Best Government WordPress Themes (Compared)

Best Government WordPress Themes (Compared)
Best Government WordPress Themes (Compared)

Whether you want to promote your city or region to increase tourism business, publish useful information for residents, or provide government services online, these premium WordPress themes can help you build the right type of website.

Each theme offers at least one preset demo site, and most include page editors if you need to do any custom work, or at least are compatible with the best editor plugins available to allow you to make changes and adjustments easily.

No matter what type of government website you are creating, these WordPress themes will help you get into the best shape.

1. TheGov

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The built-in pre-designed sites are designed to a very high standard to ensure that your site has broad appeal. The homepage layout contains a large number of elements, including large full-width images, local time, weather widgets, referral sliders and more, and of course you can display partner logos and embed video and photo sliders.

In addition to this, TheGov offers a lot of useful templates that help to allow you to quickly populate your site with useful content. The theme has event management support that allows you to post key events and important dates, a feature powered by the popular Events Manager plugin that ensures you set up your entire site in the right way.

You will get advanced components such as the powerful Elementor page editor, Slider Revolution slideshow creation tool, and eCommerce plugins related to WooCommerce, so you can easily customize TheGov's presentation content and also accept payments on the site.

2. CityGov

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Offering 3 complete demo sites that are different enough to give you the right choice when deciding on the look of your website. In addition to the different design looks, these demos have slightly different uses. CityGov is suitable for creating websites for small towns, cities, non-profit organizations, and other government-related organizations.

Since CityGov is flexible in terms of functionality and appearance, you can easily set it up so that it works the way you need it to, without much effort. To help you design your site, the theme has been designed to work with the popular Elementor page editor, allowing you to open templates for editing through a simple drag-and-drop interface. To modify the navigation menu, site structure or content organization system, you can do so through the control panel.

CityGov supports the Give WP plugin, which helps allow you to raise funds for projects in different ways; you can also install the WPML plugin in order to translate your website into multiple languages; and finally, the Events Manager plugin compatibility allows you to announce upcoming events.

3. City Government

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Although there are only two demo sites and home page layouts, you can configure them in many different ways. Whether you are creating a large portal for a government agency or launching a small website for a single organization, City Government can handle it.

In addition to choosing which pages from the demo are displayed on the site, you can also customize the page content using the included WPBakery Page Builder plugin. If you need to raise funds for a political party or other cause, you can use the included Donate plugin. The Donate module can display detailed information and status updates about the fundraising campaign to encourage more visitors to participate.

Another useful feature is the booking and management of appointments, an integrated tool that allows you to schedule appointments - perhaps for visitor visits, business negotiations, etc. - thus making the site more interactive. As part of City Government's core functionality, you can also post relevant events in order to keep track of meetings, debates, infrastructures and other occasions.

4. Pressville

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If looking to create a local government or authority organization website, Pressville would be a great fit. A professional design look helps ensure that your website is truly attractive to your target audience. Depending on the type of website that will be built, you can choose from 3 different home page layouts and use them as a starting point to stretch further in a better direction.

The demo page layout is perfect for displaying a range of information and content, including the latest news, upcoming events, and links to the latest documents uploaded; the other two home page layouts have more of a single focus -- one is only for displaying upcoming events, and the other displays documents that readers can download. However, because Pressville is highly customizable, you can easily edit all of the pre-defined content using the bundled WPBakery Page Builder or the supported Elementor, and you'll be able to modify it the way you want, whether you're new to web design or not.

As mentioned before, this theme offers good support for publishing events and is also great for publishing documents online. Whether you want to share the latest news, upload public documents, or post important announcements, Pressville offers many templates available.

5. Republik

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Republik is designed to help you build fully functional government portals using WordPress. Both preset homepage layouts are designed to a high standard, and in order to be suitable for a wider range of projects, they both contain a large number of useful features, so you can simply disable any elements you don't need, such as team member profiles, event summaries, timelines and other widgets, and keep the ones you want components.

Since this theme is built with the powerful King Composer page editor and is fully compatible with Visual Composer, you can use modern drag-and-drop tools to design page layouts.

In addition to the built-in stylish templates, this theme also offers good support for adding interactive elements, some examples include bbPress and BuddyPress compatibility, allowing you to add online forums and social networking features. Another supported product is the MailChimp email marketing platform, and while you can use other email marketing tools for this feature, Republik makes it easier and faster to implement an email newsletter service.

6. City of WP

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Designed for government websites in small to medium sized towns, cities and municipalities, some of the most useful features include the ability to quickly set up protected areas on the site that can only be accessed by local residents, employees or other visitors with credentials, plus the ability for you to advertise activities or promote events on the site. If you want to provide services through your website that allow local residents to log in and submit documents, make requests, or perform other related tasks, City of WP will help you implement a modern government website.

Using pre-defined article templates, you can add stylish news sections to your website, share the latest news from the office with your readers, or broader community news. The events feature works well and allows you to effectively promote guiding ideas, but you can also allow visitors to sign up and share their own events in order to get the community's attention.

Other features and elements include weather widgets, ad modules and welcome messages. Great flexibility allows you to arrange the homepage your way, and tools such as page editor, slider creator help simplify the page design process. City of WP also offers full support for WooCommerce if you wish to sell goods or collect money online.

7. Dream City

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Like the other themes in this article, Dream City can be used to create many different types of websites, but if you want to promote your city, then it would be a great choice.

The default home page layout comes with a search tool that is displayed as the first item you see when the site loads, from here visitors can search the directory for local attractions, travel guides, or details of what has been published on the site. The theme is very flexible, so you can store almost any type of information in the directory and then display it on the site to help visitors.

Dream City features a variety of different post types, giving you plenty of options to present content whenever you add a new post. In addition to the blog layout, there are also templates available for posting event information, which helps keep city residents and visitors up to date on what's going on. It's easy to create unique templates for any content when you access the powerful drag-and-drop page editor, and you can edit existing site layouts as well.

Finally, the theme also provides a form editing tool that enables you to design specific online forms for collecting information from visitors.

8. TownPress

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It can be used to create an online presence for a village, town or city, and since all the templates available in TownPress are available, you can publish detailed content about the council, latest events, local attractions and more on your website. 3 different homepage layouts make it easy to adjust the style and focus of your website, for example to create pages with a directory feel, or a homepage more focused on local news.

Useful widgets (e.g. local weather, latest summary) give you a way to display content on the home page, which is useful for residents and visitors alike. The listings feature makes it easy to post a directory of local attractions or important places, share key information, or use Google Maps to help navigate.

With the built-in WPBakery Page Builder, and compatibility with the Elementor plugin, you will be able to easily modify any template that comes with the theme to create a unique government website.

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