21 Best WordPress Themes for Bars and Pubs (Compared)

21 Best WordPress Themes for Bars and Pubs (Compared)
21 Best WordPress Themes for Bars and Pubs (Compared)

WordPress is the obvious choice when creating a website for a bar or pub, and by choosing a premium theme that is unique in the current market, you can quickly transform your regular website into a useful online marketing tool.

Most of the themes in this list include multiple website demos, so you can easily find the right design for your business.

For some reason, if you find that none of the preset demos match your needs, all of these themes also offer a nice set of customization options, from a detailed control panel to a powerful drag-and-drop page editor, creating a bar website with WordPress has never been easier.

Other features to note for these themes below include online booking systems, event management tools, e-commerce support, social media sharing, and more, but even if your favored theme lacks some of the required features, they can be used with the most popular third-party WordPress plugins.


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As you can see from the name, OldStory is more suited to traditional drinking establishments.

However, since this is a very flexible WordPress theme, you can easily make adjustments to fit a wider range of bar/pub websites. 2 homepage layouts provide you with an easy way to set up the site homepage, and the Visual Composer page editor ensures that you can modify any demo content as needed. There is also a nice set of theme customization panels that allow you to make changes to the entire site.

If you're happy to use the OldStory theme in its default configuration, it's easy to create a sleek, modern website that not only showcases the best features of your business but also ensures that potential customers find you. Thanks to full support for the WooCommerce store plugin, OldStory also allows you to sell goods or services from your website.


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Although Vino includes nine homepage demos, if you want to create a bar website using WordPress, you may only be interested in one demo.

After loading the pre-defined bar template, you will immediately see the new look of the site.

With the large home page slider, you can easily show visitors the best photos from the bar, and at the bottom of the page, you can list some of the main advantages. Other page layouts allow you to share the story behind the wine bar and the latest content from social media networks like Instagram.

Most people will probably use the demo called Wine Bar as a starting point and go on to create a bar or winery website, but the truth is that you can easily customize other demo sites to meet your own specific needs. With the powerful Visual Composer plugin, you'll have the ability to edit any demo page and template layout, and there's a short code library to help you along the way.

Jz Pub & Bar

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Without a doubt, Jz Pub & Bar is one of the most suitable themes for creating bar and tavern websites, using only one of the main demo templates, your new website will be up and running immediately.

This theme's design does not apply to all types of bars or pubs but matches your vision.

It will provide you with everything you need.

The full-width homepage slider gives you an excellent opportunity to showcase the best bar photos while also allowing you to introduce some key business features or use them to promote more offline spending. About customizing the slider, modifying the design appearance, adding your content, and other operations, the Jz theme package also provides 5 slideshow tools.

By choosing Jz, you will have access to the intuitive Visual Composer drag-and-drop page editor tool, the powerful Events Manager plugin, and 13 editable PSD files that cover all the layouts of the theme, allowing you to publish promotions online while ensuring the site easily has the right visual appearance.

Also, publishing information about bar motions is easy, as is adding blog posts to the site.


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Revolver is a versatile WordPress theme with 6 different homepage designs, each built for a specific purpose.

However, with a few tweaks, all of them can create bar, pub, winery, and other types of websites.

The demo template has a more extensive image section on the homepage, making it easy to display the logo and branding to visitors.

As your potential customers scroll down the page, they can read testimonials from other customers, learn the story behind the pub, and view the latest images through the gallery.

Thanks to the homepage's excellent layout, it's also easy to display the menu and share positions, and adjusting the default homepage layout is very simple even for first-time WordPress newbies.

If you need to tweak one of the site demos (or even publish a new one), the Visual Composer page editor that comes with the Revolver theme package will provide you with all the tools.

Also, you get the premium Slider Revolution plugin to ensure the ability to edit presentation slides or create sliders from scratch to fit specific needs.


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Piquant works well for restaurant and cafe websites but is equally suitable for bar, tavern, winery, and other website building purposes. When building a website, you can choose the dedicated bar demo template, but other demos (including restaurant and grill options) may also be suitable for your business.

Whichever preset presentation you choose, you can use the self-contained menu system to describe and promote your drinks and dishes. Moreover, since this theme is fully compatible with the OpenTable service, you can enable the integration with just a few clicks of a button and then accept online reservations through the new website.

All the page templates a bar website might need are already included in the Piquant theme, highlighting chefs and bartenders, posting food images online, and sharing store contact information, all done with customizable pre-built content. The blog layout is perfect for sharing recipes and provides ideal support for posting photos of drinks, food, etc. Social media integration, on the other hand, can help you expand your audience.


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The Prohibition theme encompasses all the latest trends in the restaurant industry, with an edgy and modern looking design that aims to help bars, breweries, wineries and other businesses create a stylish online website using WordPress.

When visitors open your site, the default home page design makes room for all the information they are looking for. The address and hours of operation take center stage on the screen, and scrolling down the page reveals the food and drink offerings, as well as any other information you deem important.

This theme includes pre-defined templates and designs for all the pages a bar might need, pages for beverage selection, food descriptions, business information, and an optional eCommerce module if you want to sell any merchandise. Since Prohibition works seamlessly with the WooCommerce plugin, you will have full control over your online store.

Craft Beer

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Craft Beer is suitable for a variety of bar and winery websites, and if craft beer is the highlight of your business, this theme is certainly a right choice.

Microbreweries and other establishments offering craft beer will also find value in this stylish WordPress theme, and with 6 different preset demos, you will easily find the right option in the theme package.

The website's home page contains a wealth of visual elements, such as large sliders for sharing photos of delicacies or drinks, product panels for highlighting key menu items, and more. In addition to the home page presentation, you will also find templates for all other pages with layouts covering information about your venue, team, location, etc. There are also service templates for displaying essential food and beverage menus, unique offer information, and details on running your business.

To help you sell craft beer and other items from your website, this theme package offers some nice product page options and lists inventory in different styles. Thanks to the support for the popular WooCommerce plugin, you can enable the e-commerce features needed to sell items online with just a few clicks of a button. There is also an optional age confirmation module for visitors to confirm their age before entering your site.


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This is a theme created for use in bars, pubs, breweries, cafes, restaurants, wineries, etc. It comes with a full range of utilities, 6 preset homepages for a range of projects, and all can be easily customized. Whether you want to change your website's overall look through the theme control panel or tweak individual page designs using the Visual Composer editor, Brew House lets you do it quickly.

Depending on how you choose to set up your site, it's easy to add sliders to the content of pre-layout posts. You can also post the best beers, the most popular cocktails, and other products that can be used to attract website visitors to become bar patrons. It's also easy to add a blog module to your website, which gives you an excellent opportunity to share the latest promotions, events, and other information.

Although the popular WordPress plugin is not included, BrewHouse is able to work seamlessly with it. Thus, if you decide to install the WordPress plugin, it is easy to manage and display menus, handle reservations and other operations. Finally, this theme is also compatible with the leading WPML plugin, enabling you to create a multilingual bar website.


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You can choose from 8 unique website designs, including bars, restaurants, coffee shops, pizzerias and more, and simply import one of the demos to instantly launch your own website. However, since this is an easily customizable theme, reusing other demos to match your own projects is not a problem. the logo design used in the Lecker demo is particularly striking, and with the included text editor tool, you can easily change its name to reflect the brand.

With the layout design and its placeholder text, Lecker makes it easy for you to post daily specials. If you choose this theme, all aspects of the site will be accessible for mobile devices to ensure that potential customers can find your store location on their smartphones or get in touch with you through responsive forms.

A slider tool is also available in the theme package, allowing you to display your bar's photos and videos in an interactive slideshow.


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Birra33 is perfect for bars that offer single-malt and craft beers, ensuring that your website is designed to impress potential long-term customers. The default color scheme works well on beer-related sites,.

Although you can easily switch to one of the other preset color schemes and create unique custom color palettes through the theme control panel, it's just as easy to change the layout style from full width to boxed mode.

If your bar needs to host an event, Birra33 offers an easy way to promote it online. Use the event management tool to enter important details and visitors can view them through the website at any time. With the theme's own social media features, your audience can quickly share the events and content that caught their attention.

The booking tool is another useful optional feature that allows customers to make reservations online, which helps free up some staff resources to allow you to focus on other tasks involved in running a bar.

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