.

Because it's effortless to use and contains all the information, you need to know.


The Bridge theme has a variety of advanced features to help you create an engaging and interactive website. 

Retina-ready allows your website to be accessed from any device, regardless of which operating system the visitor is using.

The design and code of this theme are compatible with many e-commerce plugins so that you can use it with WooCommerce.

Bridge offers rich customization options that allow you to design any layout easily.

With the drag-and-drop page editor, you can build unique pages in minutes. 

It also has built-in vector icons, more than 600 Google fonts, background sliders for creating multimedia content, and four animated transition effects.


Avada is a dominant theme for any type of modern website.

As one of the best-selling WordPress themes, it currently has more than 80,000 sites in use. 

But that doesn't mean your site can't stand out. Even if it becomes the choice of thousands of users, you won't find two sites that look the same. 

Thanks to the efficient Fusion Builder visual page editor to help you achieve unique layouts in a few hours.

The theme comes with some premium sliders, and also, you can choose from 5 different header designs. 

If you plan to sell products or services, that's no problem either.

The theme design works perfectly for eCommerce plugins (such as WooCommerce). 

No matter what kind of online business plan you have, Avada is worth considering.


A group of innovative developers created Brando to provide a seamless framework that allows webmasters to present exciting content in beautiful single-page websites.

Plus makes crazy website-building dreams come true in an easy and fast way.

This theme is one of the complete packages needed to build a website, from concept templates, layout fine-tuning, custom elements to more detailed options.

Like, graphic decorations, custom fonts, high-resolution icons, fascinating transition animations.

Because they build it on a superior Bootstrap foundation, Brando works perfectly with a wide range of browsers, devices, and platforms.

It also comes with powerful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technology to help your sites and projects quickly climb the ranks of all relevant searches.

the efficient coding design makes it the fastest and lightest theme on the market!


This resourceful package contains various best plugins, the most attractive page layouts, and the most creative demo sites.

H-Code offers a huge number of HTML5 templates and is therefore suitable for a variety of functions and multiple purposes.

The reliable underlying code base brings speed optimization and SEO enhancement, resulting in a handy, lightweight website; the modular design based on Bootstrap makes it compatible with all devices and browsers.

With 15 different blog pages, you can easily design unique and beautiful websites; and 40 portfolio pages provide you with incredibly diverse visual effects. There are no limits to H-Code's functionality except your imagination.


Azoom is a refreshing WordPress theme designed for users who like consistency.

It has a unique grid framework that allows users to implement parallax video backgrounds and other exciting features.

WooCommerce is one of the most widely used WordPress plugins.

Azoom has integrated with Woocommerce, so you can quickly build a beautiful e-commerce website for selling your goods and services.

With Azoom's Rock Page Builder, you can design exciting pages for each unique product. 

If you don't want to start from scratch, you can also import some demo content through One Click Demo Import.


Argenta is a versatile and multipurpose WordPress theme that offers a variety of rich topics.

You can get various pre-defined demo templates and page layouts to suit various application scenarios, thus bringing a comfortable and simple online browsing experience for customers.

This theme comes with several menus and blog pages and a particular project showcase page with social media sharing buttons designed in the header and footer, respectively. 

Argenta allows you to create dazzling slideshow effects easily and is ready for retina screens and a great mobile browsing experience.

Argenta has many dynamic icons and is compatible with WPML ( WordPress multilingual plugin) compatible. For some particular languages, you can also use the RTL function.

If you encounter any problems during the theme's use, their 5-star customer service team will be happy to help you.

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