Best Community WordPress Themes (Compared)

Best Community WordPress Themes (Compared)
Best Community WordPress Themes (Compared)

If you want to create an online community website, these WordPress themes introduced below will provide you with a stylish and modern design and many useful features.

All of these themes offer at least one pre-defined community demo site, so it's easy for you to find the right design for your project. With these WordPress themes, you'll get stylish homepage layouts, clean functional designs, and all the other inner page templates an online community might need. The presets cover member profiles, user activity sections, group discussions, messaging, and more.

To provide the community features your website needs, these themes all fully support the BuddyPress plugin to enable you to enable many other features. Some of these themes also offer good support for leading membership and e-learning plugins, allowing you to create more types of websites.


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KLEO includes a series of high-quality pre-built website demos focused on providing content in the areas of education, business, entertainment, online learning, and more, so no matter what type of website you need to create, this theme is a good fit.

In addition to the site demo, KLEO has many useful interactive and networking features, a crucial part of which is that the theme is built around the powerful BuddyPress plugin, allowing you to turn your WordPress site into a social networking platform using tried-and-true community features. While most themes support BuddyPress, KLEO lets you take full advantage of this tool and integrates several additional add-ons.

This theme offers many stylish templates and layouts for community websites, but it doesn't stop there.

With powerful support for WordPress customization features, KLEO gives you full control over all parts of your website.

Also, you get a premium WPBakery page editor that allows you to create beautiful page designs with just a simple drag and drop. Whether you're looking for an out-of-the-box community theme or want better control over the look of your website, KLEO is a great choice.


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Whether you intend to create a free to access online community or a private members-only website, BuddyBoss offers everything you need to get started and beyond. When viewing this WordPress community theme, the first thing that catches your attention is its high quality design and look, which will no doubt easily help you convince your target audience - that your website is reputable and trustworthy.

The templates in the theme package cover all areas of the community site, including the home page and other pages that the site may need: user profiles, groups, discussion forums, and more. The customization tools make it easy to adjust BuddyBoss' pre-defined content and present a unique design look for your community site.

Rich features allow you to utilize WordPress to start an effective community site, which includes support for connecting members, sending private messages, event contributions, and allowing users to upload media files and create their own image galleries. Other additional features allow for awarding points and badges to users based on their participation in the site, which helps make the online community more interesting.

Regarding monetization options, BuddyBoss is not lacking either. Depending on your personal preference, there is either a one-time fee for users to sign up and join the community, or you can choose to charge a regular subscription fee. Finally, BuddyBoss' e-commerce features make it easy to sell your products, with both digital downloads and physical goods available.


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Combining powerful site features with a wealth of preset content, Olympus is designed to make it easy for you to launch a busy online community center. Although there is only one demo site available, this does help simplify the process of getting started. Fewer options mean you don't have to think too much to launch a site, but that's not to say that Olympus' options are limited; the preset site comes with all the templates you might need for a community site, including a stylish home page design.

You can customize the look of your site using the best-selling WPBakery Page Builder tool, so if the demo site doesn't exactly match your personal preferences, it can be easily adjusted through the visual advanced editor. Other customizations can be performed through an easily accessible administration panel to control the community site's colors, fonts, layout, and other attributes.

Another nice feature is the setup wizard that can guide you through the whole process of creating a community website. In addition, you get a lot of useful documentation to fully utilize the theme features and make the site work the way it needs to. You can also get a full refund within 14 days if you find that Olympus doesn't end up working for you.


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For webmasters planning to launch an online community, be it a membership site, a social network, a learning platform, or any other type of project, Aardvark is a good fit. Created by experienced developers, this theme integrates seamlessly with the popular BuddyPress community plugin, and not only that, you can also enhance the site's community features with the many add-ons BuddyPress offers.

This theme is designed to be tightly integrated with the Paid Memberships plugin, so you can easily create a membership site using Aardvark, or add membership features to an online community site. With tools like Paid Memberships Pro, you can create multiple membership levels, including free and paid plans, charge recurring payments, and control exactly what content members can access. Another way to use Aardvark is to purchase the supported Sensei LMS plugin and add e-learning features to your WordPress site. Overall, it is very easy to create courses, quizzes and other assessments, which provides more options for WordPress community sites.

If you have carefully looked through the large number of demos preset by Aardvark, it should be easy to find the most suitable design, but don't worry even if you find none of them suitable for you. The premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin is available for free, enabling you to edit any demo content to meet specific needs, plus there are over 200 theme options available, covering everything from uploading logos, adjusting fonts, and configuring header/footer areas.


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Lynk has a refreshed design look that will appeal to anyone who wants to create modern community sites using WordPress. Here you can access a large number of templates and pre-defined content to create all types of online community sites.

The theme's functionality and its recommended plugins allow you to add discussion modules to the site, create groups for members, allow users to contact each other and send messages through the site. If you do want to add a directory component to your site, interactive maps, search forms, geolocation, etc. will certainly come in handy.

Lynk is also great for webmasters who like to write rich content. With a sizable number of article templates, anyone who wants to publish content with a community character will love this theme. On top of that, it's easy to promote events on the site thanks to support for the leading event calendar plugin. Features such as social media login, posting social media content, fully responsive design, rich settings and tools help make your website more attractive to your target audience.


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Socialize features a variety of page layouts that can help you deliver the right type of design for your online community. The theme can be used in various ways, such as creating a blog with social networking and community features, or just building a single community site.

If the content route is followed, then you can use the built-in templates in the package to publish articles in the correct format, and then readers will be able to register on your site and start interacting with each other and with your content. Another part of the functionality includes allowing users to rate and discuss your articles, as well as upload their own content.

On the other hand, if you plan to launch a social networking or online community site, thanks to the tight integration with the BuddyPress plugin, you will be able to add almost countless features to your website, including instant messaging, live chat, user groups, etc. It also allows users to create detailed profiles and post updates to their active feeds. Since this is a very flexible theme, you have full control over every aspect of your website.

With Socialize, you can easily adjust your website's design look with a powerful control panel that handles any adjustments you want to make, and WPBakery Page Builder that helps you personalize the individual pages that make up your website. Other additional features, such as floating sidebars and multiple header layouts, provide you with more options when setting up your website.

  1. Cinematix

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As the ultimate BuddyPress theme, Cinematix has a lot to offer to those who use WordPress to create online communities. A few years have passed since its first release, this theme has been used in many projects and with persistent updates and improvements, Cinematix still looks very modern.

When you view the preset demo site, you will find novel site header designs that contain large images, large fonts, and full-width layouts. However, just like other top community themes, you can easily adjust these display properties as needed.

In addition to the demo site's unique look, the preset layout includes many useful features, such as a unique panel for displaying members' profile pictures and showing the most active, most popular, or newly registered members.

The homepage layout comes with a specific area for displaying information and links about groups, and you can also display the latest articles on the homepage. Overall, the homepage layout focuses on directing new visitors and registered users to the most active parts of the site, as well as the most recently added content.

In addition to the default preset home page layout, Cinematix offers more than 40 page templates, including a private messaging system, a registration page, member friends, and more.


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The OneCommunity package has a large library of templates covering everything you might want to add to your online community site, including registration/login pages, user profiles, group areas, discussion forums, and more. However, since the theme also includes the powerful WPBakery Page Builder plugin, you can easily edit the library of preset templates to make sure they fit your project.

also, you can also design custom templates from scratch so you can add any other pages you need for your project.

In addition to the user community features, OneCommunity comes with a powerful e-learning element, so you can easily offer online courses or add some educational content to your community site. By using the LearnPress plugin, and the e-learning templates that come with the theme, you can add quizzes, courses, and much more to your WordPress site content.

Another nice feature of this theme is the premium Slider Revolution plugin that allows you to create animated slideshows and other presentations that can be used to promote website content and build deeper connections with visitors and members.


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As the name suggests, this theme is designed to help you make the most of the BuddyPress plugin, so you can use any of the components that come with BuddyPress to turn your WordPress site into a fully functional social network.

After taking a closer look at the preset demo content, you will see that your own community site can have a déjà vu design. The default layout comes with a central column for displaying users' latest activities, and columns on either side contain links to members' profiles and the latest community topics. But in reality, you can fully customize the look of your site, not just using the default configuration.

You can choose exactly what content to display on your site and when to display it with a flexible sidebar.

Because of Buddy's modular design and its supported plugins, you can choose which community features you want to enable (and disable) on your site, for example, you can choose to use the group and discussion features while turning off the buddy request and private messaging systems.


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Extensive documentation ensures that you can configure the site to meet your needs, plus you can use the knowledge base and help desk to find answers and get help from support staff, however, this is not to say that Thrive is more complex than other popular WordPress themes, but if you like to ask for help, then this theme may be of interest.

When setting up a collaborative online community, you can choose whether to enable forums, events, file sharing, instant messaging, etc. Thrive allows you to make various configurations to make it work the way you want it to, and support for LearnDash allows you to add e-learning features to the site, such as online courses, assessments, quizzes, etc. Since this theme is fully GDPR compliant, you can create a website that complies with the latest data protection laws with very little effort.

To appeal to a broader audience, you can also install supported multilingual plugins -- such as WPML -- that set the site to detect the user's language and then display menus and other elements on the site in the appropriate language.


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Besocial borrows the style and look of today's popular social networks and uses WordPress as the base platform to help you create your own community website. With all the built-in templates, you can easily add interactive elements (such as event feeds, private messaging, user connections, online forums) to your site. However, if you don't need any of the features on your site, they can be easily disabled via an intuitive control panel. The same approach applies to website design, where you can use many customization options, as well as a drag-and-drop page editor.

Besocial also contains some useful features if you wish to make money from your online community. the WooCommerce plugin offers full e-commerce support, allowing you to charge members through one-time payments or recurring subscription plans. Since WooCommerce is compatible with all the best payment gateways, you can charge through PayPal, Stripe and many other services. Also, selling ads is a good option when it comes to generating revenue through the WordPress community portal.

Other useful features of this theme and its recommended plugins include

real-time site notifications to keep your users up-to-date,

integration with other social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, and

  • a real-time search tool to help users quickly find the content they need.


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In order to provide the social networking features needed for a dating site, Gwangi uses the BuddyPress plugin as its foundation. However, unlike some other popular WordPress community themes, the developers of Gwangi have modified the default BuddyPress interface to make it easier to use while looking more attractive.

If you are looking to profit from your online dating site, then it's great that Gwangi fully supports the leading e-commerce plugin for WordPress. With WooCommerce and its optional free and paid options, you can set up features like subscription payments to charge users recurring fees to access your community site, as well as one-time fees to unlock certain features in dating, such as unlimited private messaging and full profile access.

Since the theme design includes ad display space support, you can also display ads on the site.

All of these features are packaged in a sleek design that helps ensure your site appeals to your target audience. gwangi offers 6 complete community demo sites, plus more pre-defined content. The demo templates include member directory options, enhanced profile pages, and plenty of page layouts related to matching and dating.

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