Best WordPress Themes for Musicians and Bands

Best WordPress Themes for Musicians and Bands
Best WordPress Themes for Musicians and Bands

By far, WordPress remains the best online platform for building content management systems, and over the years it has become a patron of the arts, contributing significantly to the development of bloggers, musicians and young entrepreneurs. When it comes to music, WordPress will provide you with the ultimate canvas, an easy-to-use, highly customizable blank panel that allows you to use enough creativity to take advantage of every opportunity.

The easiest way to launch an art website

If you are not technically savvy, it is easy to get lost in the details and it is not uncommon for musicians to choose bland WordPress themes. Everyone must understand this: it is very important to package yourself. Basically, you can set up your own profile and then it will become a matter of online media expression. Fortunately, WordPress brings together the best content creators in the world who are happy to develop themes for musicians, and it's likely that one of these enticing themes is for you.

The page design you choose must be beautiful and modern, but beautiful designs are useless if they obscure important details. So, try to find a good balance between design elements and content presentation. Next, let's take a look at these great WordPress music themes.

1. Lucille

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Lucille is a WordPress theme designed for music, currently has 4 fully functional preset demos released and is offering more targeted templates for artists. The theme uses Visual Composer to build content and adapt to all screen devices, and WooCommerce allows you to sell items online. Page layouts are available in black or white, with easy-to-manage media and article publishing, plus customizable designs for specific needs such as video, photo, album, and event publishing.

This theme has unlimited, customizable color replacement options, and the menu is preset and adjustable. While the background can be replaced with a single image, you'll find several interesting options, and translation is easy with the WPML plugin. So far, the built-in widgets include SoundCloud, Discography, Music Band and more than 10 others.

You can add blogs and forums to your site, and get built-in social media sharing buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and social media profiles for the following: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, SoundCloud, iTunes, and Pinterest. The theme pack comes with a sidebar for optimized onsite search. lucille was created by an elite group of developers and is good enough to immerse you and your visitors in the world of music!

2. Vice

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Vice is a WordPress theme developed for musicians and DJs, and the first music theme on the market with site-wide video backgrounds, interactive and customizable 3D backgrounds. qantumthemes brings three.js's 3D technology to WordPress, presenting a unique browsing experience through backgrounds and interactions, and allowing you to Customize the appearance, lighting, colors and other options.

This theme focuses on the underground music scene with a clean and futuristic design and enough customization features to meet the needs of all types of musicians. The theme package also adds 8 custom widgets to Elementor for displaying rotations, sliders, grids, and other components for each article type. With the regularly updated customization panel program, you also get over 80 custom settings for fonts, colors, logos, designs, and more.

Creating a WordPress music website with Vice is not only extremely easy, it's a lot of fun! Endless possibilities, advanced technology, and super-fast performance can all be found in this engaging theme. All features have been redesigned, including 2 header options, sliding sidebar, and a powerful Ajax music player, and all are compatible with Shoutcast and Icecast radio channels.

3. Music Club

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Designed for DJs, bands, singers, music studios and other groups, Music Club includes a range of advanced music-related features that allow you to showcase tour dates, latest events, ticket status and more using pre-built templates. The theme is perfectly compatible with WooCommerce and WPML plugins, selling merchandise and site-wide translation has never been easier, and it is also deeply optimized for performance and SEO (search engine optimization) to bring you more new visitors.

The responsive web design makes it compatible with a variety of browsers and devices, and Music Club allows you to use up to four different primary colors, all of which easily make the site's content stand out. You don't even have to worry about choosing fonts and icons for your pages, over 700 Google fonts and Font Awesome icons are already included.

This theme comes with a minimalist, interactive and elegant artistic touch that allows you to customize the scene by adding widgets, menus and headers. You can use it for a variety of purposes in the music industry, and each one is fun to implement. The native customizer gives you a powerful ability to quickly import pre-defined demo templates with the click of a button and then set up your website in minutes.

4. Bridge

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For bands, artists, recording studios, Bridge is the unique WordPress theme that offers all the necessary features and more.

From now on, all your fans will be able to visit your space from anywhere to get to know you better and even listen to your latest music. The theme pack comes with several samples carefully designed for the music industry, choose the one you like, add your own creativity and start spreading your influence online: announce tour dates, tell little-known stories, or even use your blog to communicate with your fans on a more personal level.

Bridge is a compelling WordPress theme that you can start using immediately, and after installing and launching it, all your needs will be met.

5. Uncode

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Widely popular and consistently successful, Uncode is an elegant, sleek, fresh, youthful, fast-loading, and responsive WordPress multipurpose theme that makes it easy for anyone with any level of coding or development experience to launch a professional-grade website. With intuitive Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, LayerSlider, and other premium plugins, Uncode makes it possible for everyone to design unique visuals, and offers dozens of custom elements and shortcodes as well.

With the impressive WooCommerce integration implemented right from the start, it's now easier than ever to sell goods online. On top of that, the theme includes more than 30 conceptual demo sites and templates, as well as a range of popular blog and portfolio layout styles that are flexible enough to be combined with multimedia content. For artists who want to share their musical works with the world and sell their albums directly on their website, Uncode is one of the most suitable themes, allowing you to realize your dreams without having to deal with any hassle, within minutes after the initial setup.


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Music is an art about harmony, balance, and detail, and your website must reflect these qualities. A theme like FWRD helps facilitate your website building process.

The theme design is excellent and the page layout is fully responsive to all devices. Since FWRD supports video and parallax backgrounds, you can showcase the best music videos directly on the site. The theme also integrates music album and audio player features, allowing users to upload their own tracks and MP3s. of course, you can also create and organize playlists, and individual albums even include a lyrics and comments section. Thanks to FWRD's personalization widget, you can add these players to any page.

For live shows, FWRD offers an event and show manager in order to allow you to showcase future events and publish as many details as possible. With WooCommerce, you will be able to create online stores to sell a variety of products.

7. Mixtape

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This is a premium WordPress theme designed for bands, musicians, artists and other industry insiders, containing several fully functional demo sites in order to help you launch your music project quickly and make it a big hit on the Internet. After all, a website is one of the best marketing mediums and you have enough time to satisfy your fans and turn them into loyal followers.

With a discography, album pages, tour dates, embedded player, blog posts, online store, and everything else a modern music page needs, Mixtape takes the vibrant look to a new level to excite everyone and encourage them to press the play button.

8. Kentha

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There is no doubt that if you plan to start an online project in the music industry, then you need Kentha Themes, which is an ideal solution for musicians, solo artists, bands, podcasts, music blogs, and can help you realize all your ideas. The theme package comes with many predefined demos that you can use for different music genres and for a variety of different projects for magazines, blogs, producers, music record labels, etc.

The special thing about Kentha is that no coding knowledge is required and you can build a website for yourself or your local band without writing a single line of code. After selecting the demo you like best, import it with a click of a button and then modify it to suit your specific needs.

This theme supports full-width video backgrounds, offers a drag-and-drop playlist editor and comes with a powerful real-time customizer. Share your music from here, let them spread across the Internet and gain you a large number of loyal supporters.

9. Revolution

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By default, Revolution is a creative and versatile WordPress theme that can be changed to almost any niche you can think of. For passionate musicians, Revolution offers a full preset demo to speed up your web presence building process. Whether you are a band or a solo artist, this theme has your website fully covered. As the fastest option, you can use the existing demo as-is and then make adjustments at any time to highlight your own personal style.

Revolution offers all the features to help you promote your music online: band profiles, recent releases, tour dates, portfolios, blogs, and more, in a unique way that brings them all together. It's a responsive theme that allows your website to display smoothly on smartphones, tablets, desktops, and other devices. What's more, the bundled theme package comes with more than 200 elements that make creating an engaging website much easier.

10. Recond

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Recond is a versatile WordPress theme for musicians and recording studios, offering an excellent set of predefined demo materials, including home page and internal pages. With a few simple clicks you can start building your new music website immediately, and remember that the clicks also allow you to import your favorite demo data, which helps to speed up the site even further. recond is compatible with all devices, retina screens, web browsers and search engines, and loads quickly too, thus ensuring a great browsing experience.

Other benefits include a powerful administration backend, parallax effects, drag-and-drop technology, more than two dozen custom elements and multi-level menus, and you can create a first-class visual experience with cool scrolling effects and neat zoom animations. Crank up your music with Recond and take your art projects to a whole new level.

11. Vibra

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With Vibra, you can quickly spread the word online with just a little work. This WordPress theme for musicians is full of amazing elements, perfect for bands, artists, DJs and other music-related projects. Out of the box, there are 9 gorgeous homepage demos to choose from, plus many other inner areas that you can easily mix and match. With the popular WPBakery Page Builder page editor plugin, you don't have to be a pro to tweak every aspect of your site to your liking.

This theme has full responsiveness and runs smoothly on all devices. In addition, Vibra is aligned with web browsers and optimized for speed and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), while a large number of preset shortcodes help you to easily make adjustments and improvements. All the solutions in the theme package revolve around your music in order to present your website in the best possible way on the web.

12. Firemaster

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To make a music project stand out from the crowd of competitors, it is crucial to create a unique website without having to pay a hefty fee to hire a professional developer, just spend a small amount on a theme like Firemaster and all the rest will be history. This theme is perfect for newbies, the WPBakery Page Builder plugin makes your page building process a snap, in other words, creating a music website is as easy as playing a starter tune.

Firemaster offers a large number of different demos for all users, and Slider Revolution has been integrated into the design to help you create engaging sliders/slideshows. The theme pack comes with additional professional features such as recordings, events, mega menus, playlist managers, news subscription forms and more, and you can embed music from streaming platforms such as Spotify, SoundCloud, Bandcamp and more to make your own website shine on the Internet wave.

13. StereoClub

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StereoClub is one of the best WordPress themes on the market, favored time and time again by professionals to help them save time and increase profits. Buying this theme is a considerable investment, especially if your goal is to build music websites, you will be able to post announcement dates, make charts, upload custom logos, the commenting system is included and the WordPress API is perfectly supported. In addition, there are 5 custom post types, and for those who want to learn more about it, then you can read the beautiful theme documentation.

The theme is available in several versions with different pricing models. The entire installation process requires no coding knowledge and takes only a few minutes to launch a fully functional and modern website. Fans can click on custom share buttons in order to share content directly from your page.StereoClub also features an advanced theme customization panel that allows you to adjust all your site settings, and despite its power, this panel is very easy to use.


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SONIK is a colorful, young and modern, sky-high, technologically advanced and responsive WordPress theme, carefully equipped with the most powerful and innovative tools, plugins and widgets specifically for the music industry. Based on the advanced HTML5 framework, this theme deploys the brilliant Visual Composer advanced drag-and-drop page editor, enabling people from all walks of life to creatively control the visual style and behavior of their music websites.

You'll get a ton of incredibly advanced features such as native SoundCloud embedding, an integrated music player with MP3 streaming capabilities, unique podcast and music album post types, and many other elements waiting for you to discover.

The theme pack comes with feature-rich preset demo templates, all of which can be imported and intuitively customized with a single click, then tracks can be added directly from SoundCloud and uploaded in MP3 format. With full integration with WooCommerce, SONIK enables you to take your music to the world.

15. Merchato

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Merchato is a clean and modern, responsive WordPress music theme that enables webmasters of any background to create a beautiful website with no coding knowledge required. The powerful visual interface gives you plenty of tools to build a unique and modern website from scratch or use one of the demo templates that come with it. This theme is filled with beautiful musical content, each of which is a unique presentation of visuals and art.

You can play embedded videos in the sidebar and header area, and by integrating with the powerful WooCommerce plugin, bands and artists will be able to market their music through Merchato and have a ready-made online store with just a few clicks of a button.

This theme integrates with the best musician plugin AudioTheme, providing support for the deployment of information on gigs, venues, discography, video library, etc. Merchato offers an impressive online platform for music distribution, with a real-time customizer that lets you know what is about to be achieved. With a powerful administration control panel, you can easily logo your music website.

16. Pantone

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Pantone is a WordPress theme entirely focused on music for bands, singers or vocalists, with one-click installable demo content that allows you to quickly build the experience. This theme offers a large number of pages for different types of media, featuring custom posts for albums, events, galleries, videos. You can set up different columns and sidebars in a responsive layout, custom Metabox and HTML5 player are supported, no need to have any programming experience, just your creativity!

If you are building a site for a business, Pantone can take record company sales a step further. As an artist, you can communicate with fans and schedule events, a tool designed for different users that allows you to customize easily. You'll find beautiful fonts and icons, as well as translatable file text. Pantone also supports video platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube, and links smoothly to social media.

The technical side includes the drag-and-drop KingComposer page editor, and other add-ons (such as Slider Revolution) help allow you to create gorgeous scenes. For all business-related content, use WooCommerce!

17. Croma

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Croma is a colorful, young and modern, easily scalable, flexible, responsive and creative WordPress music theme that can quickly launch a professional online website for people of any background or skill level, with rich features that help spread unique new music content. Likewise, this theme is the ideal solution for musicians and bands to present elegant, sophisticated audio content to a wide online audience to catch their attention and gain traction.

Powered by HTML5, the music player is available for visitors to enjoy MP3s and tracks, and offers various other features such as customizable playlists, album management and more to help maximize the organization of music output. Croma enables you to track events and performances with a powerful event manager to ensure fans are aware of all dates, locations and ticket prices. And, with full integration with the WooCommerce platform, you can easily sell albums and other merchandise on your website.

18. Hyperbent

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Write timeless pieces through online sites and with Hyperbent you will never miss a trend. This WordPress theme is perfect for artists, bands, record labels and everyone in the music industry, with all pages crafted by professionals that any music lover will love. The playlist manager allows you to organize tracks through the WordPress media library, while you can post upcoming events using the event list feature, and the record feature has several layouts to choose from.

Other amenities include Slider Revolution, WooCommerce, user wish lists, social media integration, and more. All in all, Hyperbent is definitely a theme worth trying and once you do the walk-through test, you will never look back.

19. Kayo

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Music websites are trending towards sameness, and you certainly don't want your site to become like this, going against the mainstream market perception and getting a Kayo theme that lets you experience high-quality design possibilities through adaptive and responsive layouts. You can use a large collection of homepage and inner page presets until your artistic expectations are met, with a variety of styles for record features, including multiple columns, grids, hover effects and more.

Kayo fully supports the WooCommerce plugin, so the most important eCommerce tools will be there, such as order tracking, product zooming, drop-down cart widgets and more. The minimalist look and distraction-free design makes it possible for everyone to enjoy your music at home or on the go. Finally, Kayo is also mobile-ready and responsive, and compatible with all modern web browsers.

20. Herion

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For musicians and other music-related people, Herion is an attractive modern WordPress theme. You will get 15 amazing demos to quickly implement an ideal website, and then later use the drag-and-drop page editor to take Herion's potential to the next level. You can edit and adjust all the appearance styles without writing a single line of code.

There's more to this powerful solution, with over 150 ready-to-use templates out of the box, a one-click installer, Slider Revolution slider plugin, and virtually unlimited possibilities. Other services include mega menus, multiple widget areas, wish lists, third-party player support, WooCommerce compatibility, and social sharing. You can sell merchandise through Herion or even create compelling blogs, spread unique music around the world, and propel your career forward by leaps and bounds.

21. Beatit

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Beatit is an extraordinary WordPress theme for bands, musicians and artists that can help you launch a stand-out online business. Starting with any of the fully functional preset demos, you will embark on an epic website building journey that will attract more and more fans as new pages are increasingly rolled out and pre-populated with a lot of hype. Theme packages already provide all you need to build a music website, but you can also take full advantage of your own.

In addition to the homepage demo, Beatit offers a number of internal layout templates, artists, albums, event lists, video galleries, and Instagram and WooCommerce stores are also included. Extensive help documentation and excellent customer support are also part of the deal, so you'll never feel alone.

22. Music

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As a gorgeous theme for musicians, you can easily use it for any type of performance. If you wish to outdo others and outdo yourself, then Music is an unbeatable option, and this product is good enough to be easily loved by many people. The theme pack comes with a set of different demos that will guide you through the process of quickly launching your online project and taking you to the next level on the web.

In addition, with 8 recordings, 20 sliders, 5 tours, and 11 video and gallery layouts, Music is full of appeal to any music enthusiast, and the numbers will continue to grow over time. Want to sell products online? You can merge the WooCommerce plugin and start stocking your own music and merchandise right away. Basically, you can do all the work without writing any code and focus more on making music.

23. Oscillator

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Oscillator has excellent, sophisticated music features out of the box that you can customize endlessly to fit a variety of music and entertainment industry related website needs. In addition, Oscillator will be particularly powerful as a website for musicians, bands, actors and more.

Thanks to flexible adaptability, intuitive customization options, an advanced streaming audio player, a drag-and-drop page editor, and a host of custom shortcodes and widgets, you can easily extend the functionality of any page, presenting a gorgeous look full of aesthetic taste and professional design on all fronts. 6 unique post types will meet your needs, including discographies, sophisticated sliders, and more. Oscillator allows you to communicate directly with your fans and showcase your work in a flawlessly responsive, engaging manuscript.

24. Sessions

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Sessions is compatible with all modern browsers and devices, so your website will look great regardless of the screen size. The developers aim to promote a thriving arts and entertainment website, and the functionality of this theme is greatly enhanced through a variety of personalized widgets. In addition, Sessions offers social networking capabilities through Flickr, Twitter and other integrations.

The theme package provides extensive and informative documentation to guide users to enjoy the best features first time. In addition, you will benefit from the constant updates of the theme, thus ensuring that it is always compatible with the latest WordPress version. Other features include Google Analytics tracking codes, custom logos, post settings, and more, and you can even change the color palette of your pages to create unique aesthetic designs to meet specific needs.

25. Lush

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With a music-focused WordPress theme, Lush tries to adapt to all genres and styles. You get an advanced page editor and visual composition tools to easily build out personalized online pages. The system menu features a 3D display that allows you to rotate, push and zoom on the screen. Events and show countdown are also included, helping to allow you to create more hype topics.

Lush is also compatible with WooCommerce, giving you the opportunity to sell products and make money over the Internet. The options for colors, fonts, and layouts are very rich, which will further enhance your website building experience.

26. JamSession

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Inspired by the waterfall style, JamSession was designed to be an attractive WordPress music theme, intuitive and easy to configure, with custom post formats for events, recordings, videos, photo galleries and more. This theme tries to satisfy all customers, not only those who are well versed in programming technologies. You can use it on any type of device and screen to increase the accessibility level.

Menu properties can be flexibly adjusted, including transparency, color and position. When changing specific settings, you can view the latest look in real time via preview. External videos can be linked or embedded into the homepage, the backend admin panel supports drag-and-drop operations, and the beautiful waterfall layout is interactive.

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